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Printer woes

Remember the instant love affair I had with my new Epson 3-in-one XP-600 printer before VanCon last year?

Well...it's over. 7463503d4f307d1c4c91d9637308ca122ff0c18

After working like a dream at scanning and printing beautiful full color prints for the con and then working again upon my return, it's now turned into a nightmare. Even with 2 full black in cartridges it won't print. I get hints of black text and sometimes none at all. I've cleaned the nozzles heads repeatedly to no avail and even replaced perfectly good ink cartridges to have them not work either.

Did some research online about it and it turns out I'm not alone. Many others who've bought this Epson printer have run into the exact same problem. Turns out calling the company is no help. They simply send you a refurbished printer that also doesn't work! One woman said she was on her 4th printer that Epson had sent her. Everyone's gone the same route I have: clean the nozzles endlessly, replace the ink - none of it helps. All this after Consumer Reports rated it one of the best printers! But the thing is....it works great for the first month or two. Then it up and quits! Though I did read of a few people running into trouble with it right out of the box.

So I'm now looking for a new printer. *sigh*

I've already tracked down an HP one that seems to get good reviews from consumers. My first 2 printers were HP (the 2nd one still works, in fact) so I feel comfortable returning to them. Forget about Epson! I'm sick of spending tons of money on ink that won't print!

Anyone have any printer horror stories?
Any of you have any printers you'd recommend?

It has to be a 3-in-one (printer, scanner, copier - I don't need it to fax), do double sided printing, and preferably have Wi-Fi capability so I can print from my Mac laptop. Oh, and printing excellent photos is a must!

My advice...stay away from Epson printers!

Tags: rant, technology
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