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Production Tweets for the rest of Oct 8th

If you've read the first post then here's the rest.

16:53 @jarpad: T minus one hour until our east coast airing!

17:00 @mishacollins: Tonight a 9: the self-help show with the
two underwear models premieres! This season,
"conqering your demons" & "finding your inner angel."

17:57 @AdamGlass44: Ok, got to swing home and grab the
family. Aidan called me asking where his SPN shirt
was? He's so pumped. Ready to get my swerve on. Go

18:05 @rthompson1138: has the new #Supernatural title card
showed up yet? spoiler alert: it's rad

18:16 @OsricChau: I'm watching with a chatbox near 1200
people, a whole new side of the Fandom for me. I'm
watching you..

18:28 @OsricChau: Where are the angels that like Cas?!

18:32 @OsricChau: Oooh.. she hit him over the head with a
two by four because she cares and she's scared. Gotcha

18:34 @OsricChau: Why would you imagine that SAM?! Ugh..
that brain of yours

18:38 @OsricChau: So Sam officially becomes an Angel, bout

18:41 @OsricChau: I can't remember if Kevin's in this
episode.. baddd

18:43 @OsricChau: If Sam ever imagines Kevin I hope it's as a
squire from medieval England. And Kevin gets to roll
around his trusty barrel.

18:47 @OsricChau: Silly girl, making a vengeful Cas makes
you dead

18:49 @OsricChau: Gotta say, watching this show will
thousands of people at the same time is a lot more fun
than alone in the dark in the middle of the night.

18:51 @OsricChau: And yes I'm being extra vague so as not to
spoil things for west coast viewers waiting impatiently
for the show to start.

18:55 @OsricChau: I was really hoping for tighty whities, but
really liking human Cas! And i haven't those amazing
seasons that made people crazy for him!

18:57 @OsricChau: Okay I can now confirm that I have no
memories of this episode because I wasn't in it.

19:00 @OsricChau: And I'm very excited for episode 2!
Crowley's back :)

19:07 @OsricChau: Oct 8, 2013, bed is wet with tears,
underwear still dry protected by sheets, bag of
cheetos, empty. Solid premiere.

19:08 @OsricChau: Check that. Not tears. Bed is wet from my
drink spilling from my exclamation gestures.

19:20 @realGpad: Phew thanks for letting me know @cw_spn
was on! :). Kidding So proud of @jarpad !

19:33 @jarpad: NOW do all you comic-coner's and
conventioneers know what I wanted to tell y'all
about?!?! ;) fun huh?

19:36 @OsricChau: I don't think it'll be as easy to watch
myself in #supernatural with everyone though.. That's
gonna be weird

19:41 @MadisonMcLaugh: So I hear monsters and really tall
guys are invading people's homes tonight.

19:43 @adamwvfx: Everyone seemed to enjoy the first
episode of Season 9.. and of course the long awaited
title card! #SPNFamily

20:06 @rthompson1138: Thanks so much for all the
#Supernatural tweets, gang-- love it/hate it/haven't
watched it? Either way: please keep tweeting about it!

20:57 @jarpad: Guess who's gonna live tweet for y'all? :)

20:59 @jarpad: Warning: if U R not watching the season
premiere right now OR you dont wanna get a TON of
tweets for the next hour, unfollow me!

21:01 @guynormanbee: @jarpad Jensen?!?!?! Wait..., I give

21:01 @jarpad: Oh yeah, and I brought a friend to help tweet
:) can anybody guess who?

21:03 @jarpad: First trivia: due to scheduling conflicts with
Shepard and osric, we films this episode 2nd. Not first!

21:04 @bodyguard4JandJ: Yup this is happening right now.
Season 9 has begun ;) http://t.co/5qzZI6bF9B

21:05 @jarpad: The hospital scenes were all filmed on our
sound stage, not an actual hospital

21:06 @jarpad: And the "heart moniter" machines next to me
kept going off, causing us to restart the scenes

21:07 @SNkevinandjill: Amazing season opener!! What happens
next? Bringing back Bobby and Death!!

