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First Impressions: 9x04 "Slumber Party"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

What is it about "The Wizard of Oz" movie. Seems like people either love it or hate it.
Me? I love it. Grew up watching it back when it was annually shown on TV along with "Gone With The Wind". You couldn't miss those 2 classics on TV back then. I remember begging to stay up just to watch GWTW.

But I digress...

I knew this ep would be a fun romp and it didn't disappoint. Sure, there were serious moments, but overall it didn't take itself too seriously. And anytime we have Charlie back, that's a win in my book.

At least they did try to explain about sending Cas away last week. Good that Sam questioned it - guess Cas just took off without saying goodbye? Yeah, Dean's reason is a little weak, but it also makes sense. If you'll recall, in Purgatory last season, Cas was also keeping away from Dean to prevent the Leviathan from finding him. So Dean's reasoning works a little in that respect. But I'm still wondering what he said to Cas...

How awesome that we got to see more of the bunker! We finally see the hinted at kitchen, hallways, Sam's room, computer room, and a spacious garage (complete w/some very sweet old cars!). Btw, they kept continuity on the kitchen's location from where Dean came up the steps with food for a weakened Sam last season. Thank you, show! ;)

Interesting how Sam doesn't see the place as a home like Dean does, but as a workplace. As he tells Dean though, he didn't have that home environment with parents and every time he's tried to attain it it's gone horribly wrong. :( No wonder he's not eager to set down roots yet. Sam's just waiting for something to go wrong and he'll be kicked out of this sanctuary too. But maybe, by the end of the ep, he's changed his mind.

Dorothy's pretty awesome. Kind of like...how did someone on Twitter describe her? Like a female Indiana Jones? I like that. :)
Tough, smart, and trying to establish her own identity beyond the books by her father. I also like that they didn't make her a love interest for Charlie because well...been there, done that. It was cool to see them work together and become friends.

Charlie, of course, was amazing herself. Though I'm not sure how one would plug a brand new tablet into computer technology that old, but whatever. This is a fairytale...time to let go a little. :P What did happen with the angel tracking anyway? Did she get it to work before she left? So scary when she died - and how awesome of her taking that hit to save Dean! "That's my girl" indeed! [Loved that line when he said it to Charlie, btw! *hearts*] His heart was just breaking thinking that he'd lost someone else so soon. But....ta-da! It's Zeke to the rescue again! Heh. I agree that this will get old fast if it keeps happening in every episode. Plus, how many times can Zeke keep healing others while healing himself AND Sam? As he said, it'll prolong how long he's taking up residence. But Dean can't let anyone go, so he saves Charlie (yay!). And Dean then has to concoct another story to explain it all. Then Sam remembers hearing him call Zeke...and Charlie finds out from Dorothy that she actually died when the witch zapped her. Uh oh....more evading the truth for Dean.

I liked how they used Crowley in the story (shame they couldn't keep Kevin around though - too many people?). But I wonder what was up with the table? Why have it? Just so Sam had a place to put the paper and crayon? Because I was wondering why Crowley didn't try and break that seal on the floor with the table (or even put the table over it to escape - would that work?) when Dean took the collar off? It was a heavy, metal table from the looks of it. And with all the commotion going on in the bunker, he could've slipped out easily. Though he did seem a little concerned about the witch's powers, so maybe that was enough to dissuade him? I dunno...I think too much sometimes. :P

Oh! Minor quibble, but in the beginning of the B&W stuff I have an issue with the one guy's more modern speech. The part where he went "What a dump. You know when I got this assignment I thought there'd be - I dunno...excitement? Adventure?" That whole "I dunno" and then going on is too recent. It certainly doesn't fit in with how they talked back in the 1930s. Watch any movie made in that period and you'll notice it. So that took me out of the show for a bit. Luckily, the other guy's speech patterns were more fitting of the period and even Dorothy's weren't too bad. Like I said...minor quibble. I guess Robbie Thompson hasn't seen too many old movies.

Must admit, I'm sad Charlie's gone off to the land of Oz. How is this any different than her dying? What if Dorothy loses the key again? Can they get back without it? Plus, what if the boys need her? I guess there's always the hurricane or whirlpool route (scary!). Still...Charlie will get to have the adventure she's been craving and like Dean, I can't hold her back from that. *sigh* Did you catch the weird look Sam gave when Dean just shrugged after Charlie asked if they'd be alright without her? Interesting....

The witch was pretty cool, not to mention those visuals of Oz. Whoah! VFX had fun with this one! Flying monkeys? Yes, please and give them scary red eyes! Done! :) Oh, and was that grey goo that the witch and Dorothy were trapped in the same stuff they used in the sandwich in Season 7? Sure looked similar to me. Prop re-use! Gotta love it. Speaking of props! How about that key that was just a simple relic we saw Dean find last season that they pretty much wrote this entire episode around??? How awesome! I love stuff like that. Goes to show that the writers are always thinking of things from past episodes that they can use down the road.

Holy cow! I've written a book! LOL
And all this without the aid of my usual quote resources (SuperWiki and BuddyTV - who haven't updated yet - Gah!). And here I thought this review would be difficult. I'm sure I forgot something, but then that's what I have all of you for. Let me know if I left something out and thanks for reading my rambling review. :)

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