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VanCon 2014: Got the right hotel, at last!

Meant to post this yesterday/last night, but I forgot. :P

Last month, mom & I made our hotel reservations late and sadly, were unable to get into our usual hotel. I've been lamenting it ever since. It simply wasn't going to be the same...not our usual "home away from home" room and restaurant that we've been in for the past 4 VanCons.

Mom told me to keep checking the Best Western Downtown Vancouver hotel anyway, to see if something might open up again. Sure enough, on Wednesday night a room became available! I couldn't believe it. So yesterday we called and reserved the room there.

It's a King sized bed, but we can totally share the bed and make it work. If it had been a Queen, maybe not so much, but a King should be just fine. 'Course it's also much more expensive than our usual 2 Doubles, but ah, well. We did put in a request for a room w/2 Double beds, should it become available by August, but I won't hold out much hope for it. At least now we'll be in our usual hotel and White Spot restaurant! Aaaaaahhhhh! I feel SO much better now! :D

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