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First Impressions: 9x08 "Rock And A Hard Place"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Because of some RL issues I didn't get to watch the episode twice like I normally do (live streaming for East Coast and live on the TV for West Coast time). So keep in mind that all of this is from one viewing alone.

Ok, this was another fun one. Do you feel like show is setting us up for some major angst and a big cliffhanger for the upcoming mid-season finale next week? Hmmmmm....

First of all...I recognized that teaser location where Honor gets taken!!!!
It's the same restaurant they used for a Biggerson's when we first met Famine. Plus, I've eaten lunch there back in 2010 when I was location hunting with some friends!!!!! I love it when I recognize a location right away. *happy dances* :D

Cool blue fire effects (bravo VFX Dept), girl gets taken, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Awwww....sleeping Sammy. Dean's naturally concerned. Sweet that he offered Sam a pillow, but the younger Winchester just says that he can't seem to recharge his battery.

Jody Mills!!!!! :D
So great to have her back...and not just in a brief near-death scene. Phew!
She's got a case for the boys...so we get more scenes at the restaurant!

Sam: Okay, so we have missing church folk and superstrength. Maybe angels harvesting vessels, could be a Buddy Boyle-type thing.
Jody: Wait... angels? You're joking!
Dean: Don't get your pants on fire. They suck.

The boys go and check out the church where the victim's came from and end up joining their Chastity Group and singing papers (with their actual names, no less!) to become virgins again. I just love Dean's incredulity of it all.

Dean: “So you just hit the virginity do-over button and all is good with the man upstairs?”

Then the boys sit in on the Purity group session and poor Tammy doesn't get to read her poem “Sex is a racquet, and God’s ball is in your court.” LOL Instead, the boys are questioned and Sam confesses that his hook-ups with women don't end well, which Dean confirms. Hee! Poor Sam. Then Dean gets going and, well....we all know this awesome dialog....

Dean: “Sex has always felt, I dunno, good. I mean, really, really good. But sometimes it just makes you feel bad. You’re drunk, you shack up, then it’s the whole morning thing, ‘Hey, that was fun,’ and then adios. Always the adios. But when you get down to it, what’s the big deal? Sure, there’s the touching and the feeling all of each other, my hands everywhere, tracing every inch of her body. The two of us moving together, pressing, pulling, grinding, and then you hit that sweet spot and everything just builds, builds and builds until it all just…But the whole thing was just a little too sticky."

OMG *fans self* Give me a moment...

Ok...love Sam getting all uncomfortable and then a little later on Dean telling him he was purifying himself. LOL
Then Dean takes off with leader, Suzy, who he's sure he recognizes from somewhere. Sam, of course, knows exactly what Dean is after. HehHeh.

Sam returns to the motel room and finds Jody doing research. They make the connection that this isn't dragons like they first thought because people from the Purity Group are being taken after they break their vow of chastity.

Sam: So dragons are off the list.
Jody: Dragons? Those are a thing?
Sam: Yeah. Too many things are things.

Since Jody goes to church now, Sam wonders if she's been "born again" as well, but she confesses she doesn't make promises she can't keep. But after her encounter with Crowley she needed some comfort in here life.

Jody: After Bobby, after Crowley, I was looking for comfort I guess.
Sam: I guess we're all looking for that.
Jody: Except those that got it. C'mon - you and Dean, that's something special, don't you think?

Awwww...and Sam looks a little uncomfortable with the conversation turning to brotherly love and all that. He's so precious!

Meanwhile, Dean happens to find out where he's seen Suzy before...in a Casa Erotica video! Love him being all nervous and jumpy when she returns from the bathroom. Then he calls her on the truth and she can't deny it and certainly can't let the church group learn about her past.

Dean: “I’ve seen a lot of awful things, stuff of nightmares, but you? You’re the good dreams. The things you can do. The scene with the tacos. It made want to join a mariachi band just to be near you.”

Btw, Jensen looks stunning in this scene. Rawr. Just sayin'. ;)
No wonder she gives in and has a moment of weakness (that she later confesses to Honor about). With Dean Winchester, how can you fight it?

Suzy: You're not like... the other guys in town, are you? You're kind of a... bad boy.
Dean: I don't know. Why don't you ask me that in Spanish?
Suzy: ¿Eres un chico malo?
Dean: Si.

Anyway, kissing and sex ensue, much of which we don't see. Darn. And Sam and Jody catch on to what's going on a little too late and by the time they get to Suzy's apartment, she and Dean have already been taken.

Btw, that was a cool set that the vic's where held in. Suitably creepy and dark. But I kept wondering why Honor kept using that tazer to light her way when she passed a lit candle early on in her search? Then when she finds a lantern she finally lights it. Sheesh. Anyway, she eventually meets up with the other vics and they're quite hungry and thirsty. The whole thing of that one gal clawing the wall and then drinking her own blood was kinda...weird. Who does that??? I mean, I get desperation and all, but just how long had they been down there? And Dean was working on escaping...anyway...

Sam & Jody (who else was having flashbacks to the Time & Again ep....same team-up *g*) work out the baddy is the Roman god Vesta and have to get some virgin blood for a killing stick. They of course go back to the church...and since they're short on time Jody just goes for a punch to the nose on Tammy and tells her to suck it up. LOL

They find the lair in an old barn thanks to Dean being clever enough to store a spare phone on himself and managing to barely call Sam to where he could hear a train whistle. But Sam, being a 120 pound weakling gets tossed and knocked unconscious, leaving poor Jody face to face with Vesta herself....who turns out to to be a gal from the Purity Group. Clever....luring the virgins in, but now she's eating their livers since it's the only thing still pure about them anymore. Pretty soon she's got Jody strapped to a table and Dean's trying to unscrew (LOL) his way out of the chamber and why won't Sam wake up!!! He does...but in time for Vesta to knock him down again. Wow. Sam really is weak. WTH?

Then Vesta does some scanning with her blue glowy finger and finds his liver isn't any good...that he shouldn't even be alive. Ooops. Sam wonders what the hell she's talking about, but before he can learn more, Jody, who Vesta stabbed with the pointy stick manages to get lose and kill the goddess. Yay!!!! Love me some badass Jody! Then Dean opens the lid on the chamber and wonders what he missed. LOL

Jody says goodbye to the boys with more hugs! Love me some Winchester huggin'. That's 4 in this ep alone. Sweet!

Jody: “I’d tell you boys to stay out of trouble, but what’s the point?”

Hee! She knows them so well. ;)

Then Sam gets all emo and moody and tells Dean what Vesta said about his health state and Dean looks worried. Maybe it's time to confess...But then Zeke pops in and goes NOPE! Don't be doin' that! So Dean's left with backing out and promising Sam that whatever this is it's not his fault. 'Cause Dean can't stand Sam feeling guilty over yet something else that he had no say over. He promises they'll figure this out...'cause that's what Dean does after all...make things right for Sam no matter what. But the look on his face when Sam leaves the room....the weight on Dean's shoulders. It's killing him. *sigh*

I enjoyed the ep. It was another fun, stand-alone. Next week, well...the sh*t's about to hit the fan. Eeep.

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