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Craft Shopping Adventures Cont'd

If you recall my earlier post about my craft shopping trip to Michaels, I was going to return a couple of items.

There were the Crayola Metallic pens with the 2 Gold pens and no Copper one and then the cheap-o paint pens where the yellow one leaked.

I will say returning things at the store was super easy, which is nice. Not long ago I had to return yet another cheap, leaking paint pen to Hobby Lobby and they kind of gave me the 3rd degree. As if I did something to make the pen leak. WTH?

Anyhoo...I showed the clerk the 2 Gold Crayola pens in the box and then I went back to grab a new box while she fiddled with the returns. I opened one box...2 Gold pens. I opened another....2 Gold pens!!! I then grabbed the remaining boxes and took them to the clerk and showed her and sure enough, every box of the pens had 2 Gold and no Copper color. Obviously there's been a screw up at Crayola's factory. So I got my money back on those, too.

I then bought a new set of paint pens by Sharpie. More expensive and with one less color than the other set that leaked, but I've never had a Sharpie pen leak. You get what you pay for sometimes. At least I used a 40% off coupon, so they weren't quite as expensive.

So I still need to go find another box of the Crayola pens. It'll be interesting to see if any other stores have the same 2 Gold pens problem.

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