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First Impressions: 9x22 "Stairway To Heaven"

I'm using these posts for quick reactions to the eps after I watch them.

Geez, woman. Demanding much?
Oh, the little girl's an angel…and so is the dude in the trench coat who just came in.
Whoah. Explosive opening. Literally. :P

Love Dean waking Sam up with music from his phone.

Dean: Nice reflexes. Better hair.

Good to know Sam keeps a gun under his pillow like Dean used to keep that knife in the early seasons. ;)
And again, Dean isn't sleeping. Not good.

Cas called about something going down in Missouri, but couldn't talk about it over the phone.

Dean: Because he is a weird guy, okay? He's a weird, dorky, little guy. But he happens to have an army of angels behind him, and, even though I hate to say it, if we're gonna take a shot at Metatron, they might be useful.

I love Dean calling Cas a dorky little guy. *g*

Dean starts to pack the First Blade but Sam stops him and points out they don't know what the bad side of using magic that powerful is yet. He'd rather they save it for the big boss fights and leave it at home otherwise. Dean gives in…a little too easily, I might add. This will come up again later in the ep.

The boys show up at the bombed out ice cream shop.
Agents Spears and Aguilera. LOL Oh, Cas. :P

Six humans died and one angel..one of Castiel's.

Metatron modeling a trenchcoat. WTH??? That's kinda creepy.
So funny how Gadreel literally gives him a second before barging into the room. XD

Metatron: You are such an…angel sometimes.

So Castiel's followers outnumber Metatron's. Gadreel is worried.
Metatron's not happy about Gadreel meeting with Cas, but Gadreel assures him that he serves heaven and him.

Metatron: I mean, I-I don't get this whole Cas loveliest, either. I'm offering our people a way home, and still -- still, they're choosing him over me. I mean, sure, he's cute. And Castiel has this simple…charm. He's like a mentally deficient puppy. But I'm lovable! And funny! I made God laugh -- twice!"
Gadreel: You're the one who asked him to lead an army.
Metatron: Well, I didn't think he'd be good at it.

So Metatron is meeting with Tyrus, who leads the largest independent faction of angels and his only plan is a trenchcoat???

Back at Cas's headquarters…the boys meet Hannah.

Hannah: Sir, this morning, Josiah wasn't at roll call.
Sam: Uh, roll call? You hold a roll call?
Castiel: They like to hear me say their names.
Dean: I know a couple of women like that.

LOL But on the other hand, I'd love to hear Dean/Jensen say my name...especially in that deep, husky Dean voice...mmmmm. *drifts off to happy place*

Where was I?
Oh, yeah...
They think Josiah was the mole in the operation since he hasn't been seen since Ezra was murdered. Dean says that since he's without wings they can track him and Sam does just that within a few seconds.

Dean: And that's how we do things in the pros.

Then they find video from the ice cream shop of the angel coming in, opening his trenchcoat to reveal Enochian carved into his chest, then he proclaims he's doing this for Castiel and stabs himself. Yikes.

Cas is shocked. He would never ask an angel to kill innocents like that.

Sam: Cas, why would an angel blow up a Colonel Scoop's in your name?
LMAO I'm sorry, but that's the funniest line of the night right there. XD

So the little girl angel was Esther, one of Metatron's.
Dean doesn't like it that Cas doesn't seem to know what's going on.

Dean: Cas, I know you try to be a good guy, okay? I do. You try. But what you got here, this is a freakin' cult. The last time you had this kind of juice, you did kill humans and angels, and you did nothing but lie to me and Sam about it the whole damn time!

Damn. Angry Dean is angry.
But he does have a point…but no way would Cas advocate action like what this angel did. And the fact that Dean can't see that??? Gotta be the MoC effecting him.

Sam wisely moves the 3 of them into Cas's office and tells Dean to stow his baggage. Heh.
The dude from the ice cream shop was Oren, a new recruit working with a few others at a local hospital doing minor miracles.

Dean's all set to fallow Josiah's trail, but doesn't want Cas to help. Cas then insists and Dean has Sam go with him to help.

