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We're goin' to the Super Bowl!!!

What an amazing, nail-biting, OMG-I'm-so-stressed kind of a game! Parts of it weren't pretty. There were mistakes made, but in the end the Seattle Seahawks finished on top of the San Fransisco 49ers 23-17.

I've watched the Seahawks since I was a kid, often with my dad and/or my grandpa. I even have a Steve Largent poster that used to be on my wall. This is only the 2nd time that the Hawks have ever gone to the Super Bowl. Think we're due for some greatness? Think we're due to win the whole thing? Hell, yes! Seattle has never won...anything in professional sports. We've occasionally come close, but we've never gone all the way and won the big games. So many times we've been told our teams are lousy, they're not good enough, we'll never win. Finally we have a team that is talented enough and believes enough to win. A sportscaster months ago said the Seahawks were winning because they believed they could and darn it if that hasn't turned out to be the case.

Somehow it feels like the stars are aligning and something magical and great and meant-to-be is about to happen. This is our time. This is destiny...at last. Go Hawks! sHa_shakeshout

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