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SPN Timestamp Lottery Caps: Season 9 - REQUESTS

This idea came to me a couple of days ago while grabbing Location Caps from Season 9 episodes. In the past I've had people give me episodes, characters, and moments from SPN to cap and put up as Just 'Cause posts. I've even had people name a cap number for a certain episode (Cap Lottery) and I've posted those.

This will be a little different.

Working only from Season 9 episodes (listed below), give me an episode and a timestamp number (example: Slumber Party at 35 minutes).

Keep in mind that most episodes are 42 minutes long. I will grab your cap and try to get the best image from the timestamp you give me. I'm not bothering with seconds, because that would be too limiting. The caps will be posted as Just 'Cause posts next week. ;)
Change of plans! Since I've got several caps from each person's timestamp, I'll be posting them as small picspams.

I ask that you give only 1 episode and 1 timestamp only, please.
If you all like this idea, we'll do it again.

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here lily1002 @ 26 min.
9.02 Devil May Care daisychain1957 @ 20 min.
9.03 I'm No Angel
9.04 Slumber Party
9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon milly_gal @ 24 min., lidia1991_an @ 30 min.
9.06 Heaven Can't Wait
9.07 Bad Boys hells_half_acre @ 8 min.
9.08 Rock And A Hard Place samena @ 33 min.
9.09 Holy Terror cuddyclothes @ 41 min.
9.10 Road Trip sandy79 @ 29 min.
9.11 First Born fifimom @ 35 min., jennygeee @ 20 min.
9.12 Sharp Teeth
9.13 The Purge jennytork @ 22 min.
9.14 Captives
9.16 Blade Runners
9.17 Mother's Little Helper
9.18 Meta Fiction
9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann
9.20 Bloodlines
9.21 King Of The Damned borgmama1of5 @ 37 min., pushistyj_koshk @ 28 min.
9.22 Stairway To Heaven
9.23 Do You Believe In Miracles? amberdreams @ 30 min.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, spn timestamp lottery caps: season 9, supernatural
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