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First Impressions: 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

A new writer and director for tonight's SPN...and I'm happy to say it worked. :)
Was it a stand-out ep? No, but it was solid.

For an episode that separated the brothers for most of the hour, it still worked. I think the added characters really helped. It was great to have Kevin, Crowley, and Abaddon back.


:: Dean not being thrilled about research. I'm only pointing this out because I've seen others say this is the show dumbing down Dean again when he's shown that he does read. Relax, people. This scene reminded me of the one way back in S1's "Hook Man" where Dean wasn't overly thrilled about searching through old, dusty library books. Same thing, same idea. Dean's never been keen on research - that's Sam's area of expertise. Yes, he'll do research and does plenty of it, but it's not his favorite way to spend time...especially when there's others around who could take over. And kudos to Kevin for calling Dean on it. ;)

:: Sales Associate Cas...err Steve. How cute is he? I love how detailed and proud Cas is of his job. He's grown a lot as a human and seems to be handling his new life quite well. No wonder the boss trusted him with her baby. Boo! on her for misleading him though. I felt sorry for Cas. And who knew he could sing? Or look after a baby? He did pretty well considering. The singing bit was too cute! The theme from "Greatest American Hero"! LOL Though I half expected him to call Dean on the phone when he found out Tonya had a fever.

Cas (to Tonya): “Nobody told you and nobody explained. You’re just shoved out, kicking and screaming into this human life without any idea why any of it feels the way it feels. Or why this confusion, feels like it’s a hair’s breath from terror or pain. Just when you think you do understand, it’ll turn out you’re wrong. You didn’t understand anything at all. I guess that’s just how it is when you’re new at this.”

:: The big bad angel of the week aka Ephram. Scary...in that he can so calmly walk up to people and just smite them into an exploding ball of bones, blood, and muscle. Lovely. Production must have had a lot of pink paint left around somewhere. Heh.
"I won't stop until I wash the world clean of all suffering." I hate to break this to you, pal, but human suffering is neverending. It's a shame more of these angels won't stop and listening to reason from Cas...who has been on earth for a while now and yes, through the goodness of his heart wants to help them. If only they could understand! But all they see is a former angel who has betrayed them. The thing I don't get is that they seem to think Cas chose to be human. "By choosing a human life you've already given up. You chose...death."

:: Dean in a Henley!!!!! *swoons* 'Nuff said. ;)

:: I like that sheriff dude, but where have I seen him before???? It's driving me nuts!

:: Crowley - maybe not the King of Hell anymore. Good move by Dean about mentioning Crowley to decipher the ancient language Kevin translated the angel tablet into. "We're not keepin' him chained up for the one-liners." Hee! Are you sure about that Dean? I love me some one-liners. :) Crowley's never one to cooperate though. Him tossing the wadded up piece of paper at Sam's face was priceless! He wants a phone call to Abaddon. After chatting it out with Kevin, Sam decides it's worth the risk. Crowley's chained and doesn't know where he is anyway. The demon phone call is excellent....him first having to repeatedly say who he is and then being put on hold. To quote the demon himself..."How the mighty have fallen." :P Eventually, he gets through and Abaddon quickly puts the king in his place. She's running things now and taking out souls before they're due. While he tries to put on a good show, you can tell Crowley's beat...for now anyway. He translates the language...sure enough....there's no undoing Metatron's spell. The angels are here to stay.

:: Cute how Sam wanted to just cut out and join Dean on the case (once he found out there really was a case). Awwww....

:: Team Dean and Cas. Some people think Dean was rough on Cas, giving him a tough time for settling down to a 9 to 5 job since he used to be a mighty angel. “So you went from fighting Heavenly battles to nuking taquitos.” I honestly don't think Dean considered how losing his grace effected Castiel. He hasn't really had time for it, worrying about his brother being possessed by an angel and all. Somebody's bound to slip through the cracks and then when he had to boot Cas out of the bunker so fast...

It was so cute how big brotherly Dean gave Cas dating advice. Some lousy ADR though when Dean talks about the buttons. Ooopsie. They did a great job in taking out Ephram though. Whoo-hoo! At least Dean did apologize for kicking Cas out of the bunker, told him he was proud of him. And you know what? Cas does need to figure this whole human thing on his own. He won't get anywhere cooped up in the bunker. However, I can also see where Dean urging Cas to live his new life is also a way to keep him away from Zeke!Sam. After all, he doesn't want to make the angel angry and leave his brother unhealed. It's a tough line Dean's walking and you can sense the twinge of regret he has over leaving Cas yet again.

:: Who the hell wears a dress to go bowling??? Talk about awkward to move around in.
And if the Ford truck was Ephram, who picked up Nora for the date? She rushed out the door, but to who? Did she walk to the bowling alley?

:: Crowley and the blood. Why ask for Kevin's blood over Sam's? That was weird. And then he stole the syringe to inject himself with it??? Good that Sam was there to witness it, but it sure is curious. Maybe Sam's right...maybe the effect of the failed trial did more to the demon than we think? Now he wants human blood?

:: Every rose has it's thorn. I gotta say that was a brilliant move Cas had with cutting his hand on the rose stem. Too bad it didn't work, but full marks for the attempt.

:: Abaddon! Still totally badass. Love her! When you can leave Crowley with no witty retort or nasty threats - you've won.

:: And of course, Dean would know about a low dose of medication to bring the baby's fever down. Awww.... :)

:: Such a bizarre and quiet ending. Not used to it. :P

My one complaint about this ep is near the end when Dean is on the phone with Sam and then Cas is saying goodnight to Nora. Sam asks Dean if he's going to tell Cas about the spell being irreversible and then we cut to Cas and Nora. Dean doesn't say anything either way. Then we cut back to Dean and he's still on the phone and just tells Sam he has to go. WTH? What did Dean say to Sam during those minutes? Obviously that he wasn't going to mention it to Cas, but he could've said that before they cut to Cas and Nora. He could've hung up with Sam during that time as well. Gah! Poor editing here IMO. But that's my only quibble about the whole ep.

Oh, and it was actually nice to not have an appearance by Zeke. No offense to Jared's great portrayal, but the angel popping up to save lifes thing was getting old. It was nice to have a break.

Like I said, solid ep. Next week looks very exciting! Whoo! :D

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