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SPN Cap & Quote Review: 904 Slumber Party

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I'm trying something new here. Instead of a review with nothing but text, I'll include quotes and caps from the episode. Some of my thoughts and observations will be interspersed as well.

:: All caps are clickable to their HQ versions ::
See the gallery of all the caps here: http://www.slickpic.com/s/jYNjOyjNZNNNUY/_904?preview
Download all the caps here: SPN_904_Highlight_Caps_-_Raloria.zip

We begin in 1935 with Jenkins and Haggerty being the first MOL to inhabit the bunker. After 6 months, it's been pretty quiet...that is until Frank's kid, Dorothy shows up with a little package from OZ.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0001 SPN904HighlightCaps_0003

Huge love for the lighting of this scene as Sam presents Crowley with a piece of paper and a black crayon to write down more demon names. Crowley says no deal unless he gets to stretch his legs a bit. Sam just leaves.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0005 SPN904HighlightCaps_0007

Dean's left a burnt-out Kevin in Branson, MO and picked up Game Of Thrones for Sam. Awww. Sam, meanwhile is looking for a way to help Cas by seeing if they can track angels thanks to the bunker's computer. The thing's old (did I see vacuum tubes?) and Dean figures they need some help.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0010 SPN904HighlightCaps_0011
SPN904HighlightCaps_0014 SPN904HighlightCaps_0017

The grey goo is back!!!! Awesome shot as we see Dorothy from 1935 in the same frame as Dean in present day.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0019 SPN904HighlightCaps_0023

Charlie!!!! She's been fired from her job and has done a little hunting....uh, oh.

Charlie: I took down a teenage vampire and a ghost. ...Which sounds like a Y.A. novel when you say it out loud.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0027 SPN904HighlightCaps_0029

Charlie's suitably impressed by the bunker's computer, pointing out that it seems to run on magic. The boys bring up about her hunting alone.

Charlie: I know...Not a good idea, according to the "Supernatural" books.
Dean: You really can't delete those from the Internet?
Charlie: Not even I can do that. Come on.
Dean: Where do you even find them?
Charlie: A top-secret place I call Amazon. And someone uploaded all the unpublished works. I thought it was fanfic at first, but it was clearly Edlund's work.
Sam: Who uploaded it?
Charlie: I don't know. Their screen name was beckywinchester176.

Sam then does the most awkward backpedaling ever seen on this show. So funny and adorable! Yeah, he doesn't know Becky at all. :P
SPN904HighlightCaps_0040 SPN904HighlightCaps_0041

They need to wait for Charlie's high-tech hook-up to download all the info. from the bunker's computer, so it's Game of Thrones time! Charlie wonders why Sam hasn't moved in yet which sparks some discussion between the brothers. To Sam, the bunker is where they work, not a home.

Sam: Well, I'm sorry I haven't hung up the, uh, "Hang in there, kitty" poster yet, Dean.

Dean gets perturbed and leaves to get more beers while Sam and Charlie discuss her hunting some more.

Sam: What was all that about how hunting isn't magical?
Charlie: Saving people, hunting things, the family business? I am down. But... I was raised on Tolkien, man.I mean, where is all this?. Where are my White Walkers and my volcano and magic ring to throw in the damn thing? Where's my quest?

Sam then points out that quests pretty much suck...and he should know.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0042 SPN904HighlightCaps_0044
SPN904HighlightCaps_0046 SPN904HighlightCaps_0048

Back in 1935 the witch Dorothy brought in gets loose, possesses Jenkins, forcing Haggerty to kill him. Poor Jenkins. He wanted adventure and found out the hard way that it's wasn't such a good thing after all.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0050 SPN904HighlightCaps_0051

Our trio re-enters the computer room to find a weird webbing all over the wall. Dean cuts through and ta-da! It's Dorothy!
SPN904HighlightCaps_0052 SPN904HighlightCaps_0055

Crowley: [to witch] Hello, darling. (the witch slightly burns herself trying to pass a warding sign) Sorry. This litter box is warded against everything, even wicked witches. Big fan. Love your work.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0066 SPN904HighlightCaps_0068

Cute how the boys leave to go hunt the witch and tell Dorothy to stay there with the "smartest person in the room". :)
SPN904HighlightCaps_0072 SPN904HighlightCaps_0073

Love Crowley's hiss to describe what the witch said to him (having one's tongue cut out really limits communication). He works a deal: he'll tell them what she's after if he can stretch his legs a bit. So Dean undoes the neck collar...and then promptly shoots the demon, saying he's aired out enough. Hee! Turns out the witch is seeking a key.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0077 SPN904HighlightCaps_0078
SPN904HighlightCaps_0082 SPN904HighlightCaps_0085

Smart Charlie has worked out some poppy bullets to help slow down the witch.
Dean: "That's my girl." Awww...he's so proud!
SPN904HighlightCaps_0087 SPN904HighlightCaps_0089

The boys mention the key and Dorothy knows what it is. A special key that allows any door to be entry into OZ. Turns out it was one of the artifacts Dean came across (last season) and is keeping in his room.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0095 SPN904HighlightCaps_0096

Before the 4 split up, Dean tries to convince Charlie to go hide in the dungeon, but she's having far too much fun.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0099 SPN904HighlightCaps_0100

Charlie: (looking at the first edition of Voluptuous Asian Lovelies) You keep your porn meticulously organized, but not--
Dean: Don't judge me.

