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First Impressions: 9x12 "Sharp Teeth"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Ok, right off the bat I gotta say it's a little disappointing that the boys reunite not by choice but due to a hunt. They both hear about Garth getting hit by a car after killing a cow on the police scanner. Thus, they show up in his hospital room debating how to wake him up. I do love that Dean wants to use adrenaline and Sam just opts for a slap across the face! LOL Hey, whatever works, right? :P

But yeah, I wish one or the other had chosen to man up and apologize, see things from the other person's POV, and be friggin' brothers again!!!! *ahem* Sorry. Had to get that out.

Anyway, I AM glad that the guys come right out and catch up on what happened during their 2 weeks apart.

Dean: “Anything on Gadreel?"
Sam: “Actually, yeah. It turns out he left some Grace in me before he bolted."
Dean: “You know how wrong that sounds, right?"
Sam: “I wouldn’t worry about it. Cas took care of it."
Dean: “I’m gone for two weeks and you’re like an episode of Teen Mom."
Sam: “What happened to your arm?"
Dean: “It’s a gift from Cain."
Sam: “Like the wrestler?"
Dean: “I wish, that would be awesome. No, the Old Testament dude. He got all Biblical on me and gave me his mark."
Sam: "What does that mean? How - how did that happen?"
Dean: "Crowley and I found him, and he gave me this so that I could eighty-six Abaddon once and for all."
Sam: "You worked a job with Crowley?"
Dean: "The devil you know…"

Sure, they didn't speak the whole truth (Sam's painful extraction & nearly dying - The Mark's unknown warning label) but I'll give them good marks for not concealing things for once!

The whole Sam/Dean phone call is a great little moment. Good job on Sam for catching Dean's deception. :)

Turns out Garth's a werewolf. He got bit months ago and was too embarrassed to tell the boys. Figured his time was up, but Bess saved him. Then they got married and he was welcomed into her clan. I do love Garth's description of the boys to Bess….as only Garth can do….

“That’s Dean. Now he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside he’s just a big, old teddy bear.”
“Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason. Bless his heart.”

Turns out Garth's new family don't eat humans, only animals. The boys are naturally skeptical of this whole thing, but Garth assures them everything is good here.

Garth: “You two came busting in here like a house on fire. Guns waving, the jaw lines and the hair, it’s very intimidating.”
LOL I love the line about the jaw lines and the hair! I think it's my favorite of the ep.

The boys split up, as they do repeatedly in this ep….Dean to check out the family and Sam to see the local sheriff. Dean is his usual, negative, bristly self and Garth tries his best to deal with his attacks on his new family. Gotta love the meal scene, with them all eating raw, bloody meat around Dean. The reverend thinks he's found the right path: peace with humans, a strong family….made up of born werewolves and bitten ones. But Dean soon discovers not all of the family is so welcoming…

Garth: "Why are you being so hard on everyone?"
Dean: "Because there is no way that all of this is what it looks like. No way!"

And then Garth finds out that Kevin is dead and is visibly shaken. Join the crowd, buddy. :(

Sam's thinking they're done here, but Dean's still suspicious….and for good reason. They get a call form the sheriff about a dead dear….sure enough he's one of them!!!! I new it! Dean effectively kills him and….after a little more pleading from Sam, sends his brother to find Garth while he goes to check out the church.

Cool how they intercut Dean searching the church with Sam searching Garth's apartment. It almost got a little confusing. Dean finds a book talking about Ragnarok and end of days and Sam finds that Garth and Bess have been taken.

Ah, poor Sam…knocked unconscious again! Ow. He's dragged off to join Garth & Bess. Step-mother is running the new order of werewolves who are the Ragnarok group, intent on taking out humans and having world domination. Dean meets up with the good Reverend and finds out he doesn't have a clue about what's going on in his own flock and takes off after Sam.

