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Journaling: Late night painting

In an effort to do more art work as well as keeping myself awake after supper, I'm trying to work on my art journals/ICADs/Smashbooks/etc. for a couple of hours each evening starting at around 10 p.m.

Tonight I wanted to do some painting, so I started in on a spiral-bound book from my aunt's place. It was one of her (many!) quilting books. When I saw it, I latched on right away (along w/a smaller book) figuring it would work for art journaling.

I tore out about half of the pages, so there's room for expansion. Tonight I began with gessoing the first page. But the pages are thin, glossy paper, so I glued it to the next page and did the same to the next several ones. I've been wanting to try out working on a black background as opposed to the usual white, so once the gesso was dry I covered the page in black acrylic paint using my fingers. Then I added a layer of the teal paint and some hot pink. However, I noticed once the hot pink acrylic paint dried, the color changed to more of a reddish shade. Bleh. I'll have to do more experiments.

Next, I added some purple dots with my finger and then smeared them. Next, I put the teal acrylic paint on some bubble wrap and pressed that onto the page in a few spots. Finally, I added some purple circles of paint and then painted on a quote about creativity in white acrylic paint.

I don't think it's finished yet, but my time is up and I'm tired. Plus, I think the paint fumes gave me a bit of a headache. Ooopsie. Or maybe it was the lousy night of sleep I got last night.

I still had some purple paint leftover and since I hate to see it go to waste, I took a credit card and smeared it over the inside cover. There's was just enough for a good coating. I rather like it...for a start anyway. :)

I must admit, the page came out much more dark than I intended, even with the black background, but that's ok. This book is all about experimenting anyway.

Oh, and for anyone who's interested I'm attempting to take part in Positively Present's 30-Day Gratitude Photo Challenge during November.
I'm posting my photos to my Instagram [http://instagram.com/ralval73] and in turn my Twitter so feel free to follow me over there or join in on the challenge as well. :)
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