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The origins of Raloria

Another answer to my Ask Me A Question Meme.
Yes, you can still leave me questions if you'd like.

peepingdru asked: How/where did "Raloria" happen??x0x0x0

I've been asked this a lot since joining LJ. :)

Back in 2005 or so I was in a scriptwriting class in college and working with a story I'd started on a few years prior. It's sort of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy piece and while I was able to come up with some place and character names on my own, I also used a name generator online. One of the names it spit out was Raloria and I liked that for the name of the planet in my story.

Of course, at this same time a certain TV show called Supernatural appeared on the scene and took over my heart and mind, along with Jensen Ackles (though I knew him previously from Dark Angel). So while I was working on my script for the class, I realized the lead, hero character would be perfect for Jensen to play. Soon I was writing the character with him in mind. When I joined LJ in 2006 and needed a username, the names from my script were very fresh in my mind and Raloria I became. :)

Btw, the story/script is still unfinished though I know exactly how it all ends. I simply haven't had the time to work on it again. I think about it a lot though.

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