Castiel: Abaddon is dead.
Sam: And then some.

Heh. Yeah, just a bit.

Cas asks Sam if Dean seems different. Sam says his brother is more amped up and on edge and Cas adds in that he's more angry than normal. Cas is worried that Dean actually believes that he ordered those angels to attack the ice cream shop. Sam doesn't feel that way, but he admits the way the other angels back at headquarters look at Cas is a little creepy. Cas counters that he's not trying to be God, he just wants get his people home.

Metatron and Gadreel are meeting with Tyru at a bowling alley. He's heard their offer, but he's not sure his people want to return to heaven.

Tyrus: What if we don't wanna go?
Gadreel: But it's home.
Tyrus: It's boring. I mean…there's nothing like this in heaven.

Oh, this Tyrus is a tough cookie…and he doesn't like Metatron. Calls him a nerd who's trying to be one of the popular kids. Ain't that the truth. If Metatron can out-bowl him…then they'll talk.

Sam and Cas questioning a clerk at a Gas & Sip. Josiah was headed toward an address in Pray, Montana.

Meanwhile, Dean is questioning an angel back at headquarters by the name of Flagstaff. She worked with Oren at the hospital. She's not talking…except in a sure fire way to piss off Dean Winchester…

Flagstaff: But you…thinking you help people, it's amusing. I help people. A clogged artery here, a tumor there. I do good in this world. You -- you believe every problem can be solved with a gun. You play the hero, but underneath the hype, you're a killer with oceans of blood on his hands. I hate men like you.

And then Dean totally attacks her, pushing her to the floor and holding an angel blade at her throat that is altogether frightening and hot.

Dean: Honey, there ain't no other men like me.
Oh, momma...you're telling me. *GUH*

Suddenly, she's mentioning Oren's friends…Constantine and Tessa. o.O

Sam and Cas show up at the location in Pray, Montana and find an old building Cas says is radiating power. Sam tries to pick the lock on the door, but has no luck.

Castiel: Step aside. I got this.
[Tries to break down the door.]
Castiel: I don't got this.


Nice shot of Dean leaning against that post as he waits for Tessa. That was reminiscent of how they showed Dean hiding behind the gravestone in AHBL Pt 2 when they meet up with Jake. Love shots like those. :)

Turns out she's got some Enochian carved onto her chest as well. She's planning on doing a hit at the community theater.
Oh, and Dean loves 'Fiddler On The Roof'? Cool! :D
Ooooh…love him swiftly putting the cuffs on her and slamming her into a wall and asking where Constantine was. Seriously, Dark!Dean is hotter than he should be. *fans self*

Turns out Constantine is at the bowling alley with Tyrus, Metatron, and Gadreel…where Metatron just lost the bowling game. Aaaaaaannnnnd…explosion.

And again, we've got a weird time-jump with Sam & Cas at the building. When they were trying to break down the door it was still daylight, now it's dark. It really took them that long to search around the building? Must be one big building. But Cas found some Enochian above the door. It's a riddle…Why is six afraid of seven? I love how Cas theorizes it's because 7 is a prime number and thus intimidating. He really IS a nerdy little angel! LOL

Sam, of course, gets it right away…It's because seven eight nine. Hee!
The door opens and Cas makes a reference to Lord Of The Rings which Sam is surprised about.

Castiel: I'm very pop-culture savvy now.

Then Dean calls Sam with Tessa in tow at the headquarters. He shows the cuts to Hannah.

Hannah: Oh God.
Tessa: There is no God. Only Castiel.
Dean: Oh, and you're done.

Hannah doesn't like that Dean wounded Tessa. He messed up the marks she had, figuring that would diffuse the spell. Dean's ready to do a little torture, but Hannah says only one person can punish Tess and that's Cas. She says Cas is the only thing keeping them all together, that they have rules and Dean can't go about dealing out his own form of justice. He hands the angel blade over, again…too easily. Everyone should know by now that when Dean gives in too easily, he's got a Plan B ready.

