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My bad track record w/Feb 14th

Years ago I was rear-ended while I was driving home from my college classes on....you guessed it, Valentine's Day. It was by a guy who was diabetic and let his blood sugar go too low. He was literally passing out behind the wheel and didn't even realize he had hit me. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt, but there was the whole mess with the police, insurance, the damage to the car...ugh.

This year wasn't much better.

Mom & I had driven back down to our area because she had a doctor appointment. We then went to our house briefly to pick up the mail, the newspaper, and check some things inside. Then we did a bunch of errands & shopping in the area. We were at our last stop, at a store right near our house, when the Low Oil message popped up on the car's dashboard. Oh, no!

Of course, by that time it was around 7 p.m. and no auto shops were open. Deciding I didn't want to be stranded in the store's parking lot, I chose to drive to our house. At least if we were going to be stuck, we could wait for help there, even with it being cold. We got there and I checked the oil, confirming it was indeed very low. Tried AAA and another Emergency Roadside Service and neither of them delivered oil! The only thing left to do? Stay the night and take the car to our regular service shop in the morning.

So we spent a very cold, uncomfortable night in our icebox of a house. Awful.
There's a reason we're not living there right now. Even bundled up in several layers and under blankets we were both cold, though mom felt it much more than I did. Luckily, we have food in the house, so that wasn't a problem (thank goodness for the microwave & TV dinners!). But we lamented over the items we wished we had, but they were at the grandparent's house up north. We did get some sleep...mom in her usual big recliner and I had to make do sleeping in my office chair in my bedroom - not comfortable at all. Don't know how I managed to sleep. At one point I woke up and my feet were absolutely freezing! While I had multiple layers everywhere else, my feet had only my socks and a blanket. Thinking about it now, I could have put on a pair of slippers. Ah, well. It's hard to think when you're that cold. It was only about 47 degrees in the house.

We got the car in the next morning with no problems. Thankfully, we don't live too far from where we get the car serviced. It was due for servicing next week anyway, but with all the driving back and forth between the two houses, we've been running the car very hard lately. We couldn't wait to be out of the cold house! I am so thankful that tonight we have a nice warm house to sleep in again! I won't complain about the sofa I'm sleeping on ever again either.

And this explains why I wasn't able to make my LJ posts for Saturday. All I had was my cell phone and I needed to save what battery power I had left on it for us to call the car shop in the morning. But even then, I couldn't have made my LJ posts from my phone anyway, not with images being involved. Thanks for understanding.

So another sucky Valentine's Day for the books.

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