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Production Tweets from Jan 15th to Jan 21st

Apologies again for having to resort to this format, but at least the information is preserved this way. Better than nothing. Here's the rest of the SPN Production Tweets.

Warning: Info. about future SPN episodes might be contained in this post. Read at your own risk.

15'th January, 2014

@AdamGlass44: @dorkymisha send all your #Supernatural love to the writer @andrewdabb. He breaths and bleeds this show. One of #SPN's unsung heroes.
@AdamGlass44: @dorkymisha @andrewdabb he reads everything. Just a little twitter shy. Me @rthompson1138 are working on him.
@AlainaHuffman: A little love from @jarpad and @realGpad and y'all are blowing up my twitter;-) thank you! #gratitude
@rthompson1138: For those who asked about the song in Cas's car, it's by #Supernatural's own Mike Hooks! Here's a link: https://t.co/bbBxBrtaHg #duderoyal
@adamwvfx: Photo: Sam releasing Gadreel. Composited by Christopher R. (Eyes not included in final version) http://t.co/m3LO2PYVcO
@adamwvfx: Photoset: Crowley leaping back into his meat suit. 3D by Mladen Composited by Brae http://t.co/xQcHbdo54m
@adamwvfx: Photo: Castiel heals Sam Composited by Christian http://t.co/Mf8XZDt22g
@adamwvfx: Photoset: Same piers.. ;-) http://t.co/AzuzvziFDj
@SNkevinandjill: We are all very happy that the fans enjoyed the episode!! It was very well done.
@adamwvfx: Photo: Serious renos going on here at the SPN VFX Lab.. new stairs for the artists! http://t.co/Ke3NzVavJD
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Mon Jan 13 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 915 Day 1 Call Time 0800 Wrap Time 2112 Season 9 Day 113 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Tues Jan 14 Supernatural Season 9 EPICsode 915 Day 2 Call Time 0830 Wrap Time 2008 Season 9 Day 114 of 184 #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily
@ChristopherSPN: @adamwvfx Actually that was Werner :) I only helped Abadon stab a demon girl in that episode :)
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: @castisigh Hey Hey HEY!!!!!,,, not much,,, working away, heading to set soon,,,, we'll be at if ya wanna stop by for a visit
@kimrhodes4real: Crowley vs. Abbadon.... People. We're talking about who would rule HELL better. #teamabbadon #chicksknowevil
@kimrhodes4real: WHAT IF... they had a baby!!????? #everyonewins
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real Kim -- stop giving away season 13 ideas!
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 and Jody babysits? #pleaseohpleaseohplease
@AdamGlass44: @kimrhodes4real I was going to pitch you were the surrogate. Think Rosemary's Baby but funny.
@AdamGlass44: And 4 the record @kimrhodes4real promised #supernatural cookies. Yet, there has been none. At least @Mark_Sheppard sent over his devil cake.
@TheJimMichaels: So excited 4 the #SPNFamily to see next week's episode written by @rthompson1138 and directed by the @JohnBadham2 w/ guest star @Omundson
@TheJimMichaels: If you are a an aspiring director, learn and study the path that @JohnBadham2 career has taken him! http://t.co/0dX1lJgq19 #SPN #SPNFamily
@taraslarsen: The answer to yesterday's #spn quiz was season 4 ep 22, 'lucifer.' You all are very good at guessing! http://t.co/Wa7Zf7swbV
@AdamGlass44: @godskillerkiwi Thanks, but truth be told, you can write great stuff but without great actors it means nothing. #supernatural
@AdamGlass44: @TheJimMichaels @rthompson1138 @JohnBadham2 @Omundson Jim's not lying. It's great. #supernatural is hitting a nice stride.
@TAronauer: @AdamGlass44 @TheJimMichaels @rthompson1138 @JohnBadham2 @Omundson just finishing the mix. fantastic ep. One of our best. #Supernatural
@kimrhodes4real: @AdamGlass44 @mark_sheppard Oh. There will be cookies. And I'm not even runnin for anything. Except maybe my life.
@TammieBarker13: The CW boss: 'Supernatural,' 'Originals' renewals likely http://t.co/msJa3LlF9M
@SNkevinandjill: It was well directed, looked great and fantastic VFX.

