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Oh, look another meme question/answer

I remembered I still had some unanswered questions on my Ask Me A Question Meme. Ooops!

jennygeee asked: What is your favourite ever episode of SPN and why and what is your favourite season and why?

Oh, this is tough! I love just about every episode of SPN. I can't choose just one!!! Gah!!!!!

Ok, I'll just pick one at random off the top of my head. Keep in mind this is just one of many. *g*
"The End" from Season 5. Why? Uh....double Jensen! Heehee! Isn't that enough? No? Well you've got traveling in time, nasty Zachariah, human Cas, Chuck as Radar *g*, and Sam possessed by Lucifer! What's not to love? :D

Oh and future!Dean was all kinds of sexy and hot. Thigh holster, brooding looks, weapons...yes, please!

Favorite season...you're killing me here. Same problem: I love them all.

I guess I'll have to go with Season 2: Depressed Dean, Sam worried about his fate, the boys mourning John, and so many wonderful episodes, all culminating in the big 2 part finale where Sam dies, Dean sells his soul and they finally kill the YED.

Yes, you can still ask me a question. I've only got 2 left to answer. I'd love to have more. :)

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