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Craft Shopping Rant

Went to Michaels Saturday night for some usual craft/art/scrapbooking shopping. There were lots of sales signs about for 50% and 40% off of things. Lots of cool deals.

Now unless I'm shopping for something specific, I'm always looking at what's on sale and what's on clearance in a craft store. I only buy what I like or will use, but I'd much rather pay a lower price than full price. ;)

As I'm in the aisle of drawing paper here comes this Michaels employee...taking down all the sales signs! She was just ripping them off the shelves. I said something to her about it and she said it was because the sale ended tomorrow, assuring me that the sales prices would still show up at the register. Keep in mind they still had 2 hours until they closed. What was the point of removing the sales signs so early??? But before I could even comment on this, she was gone and onto the next aisle. Meanwhile, I was left wondering which paper pads were actually on sale.

What a stupid thing to do! Talk about discouraging someone from shopping. If I had wanted to buy anything more, I wouldn't have known if I was getting a deal or not! I wish now that I had spoken up. Would it really have killed them to wait until closing time to take the signs down?

And to top it all off...tonight I was checking out some of the purchases and find this:

- A Crayola set of metallic markers...with 2 gold colors in it and no copper. Lovely.
- A set of paint pens and the yellow one not only leaked paint all over my hand, but I can't even remove the cap! Grrrrr!

Both of these are going back to the store!

Granted, I shouldn't have bought the paint pens. They were a cheaper brand (Michaels brand, in fact) and I've already had this pen leakage problem happen with another cheap paint pen from Hobby Lobby. Shows that you can't skimp on some things. Guess I'll stick with Painter's Pens or the Sharpie oil-based pens from now on despite their high costs. *sigh*

Sorry about the ranting, but I had to get this off my chest. >:[

Tags: artsy - crafty, rant, real life
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