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SPN Goes B&W: Single-layered Boys

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Thought I'd try something different. This isn't for the Just 'Cause posts though the idea is similar to when I ask for requests there. I miss doing B&W fanart, so I thought I'd ask for everyone's help in choosing caps.

:: You can request up to 5 different caps at a time, in the comments of any SPN Goes B&W post.
:: If I don't have exactly what you request, I'll try to find something similar.
:: If you request something specific, the more detail you can give me, the better.
:: Vague requests are also welcome (something Dean, Sam, demon, angel, weapon, action, hands, arms, sad, happy, etc).

Today's fanart is for kinkthatwinked who wanted "less layers. How about some shots of them in just a T-shirt?".
First of all, I'd like to say most of the pieces this week are only a taste of what's to come, since I pulled multiple caps for many of your requests. The same goes for these 2. "Kink", I pulled a lot of caps thanks to your awesome requests and I plan on doing a full week of single-layer/henley shots soon! That week will take in the more specific requests you gave me. ;) I'm still working on fixing some of them, which is why you're getting a sneak peek now.
Anyway, today's selections are both from S1: Dean from "Skin" and Sam from "Something Wicked".
:: Click for full size ::

Tags: fanart, requests, spn goes b&w, supernatural
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