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BurCon Envy

Was just checking out the guest line-up for next weekend's BurCon. Wow! Wish I was going to this one. They've got a great number (20!) and group of guests! Color me green with envy.


In the "how did I miss this" category, there was this bit of info. about Rob Benedict: (emphasis by me)

November 13, 2013: A note from Rob Benedict*

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I've recently had to deal with a bit of a medical issue. I'm doing great and am going to continue to do better, but my doctors, family, and Creation feel it is in my best interest to limit my appearance schedule for Burbank. That doesn't mean I won't be popping by to say hey, it just means I won't be able to be as involved as usual. And don't worry - The Louden Swain show will go on, with Supernatural All-Stars filling in for me, including one very special guest. I plan on being back in full swing both with the convention and the band in Vegas!

I appreciate your understanding and know you're going to have a great time.

With much love,

So sad to hear of Rob's medical problems. Good to know he will be there, but in a limited capacity.
Hmmmm....makes me wonder if Jensen is the "very special guest" and he'll pop up on stage to sing! How awesome would that be???? :D

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