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Production Tweets from Oct 7th thru part of Oct 8th

Unbeknownst to me, Storify will only collect your last 300 favorited tweets. Because of my waiting a week between updating over on Storify along with SPN's premiere last week AND all the Tweets from TorCon...this presents a problem.

I can only get Storify to go back to about the middle of Oct. 9th. Not nearly far enough when I need to cover back to the 7th.

So I did some searching online for a solution and long story short - this was the best I can do.

Below you'll find the tweets for Oct. 7th and about half of the 8th (thanks a lot LJ and your entry length limits!). Thankfully, the links in the tweets will work in LJ. It's not pretty, but it works. Obviously, I can't let whole weeks go by anymore.

7th October, 2013

05:03 @SuperWiki: How your tweets can make Supernatural
count in the new Nielsen Twitter rankings:

10:18 @ryan_curtis: Tuesday's are now known as Tartan
Tuesday! Wear your plaid shirts on Tuesdays in support
for #supernatural new night.

12:47 @OsricChau: One. More. Day. If only that day were
yesterday. Everyone get your tissues ready.

12:54 @OsricChau: Could be tissues to clean up all the drink
you'll spit out while watching. There is no room for
being unprepared!

14:00 @AdamGlass44: Drivin Aid to school this morn, he's
wearin his #SPN shirt and puts on Wayward Son and
says, U member me singin this in that bar in Canada?

18:09 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Fri Oct 04 Supernatural Season 9
EPICsode 908 Day 4 Call Time 1200 Wrap Time 2422
Season 9 Day 60 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN

20:21 @jarpad: Anybody out there excited about the season 9
premiere tomorrow?

8th October, 2013

07:04 @TheJimMichaels: Very excited for our #Supernatural
spn staff, cast and crew to get a viewing of tonight's
season 9 opener early today! No Spoilers! LOL!

08:00 @ryan_curtis: Super Tuesday everyone! You all wearing
plaid today? Hope they start 901 with. "When we last
saw our intrepid travelers ..." #SPN

08:31 @TammieBarker13: Tech survey today for
Supernatural Episode 909 #spn #SPNFamily

08:57 @ryan_curtis: Wearing my "show worn" plaid shirt.
Not sure who wore this, in which episode but it has
holes in it from squibs. So someone got shot.

08:59 @ryan_curtis: Super excited that you all get to see the
new title cards for season 9. Woohooo. I think you may
likey. #SPN

09:02 @TheJimMichaels: Time to tech survey 9.09 for
Supernatural! We are all excited for tonight too!

09:22 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Mon Oct 07 Supernatural Season 9
EPICsode 908 Day 5 Call Time 0800 Wrap Time 2155
Season 9 Day 61 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN

09:26 @AdamGlass44: A lot of great peeps bring u #SPN. But
without @jarpad and #Jensen we wouldn't be here
today. And without #Sera and Kripke neither would I

09:28 @AdamGlass44: So a special thanks to those 4 for
letting me play in their sandbox. Casa De Glass will
always be the house that Supernatural helped built.

09:41 @SNkevinandjill: A rare sunny autumn day! Great day
for a tech survey!ὃὠ

10:49 @jarpad: check out the awesome podcast with my girl
@aishatyler http://t.co/smP761J6mN SO FUN and the
perfect way 2 prepare 4 tonights premiere!

10:58 @jarpad: I'm gonna TRY to live tweet tonights
premiere! We're filming episode 8, but i'll sneak back
to my trailer in between shots :)

11:03 @adamwvfx: Photo: Prepare yourselves..

12:26 @ChristopherSPN: Just walked by a shelf of shackles
on stage1. Hope those arent for the VFXdept now that
#SPN S09 is starting. BTW my safety word is apples.

13:11 @TheJimMichaels: A rare sunny fall day here in
#Vancouver #yvr #vancity #hushmagazine
#supernatural @thejimmichaels…

13:33 @TheJimMichaels: Enough said! #Supernatural
#SPNFamily #spn #SPNSeason9 http://t.co/kjPjiy4dkP

13:57 @SNkevinandjill: Tonight is the season premier!! I am
sure it will be exciting!!ὃἺ

14:02 @AdamGlass44: So the writer's and post are gathering
to watch the premiere tonight but I'm fighting a cold
and might not make it. Hope to rally. Go #SPN!

14:59 @jumblejim: I'm back (for the nonce) in tonight's season
9 premiere of Supernatural.

15:28 @jwmanzano: Getting ready to watch episode 1 season 9!
Thanks to @SPNEurope for the gift ;) #SPNFamily
@SuperWiki @SPNespanol http://t.co/LlZkaPF1IE

16:05 @taraslarsen: Congrats to all of our cast, crew and fans
of #supernatural, here's to the kick off of season 9!

16:11 @jennydelherpes: Just saw #Supernatural is trending.
#SPN fans RULE!

16:12 @JasonFischer77: Break out the rock salt. Supernatural
Season 9 premiere is tonight. Que the rock music.
#supernatural #spn

16:25 @rthompson1138: Ok, #SPNFamily, let's get this party
started-- make sure to tag your tweets with #SPN or

16:31 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: having EPIC !!!!! Somebody

16:32 @JasonFischer77: 4th place? We can do better. Let's
show the foodbank what the SN fandom is all about.
http://t.co/UENqOA0QOX http://t.co/6hy8PAsOLJ

16:33 @guynormanbee: Break a leg tonight #Supernatural ! 9
seasons of awesomeness!!! Amazing cast, guest cast,
crew and... The phenomenal FANS!!! Dig it!!!

16:34 @AdamGlass44: Ok, startin 2 rally. Think I'm goin to
make it 2 the SPN Premiere Party! @rthompson1138
chicken soup really helped. Go #SPNSeason9!

16:34 @realGpad: Anyone know anything good to watch

16:39 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: I'm having cuz as we Tweet
the EPIC Supernatural Crew is watching a Screening of
the Season 9 opener #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily

16:42 @adamwvfx: We're winning.. of course.. but why not
stomp them #SPNFamily ? http://t.co/3bS0CEKv8M

16:43 @cw_spn: Keep the conversation going for TONIGHT'S
#Supernatural premiere! #SPN
#SupernaturalBackToday http://t.co/NwFDqOlSUF

16:46 @rthompson1138: i don't have an East Coast feed, but
i'll be here for the next hour, so you can tweet me
questions about #Supernatural before! #nospoilers

HAPPEN?? I CAN'T believe just walked into an
And was there #Supernatural #SPN

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