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SPN 9x02 Dean & Abaddon Picspam

Yes, I still need to post my review of the episode. It'll be up later tonight, but in the meantime I wanted to get this picspam up for your viewing pleasure. *g*

Who didn't think these two were totally hot in this week's episode? Smokin'! Abaddon was threatening and dangerous and Dean was all beautiful and submissive defiant. So naturally, when I was grabbing some caps from the eppy my capping finger went crazy on this scene. Had to share the goodies. ;)

 photo 902PicspamCard_zpsbbf6f564.jpg

Credit would be most appreciated if you take these caps and post/use them elsewhere. Thanks!
Comments are ♥ :)

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_001_zps6d4f33b6.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_002_zps050e309b.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_003_zpscca1d38a.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_004_zps9f81abb8.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_005_zpsa24caff5.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_006_zpsd2eccb38.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_007_zpsd2aa7e86.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_008_zps935c9a21.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_009_zps9b340e80.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_010_zps121450ad.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_011_zps906b1fad.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_012_zps81e2c12a.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_013_zps14b3ae14.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_014_zps505a1185.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_015_zps83bc1e24.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_016_zps0a9fe6ee.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_017_zpse88114bc.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_018_zpse12aa1a5.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_019_zpsd6e4a3bb.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_020_zps7f0dec1f.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_021_zpsf8dc8b2a.jpg

 photo 902DeanAbbyPicspam_022_zps54cce758.jpg

Tags: episodes, goodies, picspam, supernatural
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