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SPN Goes B&W: Croatoan & Yellow Fever

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Thought I'd try something different. This isn't for the Just 'Cause posts though the idea is similar to when I ask for requests there. I miss doing B&W fanart, so I thought I'd ask for everyone's help in choosing caps.

:: You can request up to 5 different caps.
:: If I don't have exactly what you request, I'll try to find something similar.
:: If you request something specific, the more detail you can give me, the better.
:: Vague requests are also welcome (something Dean, Sam, demon, angel, weapon, action, hands, arms, sad, happy, etc).

Today's fanart is for hells_half_acre who asked for "one of the 'beautiful places' that the boys often find themselves having discussions. Like the fence in Croatoan, or similar." Honestly wasn't sure this idea would work, but if you find the right caps, it does. You'll notice I went with a wide shot from Croatoan and included the car. I thought of using the usual wide shot of this scene, but it's been posted ad nauseum. I also thought of this scene from Yellow Fever and I'm really pleased by the old photo effect I got out of it. :)
:: Click for full size ::

Tags: fanart, requests, spn goes b&w, supernatural
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