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I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Note: I wrote all this up after having only seen the episode once...and many hours ago. So I'm sure I've left things out. Feel free to mention them in comments. :)

I'll say this right now…what another downer of an episode. :(
I was looking forward to having a fun ep with the Ghostfacers finally returning to the show. What I got was another breakup and the Winchester boys still playing the silent game. *sigh*

I gotta say, the Thinman dude was creepy! Loved that first kill with the blood through the slats. Nice.

Sad how awkward the boys still are with each other. Dean found a hunt and was all ready to go it alone without Sam. So depressing! But Sam questions him on it and tags along.

Then they find out the Ghostfacers are on the case. Dean is NOT happy, but then Ed and Harry aren't happy to see the brothers either.

Harry: Oh the Winchesters – yay!
Ed: Says nobody...
Harry: Ever!

Loved the barbs traded back and forth, though Dean was definitely ready to do some shooting, but it's Harry who's packing.

Harry: Say hola to my little pistola.
Dean: “Am I supposed to be impressed with that treasure trail or the lady gun you’ve got hiding in your pants?”

Anyway, yay! This ep takes place in my home state of Washington! Woot! Although I don't know of a Springdale here, so I'm pretty sure that's made up. The mountain pictured in the boy's motel room however, is Mt. Shuksan and that IS here in WA. ;)

So the Ghostfacers have written a book on Thinman, which they believe is what killed the girl in the teaser and the picture of her w/Thinman is already on the web somehow. Sam's busy researching all things Thinman while Dean's grumbling that it can't be it and is looking into it being a ghost on the loose.

Meanwhile Harry is obsessing over his ex-girlfriend…and how they lost the rest of their team to real life. Sounds like everyone decided to go off and do other things. Poor guys.

Then diner guy gets killed by Thinman and it looks from the video footage that he teleported inside. The plot thickens…or at least gets more muddy.

OMG The brotherly bonding moment!!! We finally got a glimpse of a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel between the boys. Young Sam trying to fly off the roof of a shed and breaking his arm. He was Batman and Dean was Superman (and successfully jumped off the shed). Then big brother drove Sammy to the ER on the handlebars of his bike. Awwwww. *heart melts* And the brothers actually smile and chuckle a little at the memory. :)

Harry decides he wants to check out the woods for Thinman but Ed is oddly wondering if they should back off and let Sam & Dean handle this one. Ok, weird.

Harry: The lore says that Thinman hangs out by trees, and the woods is where trees hang out.
Best line of the night! LOL
Ah, SPN logic. :P

Pretty soon we see that Harry is all alone in the woods and Ed has gone to tell Sam & Dean that he made the whole Thinman thing up to keep Harry hunting with him. Oh, hello show parallel.

And poor Harry gets cut across the stomach by Thinman. Ouch! But the boys and Ed soon arrive and Sam patches him up. Then it's confession time for Ed…

And it doesn't go well, just like it didn't with Sam & Dean. The trust is gone and to Harry (like with Sam) this is unforgivable.

I like how Sam goes in to talk to Harry. He obviously sees that this is mirroring what Dean did to him.

Sam: Trust me here, secrets ruin relationships.

Then Dean shows up with new intel on some tire tracks and they're off again…where they get tazered by the local cop! Gah! Didn't see that coming. Turns out he and the busboy at the diner are in this whole Thinman thing together. Great…a couple of psychos. They've got the boys tied up, but Sam & Dean, still the great hunters they are, keep the dudes talking so Sam can try to break free. Love the little silent communication thing they've still got going. :) But then they're about to slit Dean's throat when Ed & Harry show up. Phew! Btw, Sam's shout of "No!" was awesome! :D

I thought for sure the Ghostfacers were going to end up saving the boys, but it doesn't quite turn out that way. First they get into a little discussion about pronunciation. LOL

Ed: “It’s Scooby Doo time, douchebag. Take off the mask. I know you’re not Thinman. You’re just a memee."
Harry: “Ed, it’s pronounced meme."
Ed: “It’s spelled M-E-M-E though."
Harry: “The second E is silent."
Ed: “You’re a memee. A man meme. And I invented you."

Hee! For the record, I've always pronounced it "meem" and I refuse to do it any other way. Same with "jif" for gif. :P

Ed & Harry end up captured as well but…ta-dah! The Winchesters have broken free and are missing! But the boys were simply waiting in the wings and soon Dean is stabbing the busboy and Ed jumps in front of the cop to save Sam from being shot, but then Harry shoots the cop. Poor Harry….his first kill and it's another human being. That's a lot to deal with.

And then we have Sam & Dean witnessing Ed & Harry's breakup, mirroring their own situation. Harry's done with hunting, the Ghostfacers and Ed. Their relationship is now "complicated". He then asks for a ride from the boys, leaving Ed standing all alone in the dark. :(

And just to nail the lid on the relationship coffin, Harry laments in the car how you imagine being with someone for so long, to being in rocking chairs side by side and then that chair is empty. Wow. And all Sam & Dean can do is give sad reactions. I was waiting for someone to say something, but no, nothing. *sigh*

So a very depressing ending. While I liked the episode, it was also hard to watch the emotional stuff near the end. I like the Ghostfacers and I'm sad they're no longer together. I loved them being a comic foil for the boys, but then I guess those carefree days are long behind us.

And I know I'm usually all positive about the show and the boys and all that, but this episode really depressed me. Maybe the brothers won't ever resolve their problems? Maybe the season will end with them more estranged than ever? It's certainly looking that way. If only they were talking it out I'd have some hope, but the more episodes where they're silent or awkward with one another the more hope I lose for any resolution and that makes me sad. For me the show is about the brothers and their undying love/bond with one another. They could be hunting anything, I don't care…I just want the brothers on the same page and saving the world together. That's not what I'm getting right now. Sure, they're doing the job, but it's with heavy hearts, not the fun, easygoing camaraderie they had before. I miss that. I want it back…and not next season - soon!

I'll keep watching of course. Nothing will change my devotion to the show, but I'm disappointed that the writers are dragging this out so long. To what end? And why? I just don't want this to be another season like the one with the whole Amy killing issue left hanging between the brothers. That was equally stupid IMO. It should never have happened. If the writers don't resolve this rift will the brothers end up hunting separately? Living apart? That's a sure way to get one of them killed.

Sorry about my rant. I'm just really depressed and sad over this ep. I wish we could see some progress with the brothers and these tiny tidbits of hope aren't doing it for me.

So we get a week off and then back to new eps. Looking forward to the next one.

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