16'th January, 2014 [Jensen & Jared presented at the Critics Choice Awards]

@bodyguard4JandJ: A crappy pic of the moon tonight but I tried :) http://t.co/8HE4jHhfbK
@mishacollins: I wish this were true, but network execs have told me privately that they don't see the show running past season 40. http://t.co/f31EoxdmhE
@canadagraphs: Since I haven't had anything new for #Supernatural fans in a bit. Heres a random Misha Collins pic signing for us. http://t.co/ngvuxtiVHC
@mishacollins: .@WilliamShatner, what's going on here?! I've been following no one but u for the past week but i see you're still following lots of others!
@mishacollins: .@WilliamShatner, it was fun, but i'm looking for someone who wants to be monogamous. I've have to end this before i get even more hurt.
@mishacollins: National Public Radio is sniffing around the #Supernatural fandom. http://t.co/BM2ctOjH94
@kimrhodes4real: One more pitch for #TeamAbaddon: if Crowley's running hell, he'll be too busy to be topside where we can SEE him! I like him here.
@mishacollins: RT @WilliamShatner: "I know... what to do. Win #GISHWHES2014 & show @mishacollins the Wrath of Shatner!" Typo? Did u mean "wrath" or "rash?"
@taraslarsen: I'm getting excited for next week's episode of #spn you can't go wrong with @JohnBadham2 @rthompson1138 and @Omundson its not one to miss!
@VancityFilming: RT @misseileensoo: This morning. Filming #Supernatural in our neighbourhood :) http://t.co/3YXaLHcwg1 #YVRShoots #SPN
@taraslarsen: Just rewatched road trip from #supernatural this week, I can see why you all liked it...
@POPSUGAR: Hey, #Supernatural fans: #JensenAckles has arrived on the red carpet, and he looks HOT: http://t.co/PvGezckdZX
@hipsterackles: Jensen Ackles doesn't want to be perfect. Perfection wants to be Jensen Ackles. http://t.co/rpwMIQBhFm
@hipsterackles: friendly reminder that jensen ackles counts the supernatural episodes. http://t.co/8B7crTxeAh
@DanneelHarris: #CriticsChoiceAwards !!!!! So fun the guys are about to present!;-)
@peoplemag: They're just so handsome, you guys. #CriticsChoice http://t.co/Ovr5PmN2w5
@WilliamJTV: J2 #CriticsChoice #Supernatural http://t.co/ojeGJxX451
@ProudIdjit: Poor Jensen! He looked so short on stage. If only people knew he is actually tall and Jared's just a skyscraper. :') #CriticsChoice
@samjacklover: RT @WinchesterBros: Another pic of Jensen and @jarpad presenting to Frozen http://t.co/1PaChhXzWi"
@SpnUk: J2 presenting at the #CriticsChoice #SPNFamily #J2 http://t.co/hjcDqzHIcb
@AndreaDeMill: #Supernatural @jarpad at #CriticsChoiceAwards - Red Carpet http://t.co/rDjH2KCZCn http://t.co/OyodjDkHBT
@SpnUk: Jensen looking fine at the #CriticsChoice awards http://t.co/WIK0nIdZOT
@SpnUk: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki presenting at the 2014 Critics' Choice...: http://t.co/EBnqRLxBlj via @youtube
@WinchestersJ2: RT @ninators: VENDO MINHA ALMA PRA SER ESSE MULHER http://t.co/iQQB2Ou1z8
@POPSUGAR: Sorry, we just can't handle #JensenAckles and @jarpad anymore. #CriticsChoiceAwards @cw_spn http://t.co/FOhG8EYiwz http://t.co/GnfDyA3CR1
@Danneelators: Jensen Ackles and @DanneelHarris kissed on the Red Carpet. LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Ñ http://t.co/hUBKRhgbKg
@angelofkhaoz: He just keeps on getting hotter <3 RT @WingsOfDestiel: Jensen Ackles at CCA's then//Now http://t.co/iOnptTnoCD
@JustJared: Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles - Critics' Choice Awards 2014: @jarpad #jensenackles attend the awards show! http://t.co/BvT4G4Coeu
@dicksp8jr: I sang you onto the show! "@Omundson: @alovething excited Tim's on #SPN. I knew popping up @ karaoke would lead to this" I blame @dicksp8jr"
@ProudIdjit: I bet @realGpad was watching the award show at home while looking after her babies! We missed you there! x http://t.co/x6s4FpSykq
@sb10110: “@WingsOfDestiel: Jared Padalecki at CCA's then//now http://t.co/asVgqRhG8u” Time flies And also show how far the show has come
@TammieBarker13: Next is Jared & Jensen to present at the Critics Choice Awards #Supernatural #spn #SPNFamily #spnfreaks #spngang
@kristyl_: Jared and Jensen lookin' handsome!! http://t.co/oUq3DRzpUO
@AdamGlass44: @AlainaHuffman @jubsgoiaba @Mark_Sheppard has it in his contract that nobody can have a longer speech then him.

