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Warning to my fellow Washingtonians!!!

Edit: Problem fixed. I just banned the person from my journal and then 5 min. later I checked and the account has been suspended! *breathes sigh of relief*

My other flisters may want to read this too, but this is mostly aimed at those on my flist who live in WA state.

I was friended by moska_1 who appears to be targeting anyone with a LJ who lives in WA. Their account was just created (2008-03-30 19:39:14) and they have friended 199 people.

If you are friended by this person whatever you do, don't click on the video on their profile page!!! It links to an outside site and is an adult youtube video. It wouldn't play for me (thank God!) and kept prompting me to install the Active X control. Eeep! I couldn't even close the tab, it had it completely locked up with the prompt to install. I ended up doing a Force Quit to Firefox. That was when I decided to investigate and find out what was going on and realized this person had friended all Washington residents.

I feel violated. Like I've been attacked just because of where I live of all things. It sucks. And there's nothing I can do about this, except to hide this person from my Profile page. Big deal. They're still going to be watching my journal. I don't want to go Friends Only, I've got too many ongoing series that need to be available to everyone. This might mean I'll have to Friends Lock more of my posts than normal. Which also sucks.

The rotten string of Sundays continues, I guess. *sigh*

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