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Cha-cha-cha Changes...

You may (or most likely have not) noticed that I didn't do a SPN Cap & Quote Review for last week's episode (905).

I'm not going to.

As much as I wanted to make the idea work, it simply isn't. When I did the post for 904 I was dragging myself to complete it. It was taking hours and hours and I was tired and discouraged that the caps haven't been getting many downloads (1 per episode). For something that's supposed to be enjoyable, this is not it, my friends. Not to me. So I'm retiring the SPN Cap & Quote Review posts. Sorry to those few of you who did leave me comments and said you enjoyed them.

I love posting the episode quotes, but heck, everyone can go to the same sites I visit to get them: SuperWiki & BuddyTV. I'm simply repeating what they provide, but with caps....nothing really new and earth-shattering there.

I'll stick with simply typing up a few thoughts about each ep on Tuesday night for my First Impressions and be done with it. It's quick, easy, and pain-free for me. And once it's done, I don't have to deal or think about it for another whole week! It's very nice and allows me to simply enjoy my show from week to week. :)

I still intend to cap the episodes this season - making two sets: A Highlight set and a more thorough one. For now, due to time constraints, I'm only tackling the Highlight caps.

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