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SPN Cap & Quote Review: 903 I'm No Angel

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I'm trying something new here. Instead of a review with nothing but text, I'll include quotes and caps from the episode. Some of my thoughts and observations will be interspersed as well.

:: All caps are clickable to their HQ versions ::
See the gallery of all the caps here: http://www.slickpic.com/s/DNQjcQBIABjI1M/_903?preview
Download all the caps here: SPN_903_Highlight_Caps_-_Raloria.zip

We start off with 2 priests who get intercepted by angels seeking info. about Castiel. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
We know how this is going to go down, right?

We find Cas in a homeless shelter at the church, squirting toothpaste into his mouth and pondering the intricacies of being human.

Castiel: Do you ever get tired of urinating? I'll never get used to it.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0003 SPN903HighlightCaps_0005 

Then Cas is outside on clean-up duty and happens to find some rather fresh-looking blood. I mean, not to be picky, but that blood's been sitting around since the night before? Plus in the sun for how long? Yet when he touches the blood, it's still liquid. Anyhoo...he then finds the priests with their eyes burned out and attached to a fence.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0007 SPN903HighlightCaps_0008 

Back at the bunker, Dean wakes up to find Sam's already been out and about for most of the morning - and getting his big brother a greasy breakfast. Aww.

Dean: Sam... You here?
Sam: Hey, Morning.
Dean: You been outside already?
Sam: Yeah. Woke up went for a run - beautiful sunrise. Anyways cleaned up, went and got breakfast. Grabbed you bacon and eggs, extra grease...not even gonna argue.
Dean: Perfect.

Dean's a little concerned as how Sam is doing since he was weakened from the trials and awwww, Sam gets all embarrassed before Boom! Instant!Zeke! Jared does such an amazing job with these transitions, along with the clever camera work & FX by the crew.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0011 SPN903HighlightCaps_0017 
SPN903HighlightCaps_0020 SPN903HighlightCaps_0027 

Dean: I think it'd be better if you take it easy and didn't act like you were...
Sam/Ezekiel: ...possesed by an angel? He does feel better, a work in progress of course, but I am slowly healing him.
Dean: That's great...umm but.
Ezekiel: I have news, I've picked up chatter among the angels. Not all are wondering around in confusion.
Dean: Yeah some of them are after Cas.
Ezekiel: There is a faction that is rapidly organizing and finding human vessels to contain them.
Dean: Lead by Naomi?
Ezekiel: I have not heard that name no but it is this faction's leadership that wants Castiel found. So you see Dean I can be useful.
Dean: So can my brother. So why don't you go check your email and if I need your help I'll let you know.
Ezekiel: Dean...
Dean: ...I said I'll let you know.
Sam: I mean Cas is human now, it's gonna take him a lot longer to travel.
Dean: I'm gonna get whiplash.
Sam: What?
Dean: Nothing.

Dean then makes the mistake of mentioning to Sam about the angels organizing and again has to cover it up. "Well...it makes sense!" LOL I wonder how much longer this will go on before Sam suspects something.

Elsewhere, we meet the new baddie...Angel Bartholomew. He's working with a preacher to get new vessels for the angels. A willing volunteer steps forward. Sadly, as Bart points out, not everyone is capable of holding the essence of an angel. She splatters quite spectacularly.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0028 SPN903HighlightCaps_0032 

Castiel: Food. Sleep. Passing gas. It's all new to me. And it's occurred to me that one day I'm going to die.

Cas has moved on to homeless encampment under a bridge, thankful for the generosity of those who have so little to give. But when he settles down to sleep in a bus he gets confronted by an angel-possessed pharmacist. Thankfully, Cas takes him out with the angel blade, but not before suffering a shoulder wound.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0038 SPN903HighlightCaps_0041 
SPN903HighlightCaps_0044 SPN903HighlightCaps_0046 

The boys are out tracking Cas's whereabouts and ask questions at the church only to find out the former angel has moved on.

Dean: He's getting cagey - he's using a fake name. Clarence.
Sam: Of course! That's what Meg used to call him. Of course he doesn't get that he's using the name of a pretty famous angel.
Dean: What?
Sam: Dude! "It's a Wonderful Life"! Seriously!

Some have wondered how Dean could not know this annual holiday classic, but Dean doesn't know every movie and considering the Winchesters aren't known for celebrating Christmas all that much, it's not beyond the realm of possibility. Besides, Dean didn't know "Mary Poppins" either back in S3.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0048 SPN903HighlightCaps_0050 

Cas is wandering the city streets and pondering what to do with the little money he has. Food is tempting, but instead he goes to get a tattoo, which we find out wards him against the angels.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0057 SPN903HighlightCaps_0059 

This is a beautiful scene in the church and an interesting conversation about truth and faith. Does the truth really matter when a person has faith?

Woman in church: Your lack of faith doesn't cancel what I believe. That's not how it works.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0067 SPN903HighlightCaps_0069 
SPN903HighlightCaps_0071 SPN903HighlightCaps_0073 

Meanwhile, Bart has given up on hunting down Cas with the angels and turns to a rogue Reaper instead, giving him one word: Winchester.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0076 SPN903HighlightCaps_0078 

The boys look over the dead pharmacist's personal effects and find podcasts of the televangelist Bart's working with.
Reverend Buddy: There's nothing to fear! If the angels come a knocking, just let 'em on in, and fill yourselves up with their grace!

