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First Impressions: 9x11 "First Born"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

No time for a big play-by-play this time around. Besides, this ep was PACKED!
Oh! And I made myself abstain from reading anybody's reviews of this ep until did my own this time. I simply didn't want to be influenced by any of my flister's opinions this time.

First of all, let's address the two pairs in this ep, which I love because they're ones that we rarely get, especially Sam & Cas. Dean and Crowley have worked solo before - back in Season 5, I believe. So we end up with Dean & Crowley going after demons (Abaddon) and Sam & Cas working the angel angle (tracking Gadreel). It's perfect, really and I'll address why specifically as we go along.

How convenient that Dean just happened to be carrying John's journal in his jacket, huh? :P
Nah, it's great that they still use it. I'm never sorry to see this important prop that's been around since the Pilot.
Oh, and I do love dark and brooding Dean, drowning his sorrows in a bar. *guh*

Crowley: "What do those numbers in the margins mean?"
Dean: "None of your business."
Crowley: "You're gonna play hard to get? We've time for a montage?"

Montage! Montage! LOL Sorry. :P

So now we know why Crowley was pictured with a red carnation in the Season 9 advertising...I guess.

Meanwhile, Cas is finding out that food isn't the same now that he's got his angel powers back.

Cas: "Tastes like...molecules."
Sam: "What? What are you talking about?"
Cas: “When I was human I had to eat constantly. It was kind of annoying.”
Sam: “A lot of human things are pretty annoying.”
Cas: “I enjoyed the taste of food, particularly peanut butter with grape jelly. Not jam. Jam I found unsettling.”
Sam: "So what? Now you can't taste PB&J?"
Cas: "No, I taste every molecule."
Sam: "Not the sum of it's parts, huh?"
Cas: "It's overwhelming. It's disgusting. I miss you, PB&J."

Dean & Crowley go check out one of John's storage lockers. I wonder how many he had? This one looks strangely similar to the one from S2, but...not.

Crowley: “Is all this really necessary? I’ve been inside your brother, we’re practically family.”
Dean: “We are the furthest thing from family. You got that, dick bag?”

Ooooh. I love it when Dean gets all rough and badass. :D

Crowley: “What do you call this décor anyway? Rustic obsessive? Paranoid deco?”
LOL Sheppard gets ALL the best lines, doesn't he?

Back at the bunker, Sam & Cas find out there's some Grace left in Sam and they might be able to use it track Gadreel if they can extract it (painfully) from Sam.

Cas: "You have a guinea pig? Where?"
Heehee! Cas almost looked hopeful that the boys had a pet!

Tara is so cool! Another badass hunter (who worked this one job with John). Poor Dean getting splashed in the face with holy water...again! LOL What is this, the 3rd or 4th time?

Hey, it's a location I know! Never been there, but it's been used multiple times by show: Bloodlust, Magnificent 7, and Swan Song all filmed at this house (or on the land).

Crowley's afraid of something? That's a first, isn't it?
Ooooh...it's Cain of Cain and Abel.

We get a little exposition here about Cain: After he killed Abel he became a demon, killed thousands, then disappeared.
Cain's quite the host, bringing tea. Then he silences Crowley. Hee!

More importantly, he wants to know how they found him. Dean says they're after the First Blade so they can use it to kill Abaddon. Of course, Dean lies about anyone else knowing they're there...

Poor Tara. At least she went down fighting. :(

Cain: “You have quite a reputation, Dean. I see the part about being brave rings true.

More info: Cain created the Knights of Hell...and it wasn't the Archangels who slaughtered them, it was Cain himself.

Cas: "The trials. You chose not to go through with them for a reason, didn't you? You chose to live rather than to sacrifice yourself. You and Dean...you chose each other."
Sam: "Yeah, I did - we did. And then, Dean made a choice for me."

See, now Cas sort of brings up the point I mentioned last week. Sam wanted to live! He made that choice in the church!
Then, of course, he said yes to Dean while in the cabin with Death. But Sam's so hung up on Dean's lie, which is justified, but he's ignoring how he really felt, that he didn't want to just give up and die. Anyway, it's nice that Cas brings this up and points it out to Sam. He tries to argue Dean's side, but Sam cuts him off. All he wants to do is put things right and kill Gadreel.

