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First Impressions: 9x05 "Dog Dean Afternoon"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

I haven't laughed this much since...well, VanCon in August. It was wonderful and I have Jensen's amazing acting abilities to thank for that. Who knew he could imitate a dog so well? :D

This SPN episode was FUN and funny, fluff, a throw-away episode to some. And you know what?

That's okay.

Really. SPN is one of those few shows where they can push their boundaries so far for one ep and then go back to their deep, ingrained mythology with the next and it's perfectly okay. No momentum is lost. They just keep chugging along. But it's very nice to have these unusual eps every now and then in a season. They've broken the 4th wall so many times I've lost count and mixed humor and drama in other episodes so well that you're laughing one minute and ready to bawl your eyes out the next.

This episode was a rare exception in that didn't really deal with the season's overall arc much at all. Sure, there was Zeke making a very brief appearance and Dean questioning if Sam was okay at the top of the eppy. And how long is Dean going to keep doing that? Even I'm getting tired of it and I'm sure Sam is thinking..."Wait. If Dean thinks there's something wrong...maybe there is?" At least I hope Sam is starting to put all the bits and pieces together and will call Dean on his odd behavior soon.

Btw, I've already read spoilers that say when and even how Sam will find out about Zeke, but the question I have is...will we have to deal with moments like this every episode until then? Because I'm afraid it will stretch the boundaries of credibility very quickly. I get that Dean's eager for Sam to be healed and Zeke out of there, but repeatedly asking Sam if he's okay and treating him like he's still weak from the trials when he's clearly not is only going to make Sam suspect something.

Ok, sorry about the tangent...

While even Jared complained about the animal voices, I thought they were okay. Especially the one for the Colonel. I mean...how would animal voices sound exactly? For an episode that was way over the silly meter anyway it was okay to have cartoonish voices.

OMG The many facial expressions in this ep! From Sam's patented Sammy Frown in the taxidermy shop to Dean's facial gyrations as a dog. It was a delight to see Jensen put on such a show and for Jared to equally show awkwardness (the pigeon scene) and bemusement so well. Bravo to them both!

Beautiful German Shephard they got to use. And I thought that Yorkie looked familiar! Turns out it's the same one that chased Dean in "Yellow Fever". Hee!

Btw, the taxidermy shop brought back some old childhood memories for me. See, there used to be this taxidermy/cake shop that we'd go to...for birthday cakes. No, really...lots of 1970s wood paneling in the place, animal heads mounted on the walls and display cases full of freshly made frosted cakes. No joke. It was called The Cake Box. My mom and I talk about the place to this day. Talk about a weird combination...but they made good cakes. :P

Favorite scenes/bits/lines:

Dean playing fetch with Sam and not even realizing it. Sam's "I don't want this." at the start and then once Dean barks at the mailman, putting it all together.

Dean vs. pigeon. It was priceless when Dean drew his gun and was ready to shoot the darned thing and poor Sam waving to people and trying to pretend that his brother isn't acting crazy.

Sam rubbing the Yorkie's belly. OMG I loved that the dog was just lapping it all up and Sam's exasperated face.

Dean drooling over the French Poodle. I guess some fans are/will have a hissy fit over this, but c'mon! It's funny! And the music choice was perfect!

Funny how the guys at the restaurant just took Sam & Dean's word that they were health inspectors...and dressed the way they were. Riiiiiight. Heck, maybe the guys hated their jobs and didn't want to work that night anyway? Night off? Sure!!!

The guy who witnessed the first killing reminded me of Ash. I think it was his speech patterns.

Loved Dean's gravely voice when he asked the killer what he'd done to his brother. That and his panicked voice when he returns into the kitchen and can't get Sam to wake up. Oh....♥♥♥ *loves the brotherly stuff* :D

Great special FX, especially when Chef Leo was blended in with the restaurant wallpaper. That was too cool!

Dean: “I always knew I’d find the source of all evil at a vegan bakery.”
So Dean and so perfect. Loved the added bit with the depression over meat deprivation. LOL
Sorry to any vegans out there, but...I love my meat! *iz Dean* :P

Dean: “Rut-roh.”
OMG This just killed me! Yes, they went there. LOL

Dean: “I don’t have the urge to sniff butts.”
Then why did you look so guilty there for a second, Dean? Bwahahahaha!

Dean: “Don’t make me lick your damn face.”
All I could think was that the shippers out there would have loved to have seen that! *facepalms*

Chef Leo: "Screw the Sharktapuss!"
I swear I need to work this into normal conversation somehow. What a line! Love it!

Can you tell I enjoyed the ep? :D
That's all I can think of right now. Thanks for reading!

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