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Production Tweets from Jan 11th thru 14th

Once again RL got away from me and I couldn't keep up with the SPN Production Tweets through Storify as I would've liked. So I had to resort to using an online tool to gather the old favorited Tweets together so I could post them here on LJ for posterity and reference. Not the greatest way to see the tweets, but at least the links will work when you click on them.

Warning: Info. about future SPN episodes might be contained in this post. Read at your own risk.

11'th January, 2014

@Mark_Sheppard: Best breakfast in BC. #commune on Seymour. http://t.co/cYEgfSMPkh
@dicksp8jr: I rarely mock a resolution, but that's crazy talk. "@LeeLeePhillips1: My New Years resolution: I will not objectify @dicksp8jr in any way."
@mishacollins: I nominate @mishacollins 4 a Shorty Award in #government because @BarackObama always natters me for strategic advice. http://t.co/bfGCSGzEJe
@AdamGlass44: Rewriting my second draft of my #supernatural script. Luv my job. http://t.co/GRWnqjzpdu
@SuperWiki: If you want SPN crew like VFX, set design, wardrobe, props and the writers at a SPN Con - fill in this survey https://t.co/ZWfsCI4Hj9
@AdamGlass44: not sure who @spn_writers was but it's not us. Thanks to the #Supernaturalfans for sniffing that one out. You're the best.
@tomlintippytoes: giant dorks http://t.co/Ws4qjFEMFu
@Mark_Sheppard: SPOILER!!!... Scene from tuesday's all-new #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: http://t.co/V5epIBd2XY Here it is!!!
@OsricChau: Two more days till SPN comes back! Can't wait to watch with everyone again :)
@OsricChau: I saw the preview.. no way i'm missing that!

13'th January, 2014

@SNkevinandjill: @TheJimMichaels @TaylorWood717 after spending 8 days in the planning process, I commit each episode to memory.

14'th January, 2014 [SPN 9x10 airs]