And we get to see another new room in the Bunker! Of course it has it's own infirmary. And hello! SAM TAKES HIS OUTER SHIRT OFF!!!!!! OMG the boys do know how to wear less than 2 layers. LOL Fangirls everywhere stare and drool. :)

Dean & Crowley go back to the house after Cain leaves to search for the blade.

Crowley: "This is by far the dumbest idea you've ever had!"
Dean: "Yeah, well it's early."

Uh, oh…demons are on the way.

Great, so the extraction of the Grace is causing Sam to regress back to how he was at the end of the Trials. :(
But they don't have enough for the spell and Sam says to keep going.

The demons from Abaddon have arrived, thankfully the whammy Cain put on the doors will keep them out, but Cain's not interested in helping Dean & Crowley fight them.

Cain: "You exposed my home. You exposed me."
Dean: "Well boo-hoo!"

Again, Cain is impressed with Dean's bravery, living up to his reputation.

Cas: “Why must the Winchesters run toward death?”
Well that's a question for the ages. Even Bobby recognized the Winchesters were always willing to sacrifice themselves.
Sam doesn't want to stop.

Cas: “Sam! When I was human I died, and that showed me that life is precious and it must be protected at all costs, even a life as pig-headed as a Winchester's.”
Sam: "My life's not worth more than anyone else's. Not yours, not Dean's, not Kevin's. Please. Please help me do one thing right. Keep going."

Oh, Sam...so determined to make things right. Dean would never approve of the chances you're taking here.

Dean wants to know why Cain won't fight. He's not a coward.

Cain: “Since when does the great Dean Winchester ask for help? That doesn’t sound like the man I’ve read about on demon bathroom walls.”

He plans on testing Dean and lets in a few demons. The fight is on!!!!
Jensen did this entire fight himself! No doubles were used…and from the looks of it, he was fighting his stunt double, Todd Scott (he was the demon in the red plaid that Dean killed at the end). How totally awesome! I think this now beats my previous favorite fight on the show, the one with Dean vs. Gordon from Bloodlust. 'Cause…wow. What a fight!

Crowley: "You're good…but I'm Crowley."
Heehee! Apparently that was a line added by Mark Sheppard. So cool.

Dean: "What was this some kind of a test?"
Cain: "I felt connected to you right from the beginning. Kindred spirits, if you will. You and I are very much alike."
Dean: "Right. Except I didn't kill my brother."
Cain: You saved yours. Why?"
Dean: “Because you never give up on family. Ever.”
Cain: "Where's your brother now, then?"

I'll have more to say about this later.
Cain then tells Dean that he can't turn over the blade because he doesn't have it anymore.

Cas decides enough is enough and stops the extraction. He also completely heals Sam. They'll have to hope they have enough Grace for the spell.

Cas: “I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do, but nothing is worth losing you. Being human didn’t just change my view of food, it changed my view of you. I can relate now to how you feel.”
Sam: "What are you talking about?"
Cas: “The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you is me. And now I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry."
Sam: "I know."
Cas: “Old me, I would’ve just kept going. I would’ve jammed that needle in deeper until you died, because the ends always justified the means. But what I went through, that PB&J taught me that angels can change. So who knows, maybe Winchesters can too.”

More exposition from Cain's house: He bears the Mark of Cain, from Lucifer himself…without it the Blade is useless.

Cain: "It's just an old bone."
Dean: "The jaw bone…of an animal. The jaw bone you used to kill Abel because he was God's favorite."
Cain: "Abel wasn't talking to God. He was talking to Lucifer. Lucifer was going to make my brother into his pet! I couldn't bear to watch him be corrupted so I offered a deal…Abel's soul in Heaven for my soul in Hell. Lucifer accepted. As long as I was the one who sent Abel to Heaven. So I killed him…became a soldier of Hell…a Knight."
Dean: "And Lucifer ordered you to make more."
Cain: "My knights and I, we did horrible things. For centuries…bringers of chaos and darkness."

