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Heartbreaking Fanart

Every once in a while you see a piece of fanart that rips your heart out of your chest, stomps on it, throws it up against a wall, and then tosses it into the garbage.

This is one of those.
But it's beautiful...and gut-wrenching. Enjoy! LOL *iz evil*

From the artist (note the piece was posted 5 months ago): "I just want somebody to give Dean a hug okay? Don’t get me wrong I adore Sam, Cas, Kevin, Charlie etc. etc. but he’s still holding in all of this pain, guilt, self-loathing and anger and I really need it to be addressed next season. Please someone take care of Dean, make him let it out and just hold him:("

I agree. Poor Dean has carried the world on his shoulders and more. So many times I've just wanted to hold him, including after the mid-season finale. This image just kills me. I'm sure if Mary & John are looking down on their boys they ache to comfort them both. Bravo to this talented person for imagining such a scene!

The original post on Tumblr.
If you can handle it, here's the larger version on Deviantart.

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