@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: YOU heard the rumour that in Ep returns & has a "thing" with & all Breaks loose? #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@AdamGlass44: Can't wait for #SPN tonight. It's like Xmas morning but with demon blades, salt, guns,lies and the king of hell. Actually that was my Xmas.
@AdamGlass44: Just woke Aidan up 4 school. He smiled and said, #Supernatural is back tonight. So I'm wearing my Winchester sweat jacket."
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Supernatural Episode 916 Concept Meeting is in Twenty Minutes. I'm tired so if I "nod off" please take notes for me and answer any questions
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: HOLY Episode 916, Page 5, Scene 8.... WOW!!!!! I did NOT see that coming #EPIC #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@ryan_curtis: New #supernatural tonight. If you thought the last episode was good, cousin you ain't seen nothing yet. #SPN
@taraslarsen: Its Tuesday! Time for the #spn quiz of the week, what location is this? And from what season and ep? http://t.co/rd868I4klW
@rthompson1138: .@mishacollins HASHTAG SUPERNATURAL #supernatural :)
@rthompson1138: @mishacollins (opens drawer) (dusts off KILL CAS PITCHES) (cracks knuckles) (resumes typing) #supernatural
@mishacollins: RT "@rthompson1138: (opens drawer) (dusts off KILL CAS PITCHES) (cracks knuckles) #supernatural" (uninvites Robbie to my birthday party)
@rthompson1138: .@mishacollins (returns lavish gift) (continues to wait for actual tweet w/ #supernatural hashtag) (returns to typing) (never surrenders)
@ryan_curtis: @RickRaso1 @ss7goddess no, I deal more onset he works in the Vfx edit suite.
@jarpad: Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?
@RickRaso1: @ryan_curtis @ss7goddess Hey Ryan do Jensen and Jared ever really drive the impala?
@ryan_curtis: @RickRaso1 @ss7goddess yup. Jensen mostly. He can handle it pretty well.
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Tues Jan 07 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 914 Day 5 Call Time 0800 Wrap Time 2059 Season 9 Day 109 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Wed Jan 08 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 914 Day 6 Call Time 0930 Wrap Time 2210 Season 9 Day 110 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Thurs Jan 09 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 914 Day 7 Call Time 0930 Wrap Time 2237 Season 9 Day 111 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Fri Jan 10 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 914 Day 8 Call Time 1100 Wrap Time 2354 Season 9 Day 112 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@taraslarsen: @timwboddington put out a nice spread today at #supernatural very colorful #FoodPorn http://t.co/rvPxsAWYL7
@SPN_updates: #Supernatural returns tonight with an all-new episode at 9/8c. RT if you’ll be watching! http://t.co/dJs72WolW2
@AdamGlass44: Handed in my #Supernatural rewrite. Spoke to an angel that swung by my office. Owe the devil a call. Grabbing #Aidan goin home to watch SPN
@jarpad: Alright east coasters! Y'all get to see my co-favorite-episode of the year before the rest of us! (And that includes me). Enjoy!
@rthompson1138: Alright, gang, thanks for tweeting-- enjoy tonight's all new episode of #Supernatural written by @andrewdabb and directed by Mr. Bob Singer!
@jarpad: The handsome and talented and, I hate to admit, bigger than me, @actorDanPayne is on our show tonight! Keepin it in the family baby!
@jarpad: Alright easterners, how's the show going??? This and our mid-season finale had me SO excited! #supernatural
@jarpad: Hey everybody, it looks like I'll be off soon.... Anybody now of any shows I can live tweet??? #supernatural
@OsricChau: At a birthday dinner right now but will be rushing to get home by 9 to watch tonight's episode with everyone! #supernatural
@mishacollins: East-coasters, how was #supernatural? Is it just me or is the guy in the trench coat a little off? Alluring, but poorly socialized.
@OsricChau: I'm so ready for this... Alright @cw_spn, show me what'cha got! #Supernatural
@jarpad: I'm exhausted. i guess having 2 under 2 takes a lotta energy. but im gonna watch this motha with all you west coasters :) #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: Ah.... shortround. #Supernatural
@OsricChau: So @jarpad actually gave me my death card. Thanks Jared :) #SPN
@jarpad: first and foremost, i'm already sad that kevin tran is dead. im gonna miss @OsricChau
@AlainaHuffman: Poor dean... Who wants to cheer him up? #Supernatural
@OsricChau: I missed seeing that face too.. #SPN @kimrhodes4real: Dean seems sad. #SPN
@Mark_Sheppard: Welcome to the Crowley show... #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: I live Cory the pop star. Hope he is around for many epis...... Oh. Never mind
@Mark_Sheppard: Dual @jarpad is cool! #Supernatural
@jarpad: "corey" was supposed to directly mock @justinbieber ... and this was BEFORE his most recent deuchebaggery! #Supernatural
