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First look at SPN Season 10!!!!!!!

So many goodies today coming out of Comic Con. OMG! I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all on Twitter. Hope I can somehow save it all onto Storify in time before I run out of Twitter Favorites.

Anyway, the thing everyone is talking about is the S10 Sizzle Reel presented by Jensen before today's panel. The first video is Jensen's presentation & the second is the clip from his ep 10x03. I am SO EXCITED! OMG I wanna see more!!!!

Oh. My. God.
So loving and scared of Demon Dean right now. Wow. This is going to be an amazing ride for the show and for Jensen. Loving it! :D


:: They've written Jared's shoulder injury into the show. It must be way worse than we thought.
:: Dean hunting Sam with an axe! WTH??? Whoah. Good thing Sam's got good reflexes.
:: So from what Jensen said in the panel...and you can kinda tell in this clip...Dean ends up tied up in the dungeon room. Wonder how Sam gets him there?
:: "Do it." *chills* That should not be as hot as it is.
:: Sam's face several times in this clip...oh, my. Sam looks so sad, lost...wanting his brother back.
:: Just how far does Sam go to get Dean back? Can't wait to see it.

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