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First Impressions: 9x16 "Blade Runners"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Ooooh. It's Dean's red plaid shirt again. Haven't seen that since last season's Hitler ep.
Crowley drunk dialing Dean. LOL! And the "Not Moose" on Crowley's phone to identify Dean. Priceless!
So the King Of Hell is soaking up all kinds of bodily pleasures: sex, human blood, and classic movies.

Of course Crowley's pet, Lola, is reporting to Abaddon. Aaaaannnnddddd now Abaddon knows about the First Blade. Gah!

Crossroads! Is this the same location as last season? Hmmmm. I bet it is. It'd have to be for Sam to be burying that box.
Snooki! Ok, I didn't have any problem with her being on the show and quite honestly I was surprised at how little screen time she had. After all, I've already seen her on Dancing With The Stars and she actually did very well on that show. I'm hearing that she received some hateful comments from certain members of fandom. That's not right people. She was hired for the part, it's done, let it go.

They find out from...Nicole that hell is in shambles and even the loyalists are turning to Abaddon.
Thankfully, Crowley's onto Lola's trickery. I guess loading up on human blood didn't take away all of his powers.
Bye, bye Lola.
Great music choice...Crowley realizes he needs help - calls the boys.
Oh, and Sam's all ready to kill Crowley once they've got the blade.

The boys find out how far Crowley's fallen...
Dean: “Look at you, you’re a mess. We were counting on you. You let us down. The man with all the mojo. Captain Evil. Are you just gonna let Hell go to hell?”

Back to the Bunker's dungeon for Crowley and Sam is questioning him on the whereabouts of the First Blade. Seems it's been passed around quite a bit. Crowley feels he's bonded to Sam after the trial/church thing and Sam's having none of it.

Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine! LOL

Dean: “At least when Cas was human he was an OK guy. We should’ve known Crowley would be a douche version. Hey! Hey! Cut it out, man. Image. You’re the king of rotten. Act like it.”

The whole smoking out and smoking back in to get info. from the dude in the park was very cool. He never knew what hit him.

Vault broken into by demons, but nothing stolen, then they killed each other. The boys figure Abaddon is closing in.
Oh, Dean...such a cougar hound. :P The blade was never in the vault, but got sold instead.

The buyer's name was Magnus...the name the Men Of Letters used when they went incognito. The boys question Crowley about who survived the big MOL massacre.

Crowley: "Did I or did I not keep my end of the bargain the other night? Quite brilliantly, I might add. We are partners! And you owe me!"
Sam: "Owe you?"
Crowley: "I wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you two. You shoot me up. You make me a junkie. You keep me stashed away for months while my kingdom falls apart?!"
Dean: "What do you want?"

Hee! And then he complains about the scotch.
There was a rogue member, he was kicked out of the MOL. "Dishonored and Forgotten" Ouch. The MOL were pretty tough. But the boys have found the guy - a renegade master of spells...and Crowley leads them into the woods where his demons tracked him.

So cool! An invisible fortress. Cuthbert....err Magnus is impressed by the boys and he's got a whole zoo of supernatural beings in his lair. Henry used to visit Magnus. Dean tells him about Abaddon and the First Blade, and Magnus has it...sitting right behind the boys. Love how the boys stand up and turn around at the same time.

And poof! goes Sam! Gah! This dude and his spells. Sam's back outside with Crowley. Magnus wants Dean to join his collection of supernatural antiquities.

Magnus: “I am offering you the moon here, to be part of the greatest collection of all time. To be young forever. Let me teach you my secrets. Be my companion. I have to be honest with you, it has gotten lonely here over the years."
Dean: “When you were saying any of that, did it sound at all creepy?"

Damn, this guy's good. He even picked the gun off of Dean.

Crowley: “Who would’ve thunk it, eh Moose? You and me, same team, in the trenches. When this is over we can get matching tattoos.”
Sam: “Just to be clear, Crowley we are not on the same anything. By the way, since the place is warded, your powers are useless, which means you are useless, even moreso than usual.”

Wow. No love from Sam. He seems particularly harsh towards Crowley in this ep.

Meanwhile, Magnus has Dean chained up and puts the blade in his hand. Whoah...Powerful stuff. Dean's hand is shaking by they time he drops it.

Magnus: "Good. Next time it'll be easier. You'll get used to the feelings, even welcome them."
Oh, that can't be good. :(
And then he does another spell to drain all thought and will out of Dean! Yikes! If he does it enough times he'll be able to make Dean do anything he wants.

Sam's figured out a spell to get back into the fortress. Crowley's still trying to prove himself..."I did good, eh Moose?"

Sam: Remember: Stay close. Do what I say. Shut the hell up.
Crowley: I'm growing on you, aren't I?

They get inside and Sam is swiftly captured by Magnus thanks to a shapeshifter. Love Dean's concerned cry out to Sam and how he threatens Magnus when he starts cutting Sam's face and neck. The love's still there!!!!

Sneaky Crowley gets Dean out of the chains in time so Dean can grab the blade and behead Magnus. But then it's power starts to take over and I love how Sam keeps trying to get through to Dean to put the blade down. The sound effects here are also very good, showing how in a fog Dean is until Sam finally breaks through it. Phew!

Great job by Jensen in showing the power of the blade: the quivering lips, the shaking arm.

Crowley: “Brilliant, I must say, speaking of myself of course. All you two managed to do was get trussed up. Combine a little daring-do on my part, a little dumb muscle from Squirrel, a little bleeding from Moose, happy ending, roll credits.”

Heehee! I love director Crowley. :)

And then they find Baby all messed up by Abaddon's minions. Not cool! Grrrrr. They even keyed Enochian into the doors! Poor Dean! That's going to be tough to fix up. The message is for Crowley from Abaddon...she's the queen.

Sam again mentions to Dean about killing Crowley but before they can do anything the demon's got them pinned to the Impala. Boys, boys, boys....*sigh* You didn't think he'd catch on? Crowley's going to keep the blade until the boys find Abaddon and then Dean can kill her. Exit stage right Crowley.


So no big emotional talk between the boys this ep. No working on their feud, which I guess is a nice change since it isn't moving along to any resolution anyhow. It was nice, once again, to see them both show concern for the other. Brother feels! ♥ :) So there's hope, I guess. I'll hold on while I've got it.

Crowley was in top form...always working on gaining the upper hand and sure enough, he did. Question is...will he still be wanting human blood? He wasn't off it for very long. How long before he goes back to it?

Magnus was one smart and conniving dude. Guess the MOL were threatened by him. He had some cool ideas, but they weren't ready for them. Too bad he went all possessive on Dean though and torturing Sam. As someone on my comm questioned though...what happens to his fortress and all the goodies, not to mention supernatural monsters, in there? It might come in handy in the future. Wonder if the boys will think of that?

A good, solid episode. At first I thought it was a little clunky in the beginning and I still sort of think that. The best stuff was in Magnus's fortress, but I liked all the Crowley stuff too. And seeing Dean's reaction to holding the blade was wicked cool...and scary. I'm eager to see what happens to him next. :)

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