Love the way Dean says "Yep" when Sam questions about how humans have to give permission to be possessed by an angel.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0081 SPN903HighlightCaps_0083 

Cas is digging through garbage for some food and is approached by a young woman who is kind enough to give him a PB&J sandwich.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0089 SPN903HighlightCaps_0092 

So funny how the boys have trouble convincing the homeless folks that they're not cops. They eventually get some intel from a guy who saw Cas get on a truck headed for Detroit.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0094 SPN903HighlightCaps_0099 

Did you notice that Cas is huddled under a small cross on the wall? ;) The gal from earlier emerges from the building and takes pity on poor Cas, taking him to her apartment.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0101 SPN903HighlightCaps_0103 

Sam: Look at these chemicals. Do you even read the label?
Dean: No. I read "pie." The rest is just "blah, blah, blah."
My favorite line of the ep! I love you, Dean!

The Reaper is following the boys, but gets caught by them instead. Always a bad sign when you see an empty alley, my friend.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0105 SPN903HighlightCaps_0107 

Castiel: I trusted the wrong person.
April: Bad investment advice?
Castiel: No, vanity. I thought i was more important, more effective than I am,. That i could fix everything. And now all I can do is keep running.

A little TLC, a little listening and before long...kissing!
SPN903HighlightCaps_0112 SPN903HighlightCaps_0117 

The boys torture/interrogation on Maurice the Reaper. He spills that Naomi is dead (well, duh) and that her protege Bart has taken over and is intent on killing Cas. He claims that if they kill him another reaper will just be sent in his place. Well, that's never stopped the boys before so...
SPN903HighlightCaps_0122 SPN903HighlightCaps_0126 

April: Well, say something!
Castiel: There are no words.
April: So, was that OK?
Castiel: Very much so. Was what I did correct?
April: Very much so.

Aw, aren't they all cute after the sex. Hee! Too bad it all turns very wrong in the morning when we find out sweet little April has taken Cas's angel blade and is another reaper. Yeah, count me as one of the few that didn't see this coming. She was so nice!
SPN903HighlightCaps_0128 SPN903HighlightCaps_0130 
SPN903HighlightCaps_0134 SPN903HighlightCaps_0136 

The boys have come up empty on tracking down Cas and Dean decides it's time to enlist Zeke. They really need to work out a code word or something. The angel does agree to help out and scans the area for a reaper.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0140 SPN903HighlightCaps_0146 

Aw, poor Cas! April is relentless with the angel blade slices and poking. Owie. She doesn't seem to buy that he wasn't working with Metatron. It's an intriguing point Cas brings up about his grace being the answer of putting the angels back in hell since it was part of the spell which kicked them out.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0153 SPN903HighlightCaps_0158 

The boys arrive but only in time to see April fatally stab Cas. After Sam gets knocked out (how does that poor guy not have brain damage by now?) Dean kills April only to realize Cas is dead. :(

Btw, there's a huge continuity error here when Dean puts his hands on Cas's face. Then we get a shot of Dean and we see him put his arms down. Next shot is on Cas and Dean's hands are magically back on his face. Ooopsie!
SPN903HighlightCaps_0165 SPN903HighlightCaps_0168 

Zeke to the rescue! He doesn't even wait for Dean to say anything. He just steps up and heals Cas, then collapses back on the floor, clearly spent. Sam and Cas come to and again Dean has to scramble for an explanation...which he does. He told April he wouldn't kill her if she brought Cas back to life - then he killed her.

Cas: "You lied."
Dean: "I did. I do that."

SPN903HighlightCaps_0170 SPN903HighlightCaps_0171 
SPN903HighlightCaps_0179 SPN903HighlightCaps_0180 

Back at the bunker, Sam's still trying to figure out how Dean knew where Cas was. Dean says he searched through Maurice's pockets, found an address and took a chance. All of which Sam didn't see, of course...

Dean (to Sam): “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.”

Cas is all cleaned up and happy. He really likes the bunker. Don't we all? :D

Castiel: I am really enjoying this place. Plentiful food. Good water pressure. things I never even considered before. There really is a lot to being human isn't there?
Dean: It ain't all just burritos and strippers my friend.

Cas then reveals that he had sex with April and the spit take Dean does is priceless!

Dean: “You had sex with April? Did you have protection?"
Cas: “I had my angel blade."
SPN903HighlightCaps_0186 SPN903HighlightCaps_0194 

While Cas goes off to grab a burrito, Dean's all happy and smiling about Cas and then Zeke makes a reappearance. He wants Cas to leave, citing that even with his warding the reapers found him and that means soon Bart and his minions will be descending on the bunker. If that happens he'll have to leave Sam. Well we can't have that and Dean's definitely between a rock and a hard place here. Zeke's argument really doesn't make any sense. The bunker is quite the fortress and warded and protected to the hilt. Hard to believe any angels or anything else would even find them, much less get in. But there's not much Dean can do here. If Zeke departs and Sam's not healed yet, that's it.
SPN903HighlightCaps_0202 SPN903HighlightCaps_0203 

So Dean has to do the unthinkable and break the news to Cas. How his face fell when those words left Dean's mouth - so sad. And thus, is my one beef with this eppy. I wish we had seen more here. What did Cas say? Did he question why? If so, what kind of reason did Dean give for kicking him out? How did he explain it to Sam? They just went through all this trouble of tracking Cas down and then you boot him out on the streets again to fend for himself with angels and reapers out there hunting him??? It doesn't make sense and it would be nice to know how Dean explained this deception away. I feel we were cheated out of that because I suspect (I hope I'm wrong though) that the next ep will not provide any explanation. *sigh*
SPN903HighlightCaps_0204 SPN903HighlightCaps_0206 

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