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Random Ramblings

Why is it that I can write brilliant LJ entries when I'm on the toilet but by the time I get to my laptop they're gone? *sigh*
Stupid brain.

Would have gotten to my To-Do List this evening except mom & I needed to catch up on some TV viewing which meant watching on my laptop. *shrugs* I'll hope for better results Thursday (later today).

Broke one of the main rules of moderating an LJ comm: "Never let the members see you panic." Posted a poll (to postively_spn) late the other night expressing my concern over the lack of commenting on the episode pre-show & during-show discussion posts. I was ready for whatever responses I got, but I'm really quite pleased. People have been encouraging, occasionally brutally honest (which I respect), but the best thing is that everyone was TALKING. Members talked about fandom and the show, their viewing habits, dealing with the changes this season, and so many things. Two of them even friended each other due to the discussion. :)

This is the sort of thing I like to see happen, but it hasn't been lately. And I know, LJ is dying a slow death with everyone flocking to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook - I get it. I do, but there are still some successful comms here and things were looking so good for positively_spn and then they all went downhill. I kept waiting for a comeback, but it wasn't happening. So I feel I was a little justified in my concern, but I'm admittedly slightly a little paranoid about failing with yet another LJ community. I don't have a great track record, after all. About 2 good comms in what, nearly a dozen failed ones? I've lost count. And it doesn't help that I don't have anyone to help me with the comm right now or to bounce ideas off of. So at times I feel like I'm piloting a sinking ship and the other night was when I really felt like I was floundering.

But the poll that could have been a disaster, really opened up some dialog between people and I couldn't be happier about that.

What else? Um, sorry I haven't gotten to that fanfic and Introduction post yet. I'll work on them this weekend? *hopes*

Still plan on getting back to replying to the latest comments here on my journal and at least working back to the beginning of this month. If I get that done I might go back and tackle some of the comments for Feb & March. At least answer peoples questions if they're still relevant.

Really itching to get back to capping SPN episodes. Need to compile a list of which eps I haven't done yet so people can choose which ones they'd like me to do. Everyone will get one episode to choose. Should be fun...and motivating for me. :)

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