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First Impressions: 9x07 "Bad Boys"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Sam: "I am everybody."
LOL But I also want to bonk Sam on the head and say "Hey, dude! Wake up already!!!! Isn't Dean acting strange to you with all these weird questions?" *sigh* I know show has a plan and that eventually the big reveal will come, but this is torture!!!!

Because there's been a lot of talk about the kid playing young Dean in this ep over at positively_spn:

This might also explain why young Sam at the end of the ep was played by a much younger actor compared to what a 16 year old Dean would be.

I like the kid who played young Dean. According to Adam Glass, the actor watched 5 seasons of the show & then observed Jensen (Source) He certainly got the mannerisms down and the attitude. Now if only he hadn't had brown eyes instead of green...

Sam: You were here for two months...and dad couldn't find you?
Dean: No, he found me. He found me quick. He left me here because I lost all the money.
Sam: You were 16, you made a mistake!
Dean: Yeah, I made the mistake. Look, I know how you think. None of this was dad's fault.

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. See, I wanna like John. I wanna understand the man, but things like this leave me torn. On the one hand I can say, "Ok, he left Dean there because yeah, he screwed up and lost the money and maybe being at a place like this will teach him something and make him into a better man." But the other side of the coin has me angry that John would leave Dean for 2 months just because he lost some money. Seems a little extreme for a 16 yr old to me. But I think it helps that Dean feels it was a good place, that it didn't harm him any.

Loved the nice little discoveries Sam makes about Dean on his own in this ep: the devil's traps carved onto the bed posts, Dean's name still on the bed, and his award for wrestling. *brotherly feelings* :D

Dean to Timmy: “You’re gonna be a man, you gotta learn how to shake like one. Give me your best kung-fu grip. Good, now look me straight in the eye, let me know that you mean business. Shake as hard as you can. You shake like that, you’ll be alright.”

How awesome is Dean when he's interacting with kids? :D
This made me think back to when I shook Jensen's hand at my first VanCon back in 2009.
I'll never forget it: firm, but not too tight. It was perfect! f6635c3046e2747843dcd1437cdf6b868656e34

EMF meter!!!!!!! Oh, how I've missed you! :D
And then we get a good old salt & burn! So sweet!!!! I still love how Dean lights a whole book of matches on fire like that. Wicked cool!

This death in the tub scene reminded me of the tub scene in Dead In The Water.

The AMULET!!!!!!!!!! *flails*
C'mon show! Bring it back! For the fans!!!!!

Aw, Dean....seems he's not so memorable after all. But then we find out she does remember him later on. Heh.

Wow. For them spending a whole day filming at that restaurant in North Vancouver we sure didn't get to see much of it on the outside. Sadly, I didn't find the location until the day after they'd finished filming there (this ep was filming during VanCon this year). Darn! So close! I'm dying to find that house location now. Where where they????

Love Dean being all badass at the bullies picking on Timmy. Go Dean!!!! :)
Just shows more of how awesome a big brother he must have been with Sam. ♥

Nooooooo!!!!!! Don't touch the underside of the lawn mower!!!!!!
Yep, knew it was a bad idea. :P

Have you noticed how every ep this season that Dean's the one calling the shots? Giving the orders, who goes/searches where. It's pretty cool, really and nice that Sam is obviously okay with it once again, unlike back in Season 4 and 5 when he went through that rebellious period.

How cool that young Dean took guitar lessons! And he wanted to be a rock star! LOL But he was totally into cars as well - naturally. [Secretly wonders if they used Jensen's guitar for the prop.] He also gets his first kiss. Ooop! Correction, thanks to SuperWiki pointing out it wasn't Dean's first kiss, but that he hadn't had too many. Looks like he's a quick learner, too thanks to Robin. *g*

Nice intercutting between the story of Timmy and his mom and the drawings on the barn wall that Sam found. Burn! Burn Bruce!!!! LOL Love how the voice slowed down as it melted. Heehee! Ah, it isn't a SPN ep until a Winchester has been thrown through some furniture and hit a wall.

Ooops. It's actually Timmy that ghost mom is attached to. Is this reminding anyone of "Roadkill"? Same idea.

Dean to Timmy: “Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the ones you love.”

Whoah, show. Foreshadowing much? It's gonna be painful once Sam finds out about Zeke, isn't it?

Awesome visual effects on ghost mom at the end. Really beautiful stuff.
All that kissing in the past and all Robin gives Dean now is a peck on the cheek??? Losing your touch there, Dean. :P

Such a sad and bittersweet ending! Sam realizing Dean had a good life at Sonny's for 2 months and Dean denying it, saying it wasn't for him. Then we see how he was all set to take Robin to the dance when John & Sam come back to pick him up. And Dean's just so sad! OMG The tears! But then he sees Sammy in the car and he knows...he has to leave. First choice is Sam - always.

Sam: Dean, thank you — for always being there. For always having my back. I know it hasn’t always been easy.
Dean: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Awwww....That's how Dean Winchester "Mister No Chick Flick Moments" says "I love you, little brother." tacklehug

Good MOTW ep that feels like an early season ep. I can forgive the continuity breaks with canon (knowing dad was on a rugaru hunt and young Dean's brown eyes) because of all the great backstory and brotherly feelings. Great job all around, as usual. :D

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