Sam and Cas are inside the building and Sam finds words carved into the wall…"Only the penitent man shall pass." Ooooh 'Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade'! Sure enough, a whisper of wind and suddenly there's blades coming out of the walls and Cas ducks under them just in time. Awesome!

Dean and Hannah question Tessa. Apparently a few human lives are an acceptable sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. She says Castiel recruited her because she was strong, that others are too weak. Suddenly Hannah's the one wanting to attack someone and Dean is the one saying to calm down. Outside the room, she asks Dean if Tessa is telling the truth. He says she thinks she is. Tessa's been clearly brainwashed.

Sam & Cas find a door with light behind it. Cas says it's the doorway to heaven but…inside it's just…weird. Nice call back to "Cheek To Cheek" which Alastair sang to Dean back in S4. They then find a burnt up Josiah…who's still alive. The gate was supposed to be there…Metatron told him he could go home. He doesn't want Cas to heal him.

Josiah: I would rather die than owe my life to you, Castiel. You play at being noble. You play at being one of us. But I look into your eyes…And I don't see an angel staring back at me.

Dean goes back in to question Tessa alone. They reminisce about old times and then he wants to know why she is personally doing this. Why the suicide mission? She says she can't take the screaming, all the lost souls who can't get into heaven. She can't do her job anymore when all she wants to is help them. He questions why she didn't just kill herself. She says she was too weak until "Castiel gave me a reason to die." Dean counters that it doesn't sound like the Cas he knows. Tessa points out that this Cas also raised an army of angels without telling him. She says there's lots others out there like her, but she won't name names.

Then Dean brings out the First Blade. Surprise, surprise.

Tessa; Dean, what have you done?
Dean: What I had to.
Tessa: Welcome to the club.

She then impales herself on the Blade, thanking him and Dean finishes her off with a final thrust.
Okay…that sounds way dirtier than it should have.

Hannah and some other angels come in…oh, this doesn't look good at all.

Cuffed and taped up Dean. Nice….
He's even got a bloody nose. These angels are rough!

Sam and Cas arrive and Sam's not happy about Dean sneaking the First Blade there because if he hadn't Tessa might still be alive. But before the brothers can get into it, Hannah says Cas has a call from Metatron.

LOL…Did Metatron actually call Cas Ass-tiel?
He wanted them to know he's still alive after the bomber, but Gadreel is wounded. Tyrus is dead though. Cas again denies that he sent the bomber, noting that Metatron's deception led to the fall. Metatron says he did what he had to do, for the good of the angels, to make them a family again. Sam points out the angels he had Gadreel kill and Metatron admits that was a mistake, but those days are over. He's offering amnesty…join him and return to heaven.

Metatron then starts his smear campaign on Cas…mentioning his failing stolen grace that he's told nobody about.

Metatron: I'm not the best, but I'm the best you've got. You want to stay with Castiel, fine, but he's playing you, because at the end of the day, the only thing he cares about is himself and the Hardy boys there. You've got a choice to make. Make the right one.

Well, Cas has a hard time explaining all that away to his followers. They need proof…by punishing Dean. Love how Sam rushes to his brother's defense. :) Hannah hands Cas a blade and OMG for a few seconds there it looks like Cas is actually going to attack Dean (WTH?). But in the end he says he can't. Phew! The angels then all leave.

Metatron's gleeful because the first of Cas's angels have come over to his side…the others are sure to follow. Gadreel…who looks just fine, btw, is not pleased that he was used to recruit Constantine, Tessa, and the others so they could blow themselves up.

Metatron: Well, that's an old writer's trick -- flipping the script. You start by building up a seemingly unbeatable enemy, like the death star, or a rival angel with a bigger army. That way I look like the underdog. But then, oh, no! The competition gets greedy! He starts pushing things too much…with the help of my combustable double agents. And then, after a rousing speech, his true weakness is revealed. He's in love…with humanity. And now…I'm inevitable.

Josiah was just a loose end…He told him where the gate was, before they moved it. He wishes Cas had walked into one of the traps.

