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Production Tweets for Oct 9th

Final bunch!

Part One
Part Two

This is the date that Storify does go back to, but I'm including all the tweets here so they're in one place somewhere. I've marked here where Storify picks up.

9th October, 2013

07:15 @AdamGlass44: Dean DRIVES the story last night. He's
on screen more then anyone.

08:42 @AdamGlass44: What's the pilot story? Dean goes 2 get
Sam 2 find dad. My point is what you all fell in luv
with still drives the show. Dean's luv 4 Sam.

08:44 @AdamGlass44: The personal sacrifices he makes 4
family. Sam and Dean's story is 4 ever entwined. They
are two sides of the same coin. I just don't get it

09:12 @samanthajferris: Weird dream that I went to Jensen's
wedding and then the Emmys...in a pregnant wedding
gown. Jared & Misha were there. Dreams r funny,

09:14 @rthompson1138: Congrats to SPNFamily on the
awesome ratings last night--thanks for keeping
#Supernatural alive and strong!

09:22 @TheJimMichaels: 'Supernatural' season 9 premiere
ratings biggest in years http://t.co/CvsdZWIdmH via

09:23 @kimrhodes4real: And no. I did not see the premiere
last night. Because I was on set. Shooting episode 8.
Told ya I wasn't dead...... yet. Dun dun dunnnn

09:29 @ChristopherSPN: I cant possibly thank each of you
for the super kind comments about the titles so here
is one BIG THANK YOU #youguyskeepbeingawesome

09:33 @kimrhodes4real: Okay. Gotta shower so I don't offend
anyone tall and handsome. Be good...ish. I mean, stay
out of jail, okay? Just for today.

///////////////////Starting here is where Storify picks up again//////////////////////

09:33 @Wern_r: New monster on set! http://t.co/qd7i1VLBd7

09:52 @adamwvfx: Photo: Good morning internets.. who’s
rewatching last nights Supernatural episode on PVR
today? http://t.co/bhGeICqiGs

10:16 @TyOlsson: He's warm but snores ...

10:27 @Beefie251: @leessaa1 @rickworthy @fmablackbelt
@TyOlsson ... beware of this cuteness ... Have fun and
enjoy #TorCon :)) http://t.co/XRo2qhhyAj

10:48 @taraslarsen: Happy you loved the ep. Did you all like
the open that the #spn vfx crew did? They are quite
talented, @rotomonkee @ryan_curtis @adamwvfx

10:54 @VivVFX: Spookiness at SPN VFX

11:49 @taraslarsen: Beautiful sunny day on set at
#Supernatural http://t.co/FgFUw0uVvZ

12:08 @taraslarsen: You can tell the #spn #foodporn is good
when I can't barely stop eating it to take a photo

12:59 @mishacollins: That show was very educational last
night. I learned a lot about alternative healing and the
importance of wearing seat belts.

13:33 @taraslarsen: It's actually fall, sunny and warm in
#vancouver we dont need a jacket #spn

14:28 @jwmanzano: #supernatural 9 EP1 #spnfamily
@SuperWiki @WinchesterBros @SPN_updates

15:42 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Tues Oct 08 Supernatural Season 9
EPICsode 908 Day 6 Call Time 0930 Wrap Time 2407
Season 9 Day 62 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN

16:46 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: I get to sleep in until 8 am
tomorrow... of coarse I am going to be on Set until 2

17:03 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Wrapping Episode 907, Shooting
Episode 908, Prepping Episode 909, and already reading..
#Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily

17:19 @ryan_curtis: Woohoo. 5:30pm. 9hours of office and
now I am off to set.

17:24 @jarpad: “@rthompson1138: Congrats to SPNFamily on
the ratings last night--thanks for keeping
#Supernatural alive and strong!” Well done y'all!

17:39 @WinchesterBros: SUPERNATURAL AND THE
TUESDAY IN 4 YEARS http://t.co/0VDkqwxWCt click
here for press release ICYMI

18:32 @ryan_curtis: I wanted to say thank you for the kind
feedback on the VFX from last nights episode. It's
really a special feeling to know you are watching.

19:56 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Here's a picture from tonights
Set... http://t.co/U45FgOLqg4

19:56 @ryan_curtis: Was just reading all your nice tweets to
Dave onset carpenter and Milan scenic painter. They
seem thrilled with all the positive feedback.

20:02 @ryan_curtis: Lol. Onset and I just heard
@markowitz_david say "its not allowed to rain. This
isn't The Killing"

20:08 @rotomonkee: Thank you all for the warm kudos! We
feel your love! More VFX Lab coolness to come...

20:25 @kimrhodes4real: I don't tell tales from the #SPN set.
Except... EVERYBODY was talking about the fans and
numbers from last night. Thank you. So much.

20:28 @jarpad: 5% of people approve of congress?!?!?! Who are
these people?!?!??

22:09 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Cool Supernatural Shadow from
tonights Set. Stop by say hi, I'll be here all night
#Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily

22:42 @Mark_Sheppard: Ha! http://t.co/ymiI3R39x6

23:24 @RUSS_MOVIEGOD: I'll take "inappropriate things to do
with a Flashlight" for 500 please Alex #Jeopardy
#1800Hotline #Supernatural http://t.co/4Y4WQdhjv0

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