21:08 @jarpad: The chapel scene only took ackles two cameras
for two takes. This is because of the extremely
emotional nature of the scene.

21:09 @jarpad: Originally, deans character brings up an
embarrassing personal story about Sam to prove that
they're in SAMs head. They cut those lines

21:10 @bodyguard4JandJ: launching the new season with the
guys is pretty cool stuff

21:11 @jarpad: The scenes with cass and the trucker who
picks him up were filmed on the same location as the
scenes with Sam and bobby in the forest

21:11 @bodyguard4JandJ: the guys are doing a live tweet
session together

21:12 @jarpad: All of the scenes in the impala were filmed on
stage over the course of one day

21:12 @jarpad: @jumblejim We always love to have the three
hunters back in the impala again. No matter what
they're arguing about :)

21:13 @jarpad: Trucker: "take care, kid". @mishacollins is 40
years old!!!!

21:14 @bodyguard4JandJ: that should have been me at the
pay phone

21:14 @jarpad: @bodyguard4JandJ obviously, clif was
unavailable to play the biker on the phone who wants
to stab @mishacollins

21:15 @bodyguard4JandJ: nobody get to upset if we dont
respond , notes are coming in hot an heavy

21:16 @guynormanbee: @bodyguard4JandJ Hey tell those
guys they better do it again next week! #SPNSeason9
#devilmaycare @jarpad #jackles

21:16 @jarpad: Part of the reason Shepard had scenes in the
trunk, and (later episodes) under a good, is because he
had scheduling conflicts

21:17 @jarpad: @guynormanbee @bodyguard4jandj don't worry
brother we will!!

21:17 @guynormanbee: @jarpad @bodyguard4JandJ Love ya
Paddles! You too Cliffy!

21:18 @bodyguard4JandJ: we see you Guy Bee . love you man

21:18 @jarpad: JA says the last time he got his face slammed
into the impala was in the pilot. Anybody able to prove
him wrong?

21:18 @se4realhinton: please follow @jarpad&
@bodyguard4JandJ for live tweets! We appreciate their
time & efforts!

21:19 @jarpad: Tahmoh does such an amazing job as the angel

21:19 @bodyguard4JandJ: I just stabbed Misha on my own
for fun anyways

21:19 @jarpad: @mishacollins asked to sit in the scene with
the angel Hael. This is so he wouldn't look so girly.

21:22 @jarpad: All of the fire around Tahmoh is visual
effects. No real fire. Great job VFX! So the scene is hot
because of the actors, not the fire!

21:23 @jarpad: @jumblejim and my scenes in the forest were
filmed in the GVRD around Mt Seymour. We were
talking about presidents (he knows more than I)

21:24 @jarpad: Once again, NONE of the hospital scenes were
filmed at an actual hospital. They were ALL on our

21:24 @se4realhinton: @jarpad @jumblejim hell, Jim knows
more about anything than most people do.

21:25 @se4realhinton: @jarpad we can crredit @JerryWanek
for that!

21:25 @jarpad: @se4realhinton @jumblejim very true! Though
I'd never admit it to his face :)

21:25 @bodyguard4JandJ: the building is shaking cause I'm
running down the hall

21:26 @jarpad: @mishacollins gets beat up by a girl... Again,..

21:27 @bodyguard4JandJ: once again Misha gets his butt
kicked by a girl, he really should take some fight

21:30 @jarpad: As a special season 9 premiere gift, who
REALLY wants to know jensens twitter name?

21:31 @JerryWanek: Great Ep! Cast, crew, JC for great
script and John Schowalter for directing. It is going
to be a fun season!

21:31 @se4realhinton: @jarpad If Jensen is on twitter he
needs his head examined.

