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The PCAs

I'm very disappointed.

Of the 3 awards SPN was up for we only got 1. One!

This is horrible!

As usual the votes got split (again!) between Jensen & Jared for Best Sci-Fi Actor and instead Ian Somerhalder won. *sigh*
If we'd all just gone with the plan and voted according to the friggin' coin toss we might have won, people!!!! Why must we go through this time and again???

Then we lost in the Sci-Fi category to of all things...Beauty And The Beast! WTH????
A show that's in it's 9th season, that gets the 2nd highest ratings on it's network loses to a little show in only it's 2nd season? This is ridiculous! I can't even put into words how upset I am by this. What about the people who voted thousands of times on Facebook??? What about all the retweets? The original votes on the site? How did we lose this?????

Oh, we did win for Favorite TV Bromance (Dean, Sam, & Castiel).
Excuse me, but big whoop. I barely even voted in that category. The acting and the Sci-Fi awards were the ones most important to me. Yeah, it's still a win, but...it doesn't replace the loss of the other two.

I feel bad for Jensen & Jared and the amazingly hard-working crew. They deserved to win. I'm sorry we didn't come through for them this year. :(

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