Metatron: Anyway, point is -- while everyone else is playing checkers, I'm playing Monopoly, and I always build a hotel on Boardwalk. And I always win.

Ooooh…I just wanna wipe that happy grin off Metatron's face! Gadreel looks disgusted…and not for the first time.

Boys in the car! Cas included. ;)
They come home to the bunker and Sam wants to talk.

Dean: Yeah, I lied, but you were being an infant.
Sam: Wow. Even for you, that apology sucked.
Dean: Oh, I'm not apologizing. I'm telling you how it's gonna be.
Sam: Dean, that Blade --
Dean: That Blade's the only thing that can kill Metatron, and I am the only one who can use it…so from here on out, I'm calling the shots. Capisce? Look, until I jam that Blade through that douchebag's heart, we are not a team. This is a dictatorship. Now, you don't have to like it, but that's how it's gonna be.

What. The. Hell. Dean?
Whoah. And Sam's face during and after all that…OMG. Frightened, worried, and finally pissed.

Then Dean goes over and sits down to have a nice chat with Cas like he didn't just spit all that venom onto his brother 10 seconds ago. Wow. He's worried about Cas, but the angel says he hopes he has enough juice to take down Metatron. But he's worried about not having an army.

Dean: Well, hey, you still got us.
Castiel: Dean…those bombers -- you don't really think that I --
Dean: Cas, you just gave up an entire army for one guy. No, there's no way that you blew those people away.
Castiel: You really believe we three will be enough?
Dean: We always have been.

Well isn't he Mr. Glass Half Full all of a sudden?
Sheesh. Talk about mood swings. But he is right…they've done it before. What's one more set of unbeatable odds for Team Free Will? :)

Though…as we're about to see…one of them is definitely a loose canon.

Footsteps and suddenly Gadreel is walking into the bunker. WTH????
How did he even get in there??? Guess the boys didn't lock the door.

He says he's not there to fight. He's ready to switch sides and hand Metatron over to them. He knows the bombers were his agents, not Cas's. He realizes they don't trust him, that he's made mistakes, but he says they all have. Gadreel asks for a chance.

You can see a silent look between the brothers…Sam looks willing. Dean steps forward, extending his hand, then as Gadreel takes it he…brings out the First Blade and slices it across the angel's chest!!!! OMG

Love how they slowed it all down, and Sam and Cas rushing to contain and stop Dean as he's roaring and snarling…his face showing only anger. Holy cow! Dean's lost it!


What an episode! Can't even begin to imagine what's coming for us in the season finale.

Jensen continues to show what an amazing actor he is. Those moments of calm or slow seething anger before he attacks in this episode. Beautifully done. I don't know whether to be turned on, frightened or both. All that testosterone and power wrapped up in anger within an attractive and handsome man. I'm torn between fascination and worry over Dean. The power the actor is giving the character is impressive but at the same time I can't see how this is going to end well for Dean. The Mark is taking over and how will anyone, even Sam, be able to contain him? I look forward to finding out.

I'm really confused why Tessa was brought into all this. She's a reaper, not an angel. I don't understand why the writers chose to kill off yet another great female character. Though, I didn't understand why Tessa was a such darker character even the last time we saw her compared to her introduction back in Season 2. Her being in this episode, and the reasoning of her actions were the weak spot in this episode IMO.

So it's Team Free Will alone again against the big bad aka Metatron.
Love what Curtis Armstrong is doing with the character, but I'll be so happy when Metatron meets his eventual end.
Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually seeing a chance for Gadreel to redeem himself. I hope he survives Dean's attack and works with the three to take down Metatron. I'd like to think his change of heart is genuine and that he can finally do the right thing. It won't erase him killing Kevin, but I'm already starting to like Gadreel again. He is, after all, another misguided angel (much like Cas has been at times) trying to do the right thing, but not knowing what that is. Which is why Cas talking to him last episode was so fitting.

So many questions...

Will Metatron be defeated?
Will Dean survive the effects of the Mark?
Will Sam save his brother before it goes too far?
Can the portal to heaven be found?

Bring on next week! :D

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