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Well that's not nice...

As many of you may know, I run (w/my currently MIA co-mod womanofletters) positively_spn. We got a big boost of membership when spn_party suddenly decided to close shop the day of the Season 9 premiere. The comm's been growing and thriving fast ever since and I've been very encouraged about it's future.

But today I see a post made to the comm, pimping a new community and some of the plans struck me as a slap in the face.

Depending on how many members we have by tonight, I may post an episode viewing post, but I will definitely make a post later this week where you can link to your episode reaction.

I mourn the departure of spn_party, so I wanted to create a sort of replacement, only I added my own ideas. Should be lots of fun. I especially miss the weekly free-for-all on Sunday nights, so I'll bring that back. Hope to see you there!

Her main idea for the comm, is very cool...a sort of online MOL bunker for doing fanfic research and the like. But the rest of it seems like a copy of what I'm doing with Positively_SPN.

It's as if she's not happy with my comm so she's making one of her own with a lot of the same aspects and advertising it on my comm! Why couldn't she have just said she'd like a "weekly free-for-all on Sunday nights"? I would've found a way to implement it. Maybe she's upset that I didn't choose her for a co-modding position she volunteered for?

I'm all for new comms to LJ for SPN and people taking the initiative when one goes down, but...I thought I'd filled the void left when SPN_Party decided to quit. I guess not.

Am I wrong to feel bad about this? To feel a little miffed and angry?

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