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Real life has just met fan fiction

OMG People! Oh. My. God. sSc_eek3

I'm giddy! Was catching up on the tweets of J2 from VegasCon from yesterday and heard that Jensen rapped Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" as the boys left the stage.

Holy friggin' cow!!!!
Jensen just made a crack!fic that I wrote back in 2008 REAL!!!! happy dance

This was back when LJ was routinely losing comments (gee, some things never change, huh?). A friend and I kept saying that gremlins were eating everyone's comments. Who better to solve the problem than the Winchester boys!
The story: Gremlins are eating the comments in LJ. The fandom's only hope...Sam & Dean, of course, but is Dean willing to do what needs to be done to drive the gremlins out of LJ?

And what is it that Dean needs to do? Why sing "Ice Ice Baby" to drive away the gremlins...oh, and hold some cherry jello. LOL
So how cool is it, after all these years to not only hear Jensen actually sing it, but that he KNOWS THE WORDS! Heehee!!!!

Here, read: SPN Crack Fic: "Sam & Dean Meet The LJ Gremlins"

Video of Jensen making it a reality. Jump ahead to the 2 minute mark to skip the final panel question and get to the music. Thanks to Kelios for capturing it. :)

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