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First Impressions: 9x10 "Road Trip"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Sorry! I ended up doing some stream of consciousness and rambling during the 2nd airing like I used to do. I couldn't help myself! :P

I just got it! The singer Corey is Bieber! LOL! :P
The actor playing him is so good though. For having so little screen time I was instantly impressed.

Dean: “God, I was so damn stupid."
Cas: “You were stupid for the right reasons."
Dean: "Yeah, like that matters."
Cas: "It does. Sometimes it's all that matters."

Cas is such a good friend. :)

Shades of S8 Crowley here. I believe he said something similar to Kevin in 802?
Crowley: “How many times am I gonna have to say this? People in your general vicinity don’t have much in the way of a lifespan.”
Love how he told Squirrel (Dean) to go get Moose (Sam). Hee! That never gets old!

Cas's Pimpmobile! OMG
Crowley & Cas fighting over who gets to ride shotgun and then Dean tossing them both in the back. Priceless!
I half expected Dean to turn around & tell them he was turning the car around. Which wouldn't have worked because they hadn't even gone anywhere, but still!

Metatron to Gadreel: “We are writing our own epic story here. To make that work, sometimes you have to kill your darlings.”
"Kill your darlings" The screenwriter's mantra.

Methinks this was shot in one of the buildings near the studio. Looks very familiar.

A demon has the hots for angel Cas? Weird...

Why did they have to go to the demon bank building just to track down the Impala? Couldn't Dean just do that on the laptop from the Bunker???

Crowley: “The three amigos ride again."
Cas: “He’s not my amigo."

Sorry, but I can't forgive Gadreel for killing his own best friend. To be so under Metatron's thumb as to do that??? So wrong! Yeah, I'm still pissed about Kevin. Can you tell?

Dean lovingly stroking the Impala's frame. *loves*

Cas punching out Gadreel - AWESOME!

Playing both sides...yeah, you're so dead, Cecily.

Dean: "I can't watch that anymore."
Cas: "I understand. It's not Sam but...it's still Sam."
Dean: "Pretty much, yeah. How are you doing?"
Cas: "You want to talk about me? Now?"
Dean: "I wanna talk anything that's not a demon sticking needles into my brother's brain."

The way Jensen's voice breaks on that last line? That never fails to get to me. He's just...so good.

I'm glad Dean apologized for kicking Cas out of the bunker. And Cas admits he thought he was helping heaven and he got played just like Dean was. :)

Dean: “So you’re saying we’re both a couple of dumbasses."
Cas: “I prefer the word trusting. Less dumb, less ass."

Crowley calling Dean & Cas "Laverne & Shirley". Excellent! :)

Castiel to Gadreel: “It’s his fault, all of it. The corruption of man, demons, Hell. God left because of him. The archangels, the apocalypse. If he hadn’t been so weak, none of it would have happened. You ruined the universe, you damn son of a bitch!”
Who knew Cas had all that pent up anger? Whoo! And how much Dean has rubbed off on him. Heh.

This also explains why Gadreel is so easily led...since he let Lucifer into the Garden.

So since Cas burned off Sam's protection tat that means he needs to get a new one, right?
And we learn "Poughkeepsie" is Sam and Dean's code word for "drop everything and run." Wonder what the story behind it is?

I love how complex Crowley is. Sure, he'll kill and torture your friends, but when he makes a deal he's true to his word. He even assures Sam that he didn't kill Kevin, that it was all Gadreel's doing.

"I said...get...the hell...out!" Go Sammy! Woot!!!
That red smoke, btw? Uber cool looking!

Ok, confession...when Crowley greets Abaddon with "Hello, darling" and she gave him that look...I thought they were about to reveal that they'd been working together all along in some deep secret plot! LOL Crazy, I know!

I love the whole exchange with Crowley and Abaddon. Great stuff.

Crowley: "That's your problem, love. You think this is a fight."
Abaddon: (Laughs) "It's not?"
Crowley: “It’s a campaign. Hearts and minds, that’s what's important. See, the demons have a choice. Take orders from the World’s Angriest Ginger, and that’s saying something, or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin and all the entrails they can eat. So think think on this, lads! Spread the word. Vote Crowley.”