17'th January, 2014

@timwboddington: Little treat to get you up this morning !! http://t.co/88eh7xVRNm
@timwboddington: Excited to meet someone today but it's a secret #SPN #SPNfamily
@adamwvfx: Give a warm #SPN welcome to @BraeNorwiss - a #VFX compositor at #Supernatural and the 2D wizard behind last weeks red smoke shot. #FF
@ProudIdjit: I can't stop staring at Jensen and Danneel kissing. I'm not creepy I promise but they are just so beautiful. http://t.co/jHOF3jSxxB
@WinchesterBros: VH1 Video Interview with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles http://t.co/6EPhyqFPCR
@dicksp8jr: For those shocked to hear I was ever in a band (called #FugitivePope), you can download our one album for free here: http://t.co/sTUHic3Y1g
@TheJimMichaels: Here I am 5 years later Photo Bombing a couple of friends at the same place in #Brazil @jarpad @bodyguard4JandJ #rio http://t.co/mrsnvtDiAW
@SNkevinandjill: Finishing our week off!! It went fast. @SergeLadouceur is doing a great job!!
@timwboddington: It's a #friday #fish&chip day #SPN #foodporn #SPNfamily @taraslarsen http://t.co/xoJjxDqxzX
@taraslarsen: @timwboddington @WinchesterBros Looks amazing and of course and I'm not on set today;)
@rthompson1138: EXCLUSIVE: spoiler free behind the scenes photo of next week's episode of #Supernatural, cc: @Omundson http://t.co/niPNU7KFFu
@se4realhinton: 2nite's Psyche used a location I was on 4 #SPN very strange feeling is this fandoms crossing?
@se4realhinton: just remembered--Jensen's told me I can't visit any other TV set.Hope he doesn't mind that I like another show
@RobBenedict: finally starting to feel like myself again. #putmeincoach
@Vivalagloria182: Found supernatural filming today! Got a few shots, more to come #supernatural #impala #yvrshoots http://t.co/neAQ04bSjE
@Vivalagloria182: This sign had been put up #supernatural #yvrshoots http://t.co/UOAH5j7RKb
@Vivalagloria182: This was at some crossroads #supernatural #yvrshoots http://t.co/sv5Q9jRwYq
@Vivalagloria182: And Crowley's trailer was there! #supernatural #yvrshoots http://t.co/oKdxpq0h2J
@Vivalagloria182: Interesting though, only one of the trailers there was one of the star's but I don't know if it was jared or jensen's #supernatural
@Vivalagloria182: There were two impalas on site, one was on the side of the road and the other was being filmed with while I was there
@Vivalagloria182: @stefmona it's called north 40 dog park :)

