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I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

This is going to be short (ha! I hope) because I'm sick and not feeling very well. Bleh. Colds/alleries suck man. :(

Love the teaser! We jump right into the action with the boys finding out the bunker is haunted....but by who?
And I did love hearing Sam frantically searching the hallways and calling Dean's name. Awww...the love IS still there.

KEVIN!!!! OMG So happy to have him back, even if only in spirit form. *squishes him*
Love how the boys each took turns watching the coffee maker to see if Kevin communicated again.

Dean: "Kevin I'm sorry. You did not choose this life. You busted your ass; you lost everything and everyone you loved. And your reward? Getting killed. On my watch. If I... It was on me. It was my fault, and there's nothing i can do to make that right and I am so sorry."
Kevin: "This is not happening. I did not spend months getting through the veil to listen to Dean Winchester having some pity session. I heard enough of those when I was alive."

Kevin says, you wanna make this right...go find my mom. Turns out she's still alive and Kevin found out through another spirit that she was held prisoner with Mrs. Tran just recently.

Oh, and turns out that heaven is shut down to the dearly departed. Figures.

Kevin: “Heaven’s closed for business. Everybody who’s died since the angel fell, we’re just stuck inside the veil, waiting. And it’s bad in hear. Like, DMV line times infinity bad.”

Ok, I knew, KNEW that Linda Tran had to be still alive. Felt it in my bones, you might say. So happy I was right (and she's as feisty as ever). And WTH is with the boys calling her Ms. Tran all of a sudden? Before she was Mrs. Tran. Weird.

Anyhoo...Trestle bridge!!!! I know that location well...though I can't visualize exactly where the boys were camped out under it. I need to go back there. *g*

Sam to Dean (after Dean tries calling Crowley): “Really, Dean? That’s your third unanswered voicemail. Do you ever think, maybe he’s just not that into you?”

They communicate with the spirit Candy that Kevin told them about and find out she and Mama Tran were held in some storage lockers and Crowley was there...up until he suddenly disappeared. Heh. But another guy was left as their jailer/tormentor.

They find the storage place and ooops! Dean gets knocked out and Sam gets trapped in the container with Mama Tran. He then has the uncomfortable task of letting her know that her son is dead. So sad! Sam also ends up saving Dean this time from the nasty demon intern. Nice switch-up.

The boys then return to the bunker to reunite Kevin with his mom. Awww. They also find the object that was tying him there (his dad's ring) and mother & son leave the bunker to spend some time together until the boys can fix heaven.

Kevin leaves with some words of wisdom for Sam & Dean...

“Before I go, can you guys promise me something? Can you two get over it? Dudes, just cuz you couldn’t see me doesn’t mean I couldn’t see you. The drama, the fighting? It’s stupid. My mom’s taking home a ghost. You two, you’re both still here.”

And Sam promises to Kevin! He said the word "promise". We watch the Trans leave, Dean turns to around to talk to Sam and Sam's already leaving the room! WTH???? So Dean just goes to his room, Sam goes to his...and we're left with the boys exactly as we found them at the top of the episode. Gah!!!!

Ok, I realize I haven't talked about the whole Cas and Bartholomew storyline but that's because it took a bit of a backseat IMO to the boys and the Trans.

Cas finds there was a faction of angels (the Penitents) who were going against Bart and his crew. But Bart killed all but one of them. Cas gets captured and taken to Bart's hidden fortress (aka Buddy Boyles headquarters).

Turns out Bart and Cas are old buddies - they fought together with Cas as the leader and Bart just the grunt. Then Bart went off and killed some captives - just "following orders" and now he's the one giving orders. He also wants Cas to join his little order...to find Metatron. Oh, yeah....turns out he's been tracking the rogue angel, who's been on earth 3 times.

But pretty soon, Bart captures the last of the Penitents and tortures him before killing him when Cas refuses to do the deed to prove his loyalty. Then it's down to fighting, but Cas won't have any of it. The angel killing has to stop. Bart presses though and despite Cas getting the upper hand, he refuses to kill Bart. Then Bart charges and he has to kill him anyhow. Ah, well...he did try.

By the end of the episode Cas is confronted by several of Bart's followers. They want to follow Cas instead. Who feels nervous about this?

A good all-around episode, but again, not a big bang-up blowout.

Big surprise: ghost Kevin!
Bigger surprise: killing of Bart

How disappointing that they killed Bart off already. What purpose did he serve, really? All I can think of is Eve from Season 6. What a waste! I honestly expected them to keep Bart around longer, though I appreciate that he had a much bigger plan (find Metatron). But what happens now?

I'm a little worried about Cas. He doesn't want to lead, but better to have followers than to have angels out there trying to figure things out on their own (hello, Hael). I'd like to believe that his time as a human and his past mistakes have prepared him to be a good leader and hopefully he can use these angels to find Metatron. You just have to hope they can be trusted...hmmm.

Boys, boys, boys...*sigh* Did Kevin's words mean nothing??? Sam gave Dean the cold shoulder, retreated to his room, and Dean just let it go and did the same. I don't expect them to hug it out and forgive and forget right on the spot, but to just go on with this new normal is so....depressing! But patience! I'm being patient. Trying to anyway. Hang in there my friends! This can't last forever.

Yeah, that's all I've got. Feelin' crappy so I'm sure I've missed things.
Ugh. I need to sleep.
Lookin' forward to next week.

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