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First Impressions: 9x19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Alright, this review will probably be fairly brief. Why? A) It was light on the boys (not altogether a bad thing, but I can't help it if I watch the show for Sam & Dean) and B) It's late and I've gotta get to bed.

Woot! Go Jody! Awesome vamp kill by her right away in the teaser.

Love hearing that sweet Impala rumble. Interesting answers the boys give when Jody asks how they've been. Sam says "Touch and go" and Dean says "Peachy". Ah, Dean...in denial about so many things. Jody, of course, lets it slide and shows them the vamp body in the trunk of her car.

Sam: Yeah, that's a vamp all right.
Dean: I don't know Sammy, looks like Jody might not need our help anymore.
Sam: Ah, they grow up too fast.
Dean: Don't they?

Hee! They're so cute. :)

The girl brought into the sheriff's office is Alex aka Annie and was abducted by a nest of vamps when she was just a kid. She thinks of them as family now and refuses to tell the boys where they are.

Alex: I fed them, my choice. My brothers -- they brought me food when I was hungry, so when they struck out on a hunt I fed them. They're my family.

So the boys head out to search for possible vamp nest locations in town and advise Jody to get away from the station because the vamps will track her. Um...what happened to using herbs and stuff to mask her scent? They tell her about dead man's blood but not that???

Jody takes Alex to her old family cabin out in the woods.

Alex: This your family?
Jody: Yes.
Alex: Where are they?
Jody: .....
Alex: Oh, dead.
Jody: You know there are about a thousand more polite ways to say that, I'll give you a pass on account of the whole being raised by monsters thing.
Alex: How'd they die?
Jody: Horribly.

Meanwhile the boys are checking out old abandoned houses in the dark and as usual, looking very sexy doing it. They note the blackout windows and then hear a strange noise outside. Oh, goody a wood chipper! 'Cept that ain't wood that vamp's putting in there. Ew...hand.

So the boys do a little interrogation. Btw, the lighting is really pretty on this ep.
The rest of the family's out killing more people, like the deputy who first brought Alex in.

The boys find out Alex was basically used as bait to lure humans to the vamps for food.

Dale: "In her own sweet way, girl's as bloodthirsty as any vampire."

And then the boys realize Jody's in danger. At the cabin, it looks like Alex has disappeared, but Jody finally finds her in a bedroom. But of course it's too late, the family's found the cabin. For being so loyal to her vamp family, Alex is really reluctant to go with them. Jody got lucky that she just got knocked out and not bit. Yikes.

Oh, and Dean kills the vamp they captured, but then that was a given, right? Love his dark eyes as he walks up to the guy.

That's a great shot from Jody's perspective of the Impala driving up. :)
The boys figure the family's going to be less than pleased to return home and find another member dead. Jody says she's going back with them, but they try to talk her out of it.

Jody: "I don't give a fig about the nest. That girl was under my protection!"
LOL Fig. That's right up there with "fudge" from the Christmas ep. :P

Dean: For the past 8 years, she has been baiting the hook for an entire nest. She's got more blood on her hands than most monsters we kill.
Jody: Are you saying she's on your list?
Sam: No, we're not saying that.
Dean: Well, not yet.

But Jody's mind is made up, she's coming along.

Alex ran away because she's tired of the killing, all the blood on her hands and the guilt. Mama vamp admits she should have turned Alex long ago. Outside of the house, the boys remind Jody that this is a raid, Alex comes second.

The three search the house and the boys head upstairs and leave Jody on the ground floor. Btw, what the hell was with the breathing sounds during this scene? I really found it distracting. Then there's moaning and the boys get captured. Jody finds Alex but she's already been turned.

The vamps have got Dean knocked unconscious on the floor and Sam all tied to a chair. They wanna know which one of them killed their brother. Sam keeps quiet, but I loved his gasped reaction when the vamp mentioned brother for brother. Pretty sure he thought they were gonna kill Dean. But instead they're gonna tap Sam for blood. Uh, oh...

Mama vamp is all ready to have Alex feed on Jody to finish her transformation, but Alex refuses, showing that she's already questioning her loyalty to her family.

The vamp brothers are just about done bleeding Sam and go to start on Dean when he shows that he was just acting and attacks them both with swift ferocity.

Jody realizes the mama vamp was using Alex to fill a void in her life...the loss of her own daughter.
And Dean finds some serious strength in beheading one of the vamps.

Dean: Look at me. Look at me bitch!
Ooooh. That was kinda hot. Reminded me a bit of when Sam killed vamp!Gordon with the razor wire.

Sam: Dean...
Dean: Yeah, I know you wouldn't have done the same for me.
Sam: No, Jody.

Oh, ouch. Yeah, Dean's still hurting from the whole Sam-wouldn't-save-him speech. I was honestly surprised Sam didn't even bring it up again by the end of the episode.

Alex makes her choice and injects dead man's blood into the mama vamp just as she was about to bite Jody. Then Jody beheads the vamp ("Don't watch this sweetheart.") as the boys come down the stairs.

Sam's concerned that Dean was enjoying killing the vamp just a little too much. Shades of "Bloodlust" anyone? *g*
Dean doesn't see anything wrong, of course.

Dean: “Killing things that need killing is kind of our job. Last I checked, taking pleasure in that is not a crime.”

Jody admits to the boys that she let her emotions and grief cloud her judgement about Alex. Nice that the boys remembered the Campbell family vampire cure to give to Alex. The boys ask what Jody will do with the girl.

Ok, honestly, when I first watched the ep and saw the final scene with Jody and Alex I really thought the girl was going to have a sudden change of heart and attack Jody and that's how they'd end the ep. Glad they didn't do that though. Not that it would make any sense she had the cure in her system, but I was just expecting a big shocker of an ending. Wouldn't be the first time show gave us a sudden, unexpected death of a good friend. Thankfully, Jody is still alive. Instead, she and Alex seem to really be bonding. Maybe Jody will continue to take the girl under her wing and look after her?


A good episode, not a great one, but I was really happy to see Jody again (and have her still alive by ep's end). It sadly didn't really deal with what the boys are dealing with or further the arcs this season. I will say that outside of Dean's barb at Sam near the end, the two were working together like it was old times. No more awkwardness, which was nice. It was good to see Sam so concerned over how Dean's changing as well. Wish we knew what more he was going to say, but Jody had to go and interrupt things.

[Next episode talk - avoid if you're spoiler shy (click to open)]Next week is the spin-off pilot. I'm kinda meh over the whole thing and I suspect it'll be another Sam & Dean light episode, so I'm not real eager but I'll give it a shot. I suspect the final 3 eps are really gonna be emotional gut-busters. Eeep/Yay.

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