18'th January, 2014

@sebroche: Once again check out my imdb page http://t.co/XW2XLGH6Z1 ... please :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) http://t.co/E0EGrDwHSz
@SNkevinandjill: We are done on a Friday before Saturday started!! Thanks @SergeLadouceur
@SergeLadouceur: Hi everybody, thanks for all the nice words. Great first 5 days of shooting. Carving an episode full of surprises. http://t.co/Aikl1OBRnU
@AdamGlass44: Can't wait for TUES so u can all see @rthompson1138 #supernatural episode. So good. You will all be very happy.
@Mark_Sheppard: @jarpad plays the cello http://t.co/2haGj5Wv4F
@jwmanzano: @SergeLadouceur directing and Brad C. DOP for Episode 915. http://t.co/mF2rfFylJI
@dicksp8jr: On my way to #SAGAwards. I was told I would be escorting a saucy ginger. I was duped. @lewis_damian http://t.co/zfEZw5lszs
@dicksp8jr: Take a #SAGAward selfie that makes me look nuts - check! #nobodygivesashitthatIamhere http://t.co/xs6h2NE5eE
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Last night on Supernatural Set... We do love our Creepy Country Roads #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily http://t.co/mIUXNQljMv
@sb10110: “@AndreaDeMill: #Supernatural @jarpad and Jensen Ackles with fan girl (credit http://t.co/Cwgsl6T5wT) http://t.co/QytMfM8J9V”RT
@ChadLindberg: This is so cool. RT @ClassicPixs: Hollywood Boulevard at night, 1950s http://t.co/5cyJL3ISMu
20'th January, 2014
@TheJimMichaels: I said "Bring out the large slate!l #spnfamily #spn #supernatural #jimions #thejimmichaels #yvr... http://t.co/eVQ5zKbu8M
@ladyann2002: Lucky girl :3 http://t.co/cNbgW05B5H
@TheJimMichaels: Time to tech scout 9.15! Bumpy bus ride! #Supernatural #jimions #SPNFamily #SPN http://t.co/hcqwIdUSCL
@TheJimMichaels: We are shooting 9.16 before 9.15 for scheduling purposes! @SergeLadouceur is directing 9.16 & Jeannot Szwarc is directing 9.15! Thx!
@RUSS_MOVIEGOD: Crew on The Episode 916 Tech Survey Bus are mocking my Shoes, what do YOU think? #Supernatural #SPN #SPNFamily http://t.co/oGCU402GDn
@rthompson1138: Fan debate in my mentions & neither side uses the phrase bro-dependency? Oh well. I'll be over here while y'all work it out #Supernatural

19'th January, 2014

@rthompson1138: Best part of writing #supernatural is re-watching old Eps. For this week's Ep, I re-watched 5.13 & 6.20 and others. Now I'm re-watching ep--
@PUNKD_Images: #Supernatural's Mark "Crowley" Sheppard out n' about VanCity yesterday... Mr Crowleyyyy.... #SPN http://t.co/BdJit5jcmB
@ryan_curtis: Some more fans hanging around set to watch us film #Supernatural #baldeagles http://t.co/5mNuZzZJzk
@timwboddington: Strawberry shortcake #dessert today #SPN #SPNFamily #foodporn #foodforthought http://t.co/0k5bHrv3Vb
@ryan_curtis: Can you hear the eagles? https://t.co/ojoVvmEnnX
@rthompson1138: However you love #Supernatural, you're all SPNFamily to me. Fandom powers: unite! Shape of: Awesomeness! Form of: Agree to Disagree-ness
@jarpad: “@Mark_Sheppard: @jarpad plays the cello http://t.co/iAq5sLvOOK” uh-oh... My secret is out!
@rthompson1138: @jarpad any chance you & "Gents-In-Shackles" can live tweet tomorrow's #supernatural? asking for a friend cc: @mishacollins, @Mark_Sheppard
@adamwvfx: #SelfieMondayIsNowAThing http://t.co/os0KvGfm4w
@reneebshor: #SPN Sam and Dean http://t.co/7fg0zLAphp
@robertberens: Ep I'm working on now is probably the story I'm proudest of and most excited by. Hate when folks tweet-crow their good luck, but #soblessed
@jarpad: Truer words were never spoken... http://t.co/whSkzEbQzu

21'st January, 2014

@KG_Supernatural: ICYMI here's my blog about #Supernatural location hunting, the #russbus & the VFX non-con from Vancouver. Such fun! http://t.co/N1ftbOE8rY

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