Another emotional end scene...and in the pouring rain.

Dean: Alright, let me hear it.
Sam: What do you want me to say? I’m pissed? Okay I am, I’m pissed. You lied to me - again.
Dean: I didn't have a choice.
Sam: I was ready to die Dean.
Dean: I know. But I wouldn't let you, because that’s not in me.
Sam: So what, you decide to trick me into being possessed by some...psycho angel?
Dean: He saved your life.
Sam: So what. I was willing to die. And now...Kevin.
Dean: No, that is not on you. Kevin’s blood is on my hands. And that ain’t ever getting clean. I’ll burn for that. I will. But I’ll find Gadreel and I will end that son of a bitch. But I’ll do it alone.
Sam: What’s that supposed to mean?
Dean: Come on man, can’t you see, I’m poison. People get close to me they get killed, or worse. I tell myself I help more people than I hurt and I tell myself that I’m doing it all for the right reasons and I believe that. But I can’t -- I won’t drag anyone anybody into the muck with me - not anymore.
Sam: Go. I’m not going to stop you. But don’t go thinking that’s the problem because it’s not.
Dean: What’s that supposed to mean?
Sam: Just go.

Awesome, awesome ep! :D
I tweeted that it felt like a season finale with all the intensity.
Incredible acting all the way around, but especially by Jared as Gadreel. Whoah.

Character Rundown:

Dean - Again he had to make a tough decision about Sam's fate. I'm glad he didn't have to explain his decision from the beginning of the season all over again, Crowley got that job. Throughout the ep, I just wanted to hug Dean. :(
Sam - Poor Sam. Controlled against his will, lied to by his brother, tortured (indirectly) by Crowley - he's had a rough time. I do hope he can understand Dean's take on it all though and I'm glad Cas will be there to help.
Crowley - The king is back! It was good to see him put Abaddon in her place a bit. And as bad as he can be, his history with the boys benefits them all IMO. At least they know what to expect from each other most of the time.
Metatron - Well his plan with Gadreel has failed and he somehow put an end to all prophets? Didn't see that coming. I guess the arc about the tablets is done. Poor Kevin...all that translating and for what? Anyway, I can't wait until this angel gets his comeuppance.
Gadreel - Talk about an angel who's made bad decisions! And believing in Metatron, killing Kevin, even killing his best friend??? He's got to go! I hope Dean makes good on his promise.
Castiel - So good to see him with his powers again...and in a small trench coat no less. I think his time as a human is going to help him understand the boys even more now. Such as when he came to the Bunker and knew that something was wrong with Dean from the mess in the room. Old Cas wouldn't have picked up on that so quick.

As much as I hate the fact that the boys are split up...again! I appreciate that the show changed things up for once and had Dean leave Sam (that's gotta be a first, right?). We were all expecting Sam to leave in a huff like he always does, but this time it was very quiet...more like a slow burn. Dean actually looked a little surprised that Sam didn't stop him from leaving, but then he just accepted it. I do think the boys need a little time apart, but not too long.

Okay, here's the big theory/idea about Sam that I mentioned on Twitter:

I came to a revelation about Sam after tonight's episode. I get it...he DID want to die after the failed trials. He's pissed over Dean deceiving him, lying to him, and allowing an angel to possess him.

All justified except...

In the end, Sam still made the decision to live. He was there, in that cabin, Death waiting to take him away. Then Dean appeared to make a final appeal and what did Sam do? He said YES. He said yes without knowing the plan, without any evidence that Dean had a plan. He could have easily said no way, but he didn't! Seems to me if Sam was REALLY ready to go that nothing Dean said would've swayed him. I say Sam wasn't as ready to die as he said he was.

So in the end, the choice albeit a blind one on Sam's part, was his and his alone. Dean didn't take that away from him. It's not like Dean was forcing Sam to say yes.

I agree that Dean is extraordinarily dependent on Sam. Sure, it's not healthy, but Dean's unlikely to change after all these years. Get used to it. We all have someone/something we can't live without and for Dean that's Sam. He's a selfish bastard...but we love him anyway. And clearly, deep down Sam can't live without Dean either.

Thanks for reading. :)

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