@jarpad: koreys green room was built on our stages #Supernatural
@OsricChau: @Mark_Sheppard And your sass.. I'll miss your sass the most. #SPN
@AdamGlass44: @Mark_Sheppard @jarpad hello boys. Never gets old.
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard @alainahuffman you see two girls and go THERE? Nope. I loves me gingers.
@OsricChau: So glad to see Cas back in the MoL! Despite their weird interactions, he was always pulling for Kevin. #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: How does Cas get into the bunker. Isn't it warded against angels and everything. Asking for a friend #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman it was mark that made me think it was a cat fight.
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard @alainahuffman write it. I'm in.
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard @alainahuffman ha!
@jarpad: . @OsricChau cas is weird. but not as weird as @mishacollins
@ryan_curtis: Poor Kevin with his tiny fists. Boohoo should have listen to Crowley. #Supernatural
@OsricChau: @Mark_Sheppard will always get the best lines.. on any show #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman what r u a pimp? Great lines. Who writes this stuff.
@ryan_curtis: Cas it stopped inexplicably. Didn't he work at a gas station?! #Supernatural
@jarpad: i always look back fondly on the scenes that i am not in... it means i had the day off :) #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: LOVE the car! #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: Who totally wanted to see Crowley ride shot gun. @Mark_Sheppard #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: @jarpad @superwiki yah on stage 2.
@OsricChau: What is going on... how is this trio even real?! Love that car radio #Supernatural
@jarpad: we have shot many scenes in the "bar"location including the scene with the leviathan sam and dean and the scene with "Fate" #Supernatural
@kimrhodes4real: My brane haz hurts frum multi-tasking. Must watch. Xo. #Supernatural
@jarpad: the scene with Gadreel and Metatron is, possibly, the 1st time i ever asked for another take. Bob (singer) obliged me :) #Supernatural
@OsricChau: So Kevin is the last prophet?! Hard not to feel for Gadreel though.. poor, lost, confused angel. #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: Damn her! #Supernatural @AlainaHuffman
@AdamGlass44: @jarpad @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman @mishacollins #jensen. All in one #Supernatural episode. Awesome!
@AdamGlass44: Big debate in this scene. Would Dean let Crowley out of site? Cecily is Jeremy's assistant and an amazing girl.
@ryan_curtis: Love watching @curtisisbooger and @jarpad #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: Blood bowl looks cool, thanks for the blood Muffins. #RIPMuffins #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman I'm sensing sexual tension between Abaddon and Crowley.
@kimrhodes4real: BTW, they shot @OsricChau 's "death" after my last ep. The cast and crew were already in mourning. He was universally beloved. Xo
@AdamGlass44: @jarpad and to think your known around the office as one take Padalecki.
@OsricChau: Mr. Crowley? I think I'm gonna call @Mark_Sheppard that next time I see him #Supernatural
@jarpad: for the record, i dont think "human castle" OR "angel castle" are "hot"... this lady is NUTS!! #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real @OsricChau despite owing everyone money.
@jarpad: hahah. i meant "castiel". not "castle". @NathanFillion is a stud. #Supernatural #Castle
@OsricChau: Hmm.. more @mishacollins saying things in Spanish please. #Supernatural
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 @osricchau he gave you a fair chance to win it back! I TOLD you it was under the middle cup.
@OsricChau: @kimrhodes4real You are too sweet Kim :) #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real @OsricChau why I should not drink and gamble. Especially with you two.
@kimrhodes4real: @OsricChau it's true! I was a mess! Even transpo had something to say about it!
@jarpad: wow, @mishacollins REALLY doesnt know how to punch, huh??? maybe he shouldve knocked Gadreel unconscious by crying on him...#Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: Caspunch! #Supernatural
@OsricChau: So hard watching Sam and Dean fighting each other.. so conflicted #Supernatural
@jarpad: . @actorDanPayne gotta say, i agree with what you said on set: @mishacollins is a TOTAL wiener compared to jensen and me! #Supernatural
@OsricChau: @kimrhodes4real @AdamGlass44 Well timing sure worked out pretty good for me then!
@kimrhodes4real: @ryan_curtis yes. @AlainaHuffman is hot. #proof #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: oh Abbaaddoonn!
@AdamGlass44: That's @jarpad very own chin strap. He brought it from home.
@OsricChau: That was silly.. you don't tell any "side" that you're playing both sides.. Death could have been avoided. #Supernatural
