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Happy 32nd Birthday Jared!

It's amazing how much Jared's grown up before our very eyes. I'd only seen him on Gilmore Girls before watching SPN, but it's been a joy to see him bring Sam Winchester to life over these past 9 seasons. I've been so impressed with the way Jared's acting has grown as well. In real life, he's a delightful yet insightful person, but can be a total goofball at times. It's all a part of his infectious charm and out-going nature!

 photo 2gy2de9jpg_zps1d4adc6d.png

 photo jared_padalecki.jpg
 photo p46_jpg.jpg
 photo BgFuWn7IcAAYsLojpg_large_zps2d6c0f07.jpg
 photo 156192_10152248566922990_2143820454_n_zps285255e3.jpg
 photo jared-padalecki-jensen-ackles-peoples-choice-awards-2013-04_zpse387e664.jpg
 photo eqOru_zps8833b369.jpg
 photo jtpbps107.jpg
 photo jtpbps160.jpg
 photo 340x.jpg
 photo 01zhcqzh.jpg
 photo jared_emrker_bw.png
 photo nyet43711031703.jpg
 photo 01zhqsw3.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
 photo Jared_blue01.jpg
 photo JP01.jpg

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