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Random Cap Attack!

Something different today 'cause it's my birthday. :P

Why post one or two caps when I can do 13 (June 13th, get it?)? And I know this is kinda silly considering I've already posted these caps once before. But, hey I'm revisiting old caps, so why not? *g*

These are from SPN's San Diego Comic Con panel in 2012. The boys were looking particularly fine that year with Jared's long hair and Jensen's silver blazer. There are more Jensen pics than Jared, me being a Jensen girl and all that. Check out how his arms are almost bursting out of that jacket! *guh*

 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0086.jpg

 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0182.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0442.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0499.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0563.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0571.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0646.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0714.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0753.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_0987.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_1085.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_1094.jpg
 photo SPNCCPanel2012_1189.jpg

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, picspam, random cap
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