@jarpad: . @AdamGlass44 very true! gotta say, though unexpected, it was a great xmas present. thanks again! #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: @jarpad @AdamGlass44 my pins, though.
@OsricChau: I know Sam won't be dying but I'm kinda scared to see what will happen when he's finally conscious again.. #Supernatural
@jarpad: the chin strap was most DEFINITELY not comfortable... the pressure cut the inside of my bottom lip :) #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @jarpad supernatural season 9 engraved on it. Hard to impress you anymore.
@kimrhodes4real: @jarpad kim AND Jody are profoundly upset at this. Just so's ya know.
@jarpad: . @AdamGlass44 oh, but you do seem to manage... dont even get me STARTED on the full-size blow-up dolls!! #Supernatural
@OsricChau: Apologizing is better late than never. Way to go, Dean. #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @jarpad took me forever to pose for those. Glad you liked it.
@ryan_curtis: Useless fact: Pins in head filmed on Halloween. #Supernatural
@jarpad: @AdamGlass44 i LOVE the "third" thumb ;)
@OsricChau: Oh Crowley.. is there anything you can't do? Now do it again.. this time in short shorts. Of course.. you did it even faster. #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: Laverne and Shirley. Love that. #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: @ryan_curtis love the smoke!
@AdamGlass44: @jarpad not a thumb. #awkward #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: @ryan_curtis reminds me of Lichtenstein's red brushstroke
@ryan_curtis: @Mark_Sheppard we made sure it had a little flare a'la Crowley
@AdamGlass44: #Supernatural I grew up near Poughkeepsie and pitched that. Upstate NY shout out!
@ryan_curtis: Chair smoked day was a fun day. Not often we have all 5 guys in one scene. #Supernatural
@OsricChau: Oh it's happening.. Just worry bout getting him out Sam. #Supernatural
@Mark_Sheppard: Tahmoh! #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @Mark_Sheppard @AlainaHuffman #Supernatural equals freakingawesome!
@AlainaHuffman: @Mark_Sheppard hello darling #Supernatural #crowley #abaddon
@jarpad: i love @TahmohPenikett . he rocked the role and inspired me #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: Does everyone throw a punch in this ep? I think so. #Supernatural
@OsricChau: And now I don't feel bad for Gadreel anymore. Hope somebody smites him too. #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: Big #Supernatural shout out to @andrewdabb who killed it. Great episode buddy.
@Mark_Sheppard: @AdamGlass44 @andrewdabb GREAT dialogue!
@OsricChau: Still can't tell.. Crowley gonna be a full blown hero or the biggest baddie ever by the season finale? #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @Mark_Sheppard @andrewdabb here. Here. Easy when u got someone who can deliver it.
@ryan_curtis: If S+D+C are team Free Will then Crowley and Abaddon are Team Malevolent Subjugation. #Supernatural @mark_sheppard @AlainaHuffman
@jarpad: . @realGpad is busy with a baby or something, but she wants yall to know that @AlainaHuffman is her fave SN character :) #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: Okay #Supernatural fans who is making the first Vote Crowley shirt?
@Mark_Sheppard: The World's Angriest Ginger!!! @AlainaHuffman #Supernatural
@AlainaHuffman: @AdamGlass44 @jarpad @realGpad ohhhh pass it on;-)
@ryan_curtis: Hey @adamwvfx isn't that the pier by your house.
@AlainaHuffman: @jarpad I really just want to smell your new baby...
@OsricChau: You know Dean.. Goku went through the same thing. Always gonna be a bigger baddie out there to get you and your loved ones. #Supernatural
@AdamGlass44: I told all you #Supernatural fans we were bringing it. First @andrewdabb.next @rthompson1138. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
@ryan_curtis: I know this ending is all feels and stuff but I can't help but think of how hard is was raining that night. #Supernatural
@jarpad: ok all: its daddy time now :) love you all and thanks or watching and tweeting with us!! #Supernatural
@AlainaHuffman: @jarpad awe cause they smell so yummy... And then your stuck with smelly boys who hate to bathe;-(
@Mark_Sheppard: Off to Bedlam... nighty-night! xoxox.
@kimrhodes4real: Sleep well! Dream of angels. Or demons. Or underwear models. Or any combination, I don't judge. Just dream good dreams. Night, m'loves.
@OsricChau: That was a great episode. I think I'm gonna stick around @cw_spn. See ya next Tuesday! #Supernatural
@ryan_curtis: @jillyrulz when it's nasty out Mike from craft services hands out chicken noodle soup in cups.That helps.
@ryan_curtis: @luv2bike_13 the grip dept sets up a big Plastic cover over the actors.
@ryan_curtis: @luv2bike_13 above them. Not over them
@robertberens: I missed the real time Twitter reaction to "Road Trip" by the amazing @andrewdabb. Maybe my fave ep this season. Glad everyone enjoyed.
@robertberens: "Road Trip" fun fact that Andrew would've shared were he ever on Twitter: Crowley's NSA demon was named after our showrunner's asst, Cecily.

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