raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Quickies 26

aka My brain won't shut off when I need it to. :P

:: Got lots of new friends from that friending meme. *waves* So now I've got a question: Do you want an intro post from me? Seems like a lot of people are doing them. Yes? No? Maybe?

:: Got a fanfic stuck in my head that I'm tempted to type up and post. It's very short, but intense (I think). Fits right into Season 9, at least what we've seen so far. I'm not that much of a writer, but is anyone interested?

:: So sick of my LJ userpics I could scream. Seriously thinking of pulling a milly_gal (yes, you're a verb now LOL) and completely overhaul the lot of them. I mean, Milly's been making so many awesome icons. You should see the folder I've got of them on my laptop (over 300 strong). Plus, there's some of mine I'd still like to use. Of course there's always those few you simply can't NOT use. Decisions, decisions...

:: I need to get back to capping episodes. Life is so chaotic and exhausting though, it's tough to figure out how to work it into my non-existent schedule. I'm toying with the idea of asking you all which episode you want capped the most and doing them that way.

Tags: flist, livejournal, quickies, ramblings, supernatural, to-do list
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