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Thoughts on season finales

Got caught up on a few shows.
Put my thoughts behind cuts in case of spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched them yet.

Chicago Fire:

[Spoiler (click to open)]Whoah! First that bombing episode(s) then this.

So happy for the Chief getting married. That was a sweet little ceremony with all of the firehouse there.

I miss Clarke, dammit. :(

But OMG that ending! All of 51 was in that building except the Chief! I knew something bad was going to happen and at first I thought the floors would collapse (hard to show that from the outside though). The explosion actually kinda surprised me. Who will survive? o.O


[Spoiler (click to open)]Gah! We were cheated out of the fairytale wedding!!!!!!! I want my wedding, dammit! I love how most of the things that went wrong actually turned out better in the end: the venue change, Kate's dress.
There's no way Castle was in that car. Whoever was in that black vehicle grabbed him then crashed and burned the car. Question is, of course, who?

I keep wondering when she's gonna stop calling him Castle and switch to Rick or Richard instead. :P


[Spoiler (click to open)]They totally had me going with the "I love you" scene between Oliver and Felicity. OMG I thought...finally!
Then it turned out to be a trick to get Slade. Damn! It was ingenious though. Good on Felicity for coming up with the answer. I'm so glad she got to be the one to carry it out. Nobody would have suspected her.

Then we get the scene at the end on the beach...both saying they played their parts well. Yeah, but Felicity totally believed what Ollie said. It's been obvious since S1 that she's got a crush on him and this season it's been looking like he could feel the same way. I think maybe Ollie does, but he doesn't realize it yet.

Can you tell I totally ship these two? *g*

I need some Arrow icons. :P

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