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First Impressions: 9x20 "Bloodlines"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Warning: This is not going to be a very positive review. It also won't include the normal recap. Sorry.

My understanding of a spin-off show is that it takes a character or characters from an already established show and spins them off into their own show. Which means that SPN: Bloodlines cannot really be considered a proper spin-off show. The only recognizable characters were Sam & Dean...and the Impala.

Everyone else was totally new...which is a big reason IMO why it doesn't work.

Granted, when I first read the description for this show I was not interested. Sounded like Romeo and Juliet meet monsters to me. More teenage soap opera stuff from the CW. Not my cup of tea. It CAN be done right...like with The Vampire Diaries, but too often it's just drivel in my book.

I had a lot of trouble liking the characters, or even getting into them. There were so many introduced so quickly that I had a hard time keeping track of who was which monster and who was affiliated with who. It was all very confusing. About the only one I found half-way interesting was David the shapeshifter. I think they would have done better to only introduce a few characters in the first ep, then slowly bring in the others. There had to be around 7 or so characters that we saw, none of which were really properly introduced.

As for Sam & Dean, they were understandably merely guest stars. It was kind of disappointing because this WAS an episode of SPN and I expect to see the boys more than a quarter of the show. But even the scenes they were in felt...off. Since when is tracing a phone a new thing to them? They do it all the time. And how on earth don't the boys know about the 5 monster families running Chicago? We're supposed to believe that that number of monsters in one city all managed to lay low and not be on any hunters radar? Seriously??? It just feels too improbable to me.

People keep saying Ennis was a cop, but I don't think so (again, why wasn't this laid out clearer in the episode?). If he was a cop he wouldn't have dug out his father's old gun to use.

What on earth was with that bit where the 4 of them got out of the car just so Dean could find out there's 5 monster families and equate it to "The Godfather" only for them to get back in the car and drive off? That just seemed silly.

On the plus side...

Best line of the ep - Dean to the cop: “Listen detective, your perp fits a certain profile. Now I could go into detail, but I’m not going to.”

Baby never looked prettier, all shiny in the darkness. Even cooler was that it was a fan's car they used since they couldn't ship one of the production's Impalas from Canada.

Yeah, that's all I've got.
I feel they really missed a good opportunity here. If they wanted to do a real spin-off show, why not use Krissy and the other young hunter kids from S8's "Freaks And Geeks" or Charlie and her adventures in OZ. Then we would have at least known the characters involved, would have had a connection to them. I feel no connection at all to the monsters or to Ennis. They bored me to death.

To those of you who liked the ep...that's fine. Glad you enjoyed it, but it wasn't my cup of tea. This is probably the only episode of SPN I will never watch again.
So very eager for these last 3 episodes. Bring on the drama!!!! :D

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