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Reports that I never sleep are highly overrated

Ok, it's time to start answering your questions (thank you, btw) and I start with this one by daisychain1957:

When do you sleep Val and for how long, you post at all hours of the day and night?

I realize it often seems like I never sleep, but believe me, I do. My body actually LOVES to sleep. LOL More on this in a bit.

The short answer is that I usually do all my daily posts late at night or to be precise in the early hours of the morning before I go to bed. Then there are other posts that I set up to be schedule-posted later. Comes in quite handy when you want to post something right away because you have the time at the moment, but you realize it's a bad time to be posting something to LJ (like when everyone on the east coast of the US is still in bed).

I usually do my Daily On The Set post over at spn_ontheset first, then I do the SPN Goes Black & White or the Daily Fanart post (if it's the weekend or whatever), third is my SPN Name That Cap 4 Challenge (on Tuesdays & Fridays), and finally...I wrap it all up with the Just 'Cause post. By then it's 3, 4, 5, or later in the morning and it's way past time for bed. :P

But lately, my life has changed a bit and I'm having to get to bed a bit earlier (and wake up WAY earlier - UGH!)...so moving up my posting times to just after midnight is a real pain! LOL But I'll adjust somehow.

My body loves to sleep though, and I'm often taking naps so don't worry that I'm not getting enough my friends. Sometimes I only get 5 hours each night, but I inevitably end up taking a nap after supper. This is because I get sleepy after I eat. Unless I'm doing something more physical than websurfing I will nod off for an hour or so. Sadly, this almost always messes up me for sleeping later on when I should be in bed. It's a constant struggle. But usually I can sleep at the drop of a hat. I suspect some of that came from my college days when I sometimes had to grab a cat nap in a busy, noisy library.

I hope that answers your question. Sorry for getting long-winded. :P

Feel free to ask me more questions over HERE.

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