Nice kick to knock the gun out of her hand by Sam but…hero Dean to the rescue!!!! He takes out both of the boys and then outshoots the step-mom. Awesome! :D

The boys say their goodbyes to Garth, who admits things weren't all good around there. But Dean admits the reverend is a good man. Garth's all ready to return to hunting but Dean tells him to stay and enjoy his happiness that he's found. And then he hugs Garth!!!! Awwwww….it was sweet. :)

Dean takes Sam back to his car (which is a beaut btw) but they've gotta talk this out…

Dean: "Listen, that night that, uh…You know, we went our separate ways -"
Sam: "You mean the night you split?"

[Ok, really Sam? How many times did you split on Dean over the years? Low blow, man.]
Dean: "Fair enough. I was messed up, man. Kevin was dead, and I…I don't know what I was."
Sam: "Okay."
Dean: "Hell, maybe I still don't. But uh, I know I took a piece of you in the process, and for that…"
[Aw, Dean. You couldn't even say you were sorry? You were so close!]
Dean: “Somebody changed the playbook, man, you know? It’s like what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is more wrong….I just know that when…When we rode together…"
Sam: "We split the crappiness."

[Dean obviously misses Sam. He's simply not used to dealing with the job on his own. He's comfortable with Sam.]
Dean: "Yeah….so…."
Sam: "Okay."
Dean: "Okay."
Sam: "But something’s broken here, Dean…."
Dean: "I'm not saying that it's not. I…I just think maybe we need to put a couple W's on the board and we get past all this."

[And this is the way Dean works: get back to the job, back to being brothers, we'll work it out somehow. The job will bring us back together.]
Sam: "I don't think so. No, I wish but…We don’t see things the same way anymore, our roles in this whole thing. Back in that church, talking me out of boarding up Hell? Or tricking me into letting Gadreel possess me? I can’t trust you. Not the way I thought I could. Not the way I should be able to.”
[I get it…Sam's still pissed over Dean's deception. But you know there comes a certain time when you gotta let it go and recognize that what's done is done. Time to move on. And I get that Sam's not there…yet. I wish he was, but he's not. I also wish that he could see the whole Gadreel thing from Dean's POV. Doesn't help that Dean isn't standing up for himself and talking about it either. *sigh*]
Dean: “Okay, look. Whatever happened, we are family. OK?"
Sam: “You say that like it’s some sort of cure-all, like it can change the fact that everything that has ever gone wrong between us has been because we’re family."
Dean: "So what -- we're not family now?"
Sam: "I'm saying, you want to work, let’s work. If you want to be brothers… Those are my terms.”

[Ok, Sam negating that they're family is kind of a slap in the face to Dean. Family is everything to Dean and honestly…how can you work together and NOT be brothers? How does that work exactly? I don't see this working the way Sam thinks it will at all. Maybe that's why Dean just silently went along with it? Sam decides to join him so he figures a win is a win? He still looks a bit stunned by it all by the time he goes to get in the car though.]

So we have a big return to how the boys were in the early episodes of Season 5, except this time it's Sam not trusting Dean and Dean was the one to leave Sam. Back in Season 5, Sam was the one begging Dean for them to reunite and Dean was saying it was best for them to be apart. This time, despite Dean's saying he's poison and wanting Sam to stay away for his own good…he was pretty much begging for Sam to come back at the end. It's all very awkward and uncomfortable.

Now don't get me wrong…I'm all for conflict between the brothers. I actually don't mind them being apart and part of me wish they'd been apart for one episode longer. But….I'm also for the boys being together. This wasn't the big reunion I was hoping for, but I'm convinced a true reconciliation is still to come. Eventually, they'll work it out. We just have to be patient.

Always happy to see Garth, but I feel we won't see him again for a long time now. At least he's not dead! \0/

Was this an awesome episode? No, but it was an okay one. The past two eps have been exceptional and it's easy to get spoiled, but not every episode can be up to that caliber. This ep was so different from those two…more quiet and sedate. It's like comparing an action movie with a drama. Though I did love more badass, action Dean. Whoah. That's always a good thing. And his boldness during lunch with the fam? More of that bravery Cain admired so much. Another sign of him being reckless when he doesn't have Sam around him. So it's probably a good thing that Sam's back on the team albeit as a business partner only.

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