SPN904HighlightCaps_0104 SPN904HighlightCaps_0105

Dean finds the key just in time for the witch to appear and take it. After throwing him into the wall, she prepares to zap him, but Charlie heroically leaps in the way and takes the hit. Dean shoots a poppy bullet at the witch, but she retreats back into the ventilation shaft.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0110 SPN904HighlightCaps_0112

Nooooooooooo!!!!! Charlie!!!!!!!!!
SPN904HighlightCaps_0116 SPN904HighlightCaps_0117

OMG When Sam rushes into the room and Dean just yells "Zeke!" and the instant change. Excellent! Dean wants Charlie saved, but Zeke points out it's too late and he can't keep healing others when he's still fixing Sam and himself. But Dean insists...
SPN904HighlightCaps_0123 SPN904HighlightCaps_0127

Zeke brings Charlie back and then Dean once again has to weave a tale to a bewildered Sam who has to be wondering how he suddenly ended up inside the room.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0130 SPN904HighlightCaps_0132

Great shot here as Sam passes Charlie's gun to Dean. I've seen some people think "Well Dean's taking charge here, he's the older brother - of course he gets the gun." But the thing is that they each only got one bullet and Dean used his, so of course, Sam would hand the gun off to him. Sam still hadn't fired his gun either.

Anyhoo, Sam remembers Dean calling out Zeke's name. Uh, oh... Dean explains it away with Sam hitting his head. Uh, huh.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0141 SPN904HighlightCaps_0145

Charlie gets the shocking news that she died...

Dorothy: “Charlie, you died. Don’t worry about it, though. You’re not a real Hunter until you’ve died and come back again.”

SPN904HighlightCaps_0148 SPN904HighlightCaps_0150

Even while hunting room by room for the witch, Dean's gotta bring up about Sam not moving in....

Sam: I don't have any memories of home. And whenever I've tried to make a home of my own it really hasn't ended well.
Dean: Yeah, but a lifetime of abandoned buildings and crappy motel rooms? I mean, this is about as close to home as we're gonna get, and it's ours.

SPN904HighlightCaps_0151 SPN904HighlightCaps_0153

Suddenly the witch is behind Sam and gets him in a choke hold and Dean has to figure out how to fire around his brother. But the witch starts charging up and he's only got one choice - charge into them. Crashing over the table, the witch then puts the whammy on the boys and possesses them. Very cool green eye FX.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0161 SPN904HighlightCaps_0162
SPN904HighlightCaps_0163 SPN904HighlightCaps_0164

The bunker has a garage!!!!! Complete with some pretty classy cars *drools* and Dorothy's motorbike which still contains....the ruby slippers...err high heels.

Dorothy: “I never actually wore them. It seemed kind of tacky wearing a dead woman’s shoes. Plus, I’m no good in heels.”
SPN904HighlightCaps_0165 SPN904HighlightCaps_0169

The boys show up...and aren't acting like themselves.

Charlie: Was that your Batman voice?
[Sam and Dean growl]
Charlie: That's definitely not your Batman voice.

SPN904HighlightCaps_0171 SPN904HighlightCaps_0172

Meanwhile, the witch has gathered materials...which I wonder about...she's got the key. Maybe they summon the flying monkeys? Anyway, awesome VFX here. Whoah. Love her makeup as well. :)
SPN904HighlightCaps_0178 SPN904HighlightCaps_0179

The fight in the garage is on!

Charlie Bradbury: Sorry about the nards Dean.
[kicks Dean in the crotch]
SPN904HighlightCaps_0181 SPN904HighlightCaps_0182

Charlie gets away with the shoes while Dorothy fights the boys on her own (and does a pretty good job, too, considering). Though I wonder how they're not wounded at all and she is? But in the end they gain the upper hand but...
SPN904HighlightCaps_0188 SPN904HighlightCaps_0189

Charlie finds the witch and stabs her with the shoes! "Now heel!" Death by shoe! That's gotta be a first. LOL The boys are then released.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0191 SPN904HighlightCaps_0193

With the witch dead, Charlie has to pull the door to OZ closed. Scarey but cool flying monkeys!!!!
SPN904HighlightCaps_0198 SPN904HighlightCaps_0203

Crowley's upset that he's again put back in chains. Sam slams down the paper and crayon again. Heh.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0207 SPN904HighlightCaps_0209

Baby does indeed look good in the garage! *pets her* Sam has a present for Dorothy.

Dorothy: “You have no idea how odd it is having a series of books written about you."
Sam:"Actually, I do know, and it is definitely weird. But you know what? At the end of the day it’s our story, so we get to write it."

SPN904HighlightCaps_0211 SPN904HighlightCaps_0215

Charlie calls Dean out on his deception and he has to admit that yes, she did die.

Charlie: “Am I a zombie now? Do I need to eat brains?”

He assures her she's fine, but they have keep this between them for now. Well, I'd say the secret's pretty safe considering where she's headed.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0216 SPN904HighlightCaps_0217

Dorothy offers to take Charlie along to OZ and she jumps at the chance, despite Dean's warnings. In the end he reluctantly lets her go, but you can see when he hugs her goodbye that it hurts him. Sam's more happy though. The boys watch them enter Oz, the Emerald City gleaming in the background.
SPN904HighlightCaps_0227 SPN904HighlightCaps_0231
SPN904HighlightCaps_0235 SPN904HighlightCaps_0241

Dean: Think she'll be back?
Sam: Of course. There's no place like home.


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