21:31 @jarpad: THAT'S why we used a fake hospital, because
hospitals don't like when you destroy them ;)

21:32 @jarpad: That was jensens badass stunt guy Todd Scott
running through the hall. They used real glass, so
insurance wouldnt let ackles do it

21:32 @Mark_Sheppard: "what's in the trunk?" the new show
from the creators of #Supernatural

21:33 @taraslarsen: “@Mark_Sheppard: "what's in the trunk?"
the new show from the creators of

21:33 @jarpad: That is the MacGuyver cabin!!! With Young
MacGuyver standing in front of it :)

21:34 @jarpad: Jensen is playing the version of dean that
Sam would imagine in his head telling him to stay
alive. Mind-trip...

21:36 @jarpad: Jensen had to throw himself on the floor
from a standing positions several times in order to
help sell the shot of him getting punched

21:36 @jarpad: Ah. Death. So we meet again.

21:36 @bodyguard4JandJ: welcome Crowley

21:37 @Mark_Sheppard: Rookie mistake, Angels.

21:38 @jarpad: Here goes... Ezekiel... Dean... What stories do
they need to tell?!?!?!

21:39 @jarpad: Hahahah!!! JA hates being covered in fake
blood. Part of me thinks he'd be more comfortable if
it was from real injuries.

21:41 @Mark_Sheppard: @jarpad @bodyguard4JandJ Hello,

21:41 @se4realhinton: @jarpad Ha! My last visit you were
heading 4 the airport covered in fake blood & loving it.

21:42 @jarpad: The cabin where Sam and Death sit was once
used as Rufus's cabin

21:42 @jarpad: Julian is amazing!

21:43 @bodyguard4JandJ: Tahmoh is great

21:46 @jarpad: Where the fireplace is in deaths cabin used to
be where the front door of Rufus's cabin was

21:47 @jarpad: I liked SAMs "what do I do" to dean in the
cabin. It was a nice shout out to his "how do I stop" in
the season 8 finale. Full circle

21:50 @jarpad: @jarpad it was another example of Sam relying
on his brother when he needs help

21:50 @bodyguard4JandJ: during commercials we dance and

21:50 @ryan_curtis: Love that @jarpad and Tahmoh share a
character. Watching them plan it was fascinating.

21:50 @bodyguard4JandJ: http://t.co/Mp77fqVo1Y - This is
how fast tweets are coming in

21:52 @jarpad: This scene took FOREVER!!! Hot July day in
Vancouver and we were both sweating so bad! As
Ezekiel, I didn't want to sweat or squint

21:53 @jarpad: It was/is important to me that Ezekiel is not
affected by things that affect humans. I.E. sunlight
and warmth

21:54 @jarpad: Hope y'all like the Ezekiel stuff so far. It's
been amazing to have the chance to do it.

21:54 @jarpad: @mishacollins it's called a push-up. Try it some

21:55 @se4realhinton: @jarpad most people don't realize you
guys don't work under ideal conditions--most of the
time. Good job!

21:57 @jarpad: "We got work to do". One of my favorite
themes of supernatural.

21:57 @bodyguard4JandJ: and thats all she wrote guys .
Pretty wicked stuff hey gang

21:57 @bodyguard4JandJ: shoot somebody let Mark out of
the trunk yet?

21:58 @jarpad: Thanks so much for being with ackles and me
tonight! He's still "not sure about this twitter thing"
but we loved our last hour with yall!

22:01 @se4realhinton: @jarpad give him a hug for me & tell
him to stay off twitter. It is soul sucking.

22:13 @rthompson1138: Congrats to The Carver for killing
the Season 9 premiere! #supernatural

22:14 @rthompson1138: Big congrats and thanks to the
amazing cast and crew of #supernatural on the
premiere of Season 9!

22:14 @kimrhodes4real: I'm. Not. Dead. - Jody Mills

22:15 @rthompson1138: Last but not least, special shout out
to the amazing Post Production department of
#Supernatural for all their incredible work!

22:26 @AdamGlass44: Good food. Good drinks. Good people.
Great show. Thanks to all the #SPNFamily 4 tonight.
And congrats to @jarpad @mishacollins #Jensen.

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