Then he met Colette and she loved him unconditionally…only asking for him to stop. The knights took her and he picked up the blade again, slaughtering them all but Abaddon who possessed his wife. He ended up killing Colette and Abaddon got away.

See the similarities here between Cain and Dean? Lucifer wanted his brother, he made a deal to go hell for him instead. And that whole thing of killing his brother. Parallel much? No wonder Cain thinks of Dean as a kindred spirit.

Cain: "I can give you the mark, Dean. If it's what you truly want."
Dean: "What are you talkin' about?"
Cain: "The mark can be transferred to someone who's worthy."
Dean: "You mean a killer like you."
Cain: "Yes."
Dean: "Can I use it to kill that bitch?"
Cain: "Yes! But you have to know that with the mark comes a great burden, some would call it a great cost."
Dean: "Yeah, well spare me the warning label. You had me at 'kill the bitch'."
Cain: "Good luck, Dean. You're going to need it."
Dean: "Yeah, I get that a lot. Let's dance!"

Awesome effects as the mark is transferred! But what does this mean for Dean??? It can't be good! :(
Cain threw the Blade into the deepest ocean. Cute. Caine tells Dean to find the Blade, kill Abaddon, then find him and use the Blade on him - for what he's about to do. He lets all the swarming demons outside into the house, blips Crowley and Dean outside, and then kills all the demons in some bright red light as the pair escape in the Impala.

Turns out there wasn't enough Grace to do the spell for finding Gadreel. Cas apologizes, but Sam tells him he was right about everything…and then he hugs Cas!!!! Awwww. We've been waiting for this since Season 6! It's so sweet! "Now's the part where you hug back." LOL

Cas is sure Metatron is the key to fixing everything and he's going to find him. He tries for the 2nd time to bring Dean in on this, but Sam says they've got this. *sigh*

Crowely: "He was right, you know. You are worthy."
Dean: "Oh great. Now you're gonna get all touchy-feely, too?"
Crowley: “Your problem, mate, is that nobody hates you more than you do.”

Well, ain't that the truth.

And now we find out how smart Dean is and what he caught onto - Crowley knew about the whole thing: the demons following them, Cain, Abel, Abaddon, the Mark, all of it. Crowley knew Dean wouldn't give him the Blade and he knew Cain would want to see his successor in action.

Crowley: "You, plus demons, equal fight night."

Tara died of course, and Dean's not gonna let that go, so he punches Crowley and promises that after he takes out Abaddon, Crowley is next. And we all know how good Dean is on his promises. Grandpa Campbell anyone?

He sends Crowley off to find the Blade…and then the Mark hurts him. Uh oh… :(

Phew! Awesome, awesome episode! And I thought last week's was amazing.

One thing I'd like to add is that it's very telling how good Dean was in that fight and how brave he really was up against Cain. The differing factor is that he wasn't with Sam. If Sam had been there, things would have turned out very different. No doubt Sam would have been used as a pawn at some point to force Dean's hand. But with Crowley, he didn't have to worry about anyone. He could be bold and reckless. Not to say that Dean isn't normally brave, he certainly is, but he didn't have anyone else in harm's way...except for Tara. Though I find it interesting that Crowley tried to get her to come along and she refused. Maybe he was trying to save her from the other demons?

I'm worried about what having the Mark means for Dean...while I'm equally excited about the possibilities! Does this mean Dean's going to turn darkside? Become a bloodthirsty killer? Maybe even kill Sam? Brother kills brother, right? What about the warning label Dean didn't want to listen to? And will he tell Sam about the Mark? My money's on "No". *sigh* I speculated with some folks over at positively_spn that this could mean that maybe Sam will end up saving Dean for once. That would be so awesome!!!! What if Sam has to save Dean's life somehow because of what the Mark does to him? Or save himself and Dean? Oooooh! Can't wait to see what happens! *happy bounces*

Anyway, I loved the ep and every part of it. In fact, I didn't want the hour to end. Bring on next week! :D

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