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~~ Introductory Post ~~

All Goody posts (caps, fanart, SPN Revealed, videos, etc.) are public. Most other posts will be F-locked.

My SPN Capped Episode List || SPN Episode Capping Nomination List || Cast Birthdays on Super-Wiki

Welcome friends, lurkers, & random wanderers!!!

I've already got a lot of information about myself over on My Profile page. However, I think this post will help fill in the gaps.

Things are pretty open here. I only lock my personal real life posts and as of right now, I see no reason to change it.

Friending/Defriending Rules: I regularly go through the list of those who have friended me and view their journals, user info., and user pics. Reasons I'll friend you back: we have common interests, you post frequently, and if I feel a good vibe about you. If my gut says "friend", I add people back.

I rarely defriend people but when I do it's usually because A) no journal entries for 6 months or more, B) the LJ has been deleted, C) we no longer have things in common, or D) you defriended me.

Warning: I'm not into Slash or Wincest of any kind. I'm cool with people who like that stuff, but it isn't my thing. Please don't talk about it here or use graphics/icons that depict it. Thanks.

Rules: Play nice with others and please adhere to the rules about my works below.

These rules pertain to all of my screencaps, fanart, and icons:

* No Hotlinking!
* Please do not alter fanart or icons without permission.
* Credit me, raloria, please when taking/using.
* Comments are always appreciated.

Spoiler Policy: I do post about spoilers for SPN, mainly because I have to know everything about the show and have no self control. However, I always post them behind a cut and respect the wishes of those who want to remain spoiler free.

I do a lot of picspams for Jensen and SPN made with all of my own screencaps.

The Ultimate Jensen in DA Picspam Post
Please note: I recently found out the aspect ratio on my DA caps is off slightly.
I plan on eventually fixing them & re-posting.
Smallville Caps
DVD & Regular Caps: SPN S1 Screencaps // SPN S2 Screencaps // SPN S5 Screencaps

Hi-Res Caps: SPN S4 Hi-Res Screencaps // SPN S5 Hi-Res Screencaps // SPN S6 Hi-Res Screencaps // SPN S7 Hi-Res Screencaps

Blu-Ray Caps:SPN S1 Blu-Ray Screencaps // SPN S2 Blu-Ray Screencaps // SPN S3 Blu-Ray Screencaps // SPN S4 Blu-Ray Screencaps // SPN S5 Blu-Ray Screencaps

I also post a SPN screencap each day called Just 'Cause because we all like a little daily dose of the Winchesters. :D


A Tribute to the Impala a.k.a Metallicar -- A picspam about Dean's beloved car along with some pics of the 1964 Impala I grew up with.

Jensen: The Actor -- A tribute (w/caps) to Jensen's acting skills.

Meta: Dean & Dante's Inferno -- From November 2008. Comparison of Dean's time in Hell to Dante's classic work.

Series Posts:

SPN Filming Locations -- Whenever I read about sightings of the production in Vancouver/Burnaby I post maps and any info. I can gather.

SPN Revealed S1 -- I've finished S1 in this meta/picspam series which takes an in-depth look into each episode for bloopers, continuity errors, odd sightings, and more.

SPN Revealed S2 -- This series of posts is now in progress.

SPN Episode Reviews:

First Impressions -- My current reviews of each SPN episode with fanart (in older posts) or screencaps (current posts).

Reviews -- I also did more detailed reviews often with small caps. These began at the beginning of S2 but stopped during S3.

I make all my own headers and icons. I post headers, fanart, and icons as often as possible.

Tags: Fanart, Icons, Icons - Dark Angel, Icons - Jared, Icons - Jensen, & Icons - Supernatural.

Random Cap Art --
I occasionally post quickly made fanart sets from one cap, which include a header, small fanart banner/piece, & an icon.

3 Icons A Day --
In 2009 I re-posted my icons (along with new ones) in daily entries, 3 icons per post.

Writing is often a struggle for me, but sometimes my Crazy Muse takes over and fanfic emerges. The fic I tend to write are very angsty 'cause I love that stuff:

Tag: Fanfic. I know...how original.

No Words - an end tag to Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things from Sam's POV. (683 words)

Until The End - Fanfic for the scene in Croatoan when Sam has been infected by the virus and Dean chooses to stay with him in the medical clinic. Told from Sam and then Dean's POV. (462 words)

I Can Do This - What goes through Dean's mind as he's about to shoot Duane Tanner in Croatoan. (1107 words)

Crackfic: Jensen is stealing my Muse away - Just a little piece I wrote when I was trying to get some homework done for my scriptwriting class. (396 words)

Unwilling To Let Go - My take on what happens at the end of S3 when Dean's year is up and the Hellhounds come for him. I'm currently working on the 2-part sequel to this story. (1511 words)

Saying Goodbye - Dean's thoughts and feelings about his dad during the final scenes of DT and IMTOD. (584 words)

Crackfic: Sam & Dean Meet The LJ Gremlins - Gremlins are eating the comments in LJ. The fandom's only hope...Sam & Dean, of course, but is Dean willing to do what needs to be done to drive the gremlins out of LJ? (1537 words)

Towards The Golden Light - Takes place in Season Three. With time on his demon deal running out, Dean's nights are filled dreams and nightmares. (1,214 words)

Fanfic Preview: "Walking Through Hellfire"
- This is a preview section of my first sequel to Unwilling To Let Go.

Fanfic Preview: "Blood and Bone and Fire"
- This is a preview section of my second sequel to Unwilling To Let Go.

Not Like This - Each of the brother's perspectives when Dean is shot at the Mystery Spot. (750 words)

Return To The Fire - It was supposed to be an easy job, a simple salt & burn, but it's anything but for Dean as memories of Hell emerge. (1,563 words)

Shivers - Dean gets attacked by a ghost and spends the next 48 hours feeling as cold as death. (2,563 words)

It's getting to where I have more and more identities and places I frequent online and I thought it might be a good idea to have a list of them all.

Online Journals:

Livejournal: raloria LJ is my main online home and thus, my main journal.

However, if LJ goes down for any extended time I have 2 back-up/emergency journals.

InsaneJournal: http://raloria.insanejournal.com/
Dreamwidth Journal: http://raloria.dreamwidth.org/

Livejournal Communities:
My comm for pics & videos of life on the set of SPN.
atickettodream My LJ Comm for stars, movies, & the people who make them.


Road To Shambala
Expect all things SPN, Jensen, Jared, pretty pics & stuff like that. :)

Other Places:

Twitter: @Valerie613
I'm on Twitter as much as I'm on LJ - a lot! It's really the best place to see how I'm doing or what I'm up to throughout the day or night. Plus, I can Tweet from my phone if our power goes out or I lose my internet connection.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29543563@N04/ This is the main home for my best photographs.

Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/~raloria

Tuneful Earful My blog for sharing old record & tape music.

UniCreatures: http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?wild=8281 I go by the name Janell there.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/raloria9173

I even have my own little website of links: Raloria's Resources

If you have a question about anything, don't hesitate to ask me. :D

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