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Jensen arrives back in Vancouver

On Monday the SPN crew reported back to work up in Vancouver and yesterday Jensen flew back into town to begin prepping the S10 episode he's going to direct. If it's like most seasons when he helmed an ep, it'll probably be 10x03 or 10x04. So very happy that Jensen is directing again. :)

Soon, Jared will be flying back to Van as well, filming will begin, and the boys will be back to work on another wonderful season. All will be right in the world again! I always miss them when they aren't "up north", since it's only 160-some miles away from me.

But OMG Jensen, really? You know I love it when you point. Ever since that episode still from 1x03 where you were pointing at something. Ok, maybe it's the hiatus scruff, too. Either way...*iz dead from hotness*



Source: http://danielsharmans.tumblr.com

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